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Special Relationships


By Susan Kramer


Special relationships are between those we take care of, and who take care of us. Physically. Emotionally. Or both.


Examples: children (physical needs and emotionally caring), dependent parents (physical needs and emotionally caring), partners (a circle of physical and emotional care), good friends (a circle of thoughtful listening and caring feedback).


On the universal level, the dimension of Spirit, we are ever interlinked, equally special.


Imbuing our caring relationships with unconditional love fills us with joy, satisfaction. Uplifted thoughts. Closer to alignment with the warm experience of God.


Personally, I raised a large family with plenty of opportunities to nurture. Now that my children are grown and physically self-sufficient, my caring takes the form of listening to their ideas, rather than making primary decisions.

With family and friends, close and thoughtful listening, and exchanging feedback, are my biggest efforts now.


In relationships

The nuts and bolts of caring change

But unconditional love remains, sustains.





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