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Experience by Susan Kramer


Siblings. Maybe our longest lasting relationships.


For better or worse, sibling relationships weave through our lives.


We may not see each other often, but our early interactions develop and play out in their own ways. We travel along the highways and byways, the ups and downs of sibling trials and tribulations.


Though raised in the same household we each view the same events from an individual perspective. And by the time we are adults we probably have zoomed off in different directions.


But the fact is, those beginning ties cannot really be undone, because they were knotted in early family life.


Learning to give and take, forgive and be forgiven, may be harder with siblings when their points of view have become different with time and experiences.


Before my mother passed on, she said to me as her oldest child, that I was responsible for keeping the family together. She knew what this entailed as she bore the same role with her younger brother and sister.


At times I’ve found it a challenge to keep peace with my siblings as they have with me. I turn over the conflicts of interest to the Holy Spirit in a friendly chat. I sit still in meditation and listen to clearer thoughts arising in my quieted mind.


I also pray to our Heavenly Father in The Lord’s Prayer, especially the plea “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” This turns out to be a useful prayer for sibling-like conflicts.


Siblings are intertwined with us in the visible sight of family, and the unseen but very much felt emotional ties we feel in thinking about them. Aren’t we are here on earth to improve, develop, perfect our personalities as much as possible?


Gnarly sibling relationships


In our process of progression

Toward spiritual perfection.



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Siblings; June 30, 2021 copyright © 2021 Susan Kramer; photo of Great Uncle Henry Powell and his sister, Great Aunt May Powell Jenkins, Fair Oaks on the Magothy, circa 1954


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