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A group of dolls in different dresses

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Shirley Temple 12 Inch Doll Bodysuit Pattern

Also for Other 12 Inch Dolls with Similar Body Types

Designed by Susan Helene Kramer

 Also available as a PDF ebook with full-size pattern




Shirley Temple 12 Inch Doll by Ideal 1982 - shown standing and sitting

Very Easy Sewing Project

Pattern Piece


To make pattern first make one inch graph paper, then draw the pattern to match the picture.  The PDF ebook has a full-size pattern.

You may use this pattern for yourself but not commercially.


- One quarter yard fabric for bodysuit

- A sticky dot for front closure - no buttons if children will play with outfit


One quarter inch seam allowance is included in pattern.

- Cut four pieces of pattern.

- Make the opening for the doll to step into in the front, from neckline down to below waist.

- Sew center seams of front pieces with that opening. Sew entire back seam. Now you have a front and back piece.

- Sew front and back shoulder seams together.

- Sew back to front underarm seams.

- Sew front to back crotch seam.

- Now sew all hems by rolling in one eighth inch twice and blind stitching by hand for a finished look.

- Overlap front finished hem, and sew on sticky dot about one inch down from neckline.

Shirley Temple Doll Body Measurements

Bodysuit pattern copyright Susan Helene Kramer


Here’s a photo of Shirley Temple holding the same size doll I used for my pattern:

A person holding a baby

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