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Spiritual Thoughts and Memories –

Collection by Susan Kramer



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Photo of nearby vegetable garden in Castricum, The Netherlands


Our Greatest Love


Listen to the wind within

Until it wraps around your heart

And takes you on a flight

Above this kingdom with its woes

Where in time we surely go

Together hand in hand

Into the Holy Land –

Blessed and blessings from above

Knowing at last Our Greatest Love.








Our Greatest Love © 2023 Susan Kramer

1. Taking the Moral High Road

2. Committing to Walking the Talk

3. Fidelity

4. Remembering Mama

5. Meditation for Seniors

6. Using Our Dream Body to the Max

7. Laying Down One’s Life for Another

8. Peace in Your World?

9. Hail Mary, Full of Grace

10. Is Everyone Part of the Grand Scheme?

11. Receiving a Touch of Grace

12. No Sidewalls to Be Seen

13. Communion Across Planes of Existence

14. Body and Mind

15. Coping with Major Illness

16. Meditation for Problem Solving

17. Making Contact Across Planes of Existence

18. Expressing Deep Down Goodness

19. Reenergized by Lucid Dream Experience

20. How I Distribute My Writings

21. Words Are a Boomerang

22. Our Deeper Self, Our Private Self

23. From Whence Comes Our Peace in This World?

24. Does Uplifting Reading Boost Contemplation and Meditation?

25. The Holy Spirit Inspires Me

26. Entwined with God in a Lucid Dream

27. Benefits of Listening to the Overtones of Om

28. Life Liberty and Respect

29. My Lucid Dream Experience of Rumi’s Poem

30. Communing with Our Dearly Departed

31. Committed Relationships and Practical Spirituality

32. Good As Good Can Be

33. Thoughts on the Assumption

34. The Ascension

35. Thoughts, Ethereal Energy, Meditation

36. Breath Sustains Life

37. Uplifted in a Vision of Group Meditation

38. My Beloved Pet Visited Me from Beyond the Pale

39. Forgiveness Works Both Ways

40. Practicing Meditation for Problem Solving

41. Where My Writings Originate

42. Brothers and Sisters

43. A Preview of My Body Falling Away






1. Taking the Moral High Road


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Photo: Meditation Mount, Ojai, California



Collectively we set the tone of humanity
Each of us together

One world family
One world consciousness.

How one acts, reflects upon the other, as all we do is interwoven into the tapestry of the whole.

If we individually maintain a high level of ethics and morality, an example is set for others. We become a bright and positive beacon by our enlightened example, creating a positive atmosphere.

We probably spend part of our day interrelating, giving us the chance to make positive change in the world.

Morality is the outcome of living for what is best in the situation, moment after moment. Maintaining morality keeps us from asserting self-centeredness to the extent that we only think about personal pleasure, without thinking about the consequences of our actions on others.

Morality is purity in action. Morality takes the high road.

The highest morality is living with a positive attitude that translates into caring actions for others. Morality is the present moment's truth, striving toward the ultimate Truth, gained by acting from caring thoughts, and feelings, and actions.

The collective morality
Is made from the moral fiber of high standards
Woven into an exquisite pattern of humanity


Taking the Moral High Road Copyright © 2022 Susan Kramer;

 Photo of Meditation Mount, Ojai, California USA, 1999 by Susan Kramer



2. Committing to Walking the Talk


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Photo: overlooking Castricum, The Netherlands


The most effective way to teach is to walk the talk. And our strength of character gets stronger when temptation to do otherwise would be easier, or unnoticed by others.


Another way of putting it, is that actions speak louder than words.


We can preach about what is right, but cannot expect anyone to give credence to those words if we are not living them.


Children observe what their parents do more than what they say. Parents must model the behavior they want and expect from their children.


A spiritual teacher, in particular, needs to follow what they say is the way to act, or be, or do. Otherwise, the teacher belies the word teacher. They are not a true teacher of what they are saying.


Walking the talk both strengthens us, and shows others it is possible to live those convictions.


Before doing as a person espouses, give weight to how they are living. Observe their actions. Are they walking the talk?


The world has many paths. Choose one that helps you develop greater consciousness, leading you to your own inner teacher, your conscience, for guidance.


Walking the talk

Develops strength of character

Highest consciousness


Committing to Walking the Talk © 2023 Susan Kramer



3. Fidelity


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Photo: water filtration through the sand in The Dunes National Park, The Netherlands


Fidelity means being true to a promise. It includes living as we say we will.


What comes to my mind hearing the word fidelity, is how it’s applied to marriage.


When partners are faithful to each other, it expands the personal horizon of both. We no longer need to put energy into seeking a mate for companionship, or to have children.


Instead, we can concentrate our energy developing and being productive with our talents. This benefits the greater good of everyone we relate with.


A greater relaxation between friends and others is possible, when we are not contemplating initiating an intimate relationship.



That wonderful quality

Expanding us personally

Benefiting others.


Fidelity © 2023 Susan Kramer



4. Remembering Mama


A group of people posing for the camera

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Photo: Mike, Jane, Mary 1979


A few days ago I was looking at photos of my son, now over a half century old, beginning with his birth. I paused at one where he was 6 months old, sitting on a carpet at my parents’ house.


My parents passed away many years ago and I haven’t really thought about them too deeply in a long time. But as I sat looking at my sons’ photo I started missing my mother acutely and even cried a little. I was remembering my mother in that setting and how I felt back then.


While I was still feeling weepy an extraordinary globe of bright light appeared next to the right side of my face containing the animated face of my mother. And my mother in her own voice said to me “I am always with you.” This vision lasted a couple of seconds, but has remained in my memory as being real, a comfort, an unbreakable connection.


It was a day before I related this experience to my husband. And now writing about this event, I’m very grateful to see and hear that my dear mother is with me and always has been.


I realized that the astral light I saw, being much brighter than earthly light, must be of a finer substance than scientists know about at this time. I was perceiving the experience with my mind which must be traversing the physical and astral worlds. And how wonderful that the luminous astral world revealed itself to me in those moments. Further, I am old enough to know that sooner rather than later I will be transitioning to this bright world beyond physical barriers.


I have occasionally been in the luminous place of mind in deep meditation. It is not just bright light, but a warm, expansive, and joyful feeling of stretching out as much as I want, as far as I want without restraints. To finish relating this experience I’d like to share that even if we can’t physically see others, they are with us in the communion of our astral minds.


Deep meditation is one way to enjoy this inseparable union.


The worlds of mind appear divided

But in fact are one

We discover eternal unity

By relaxing into the deepest recesses

Of mind, our eternal mind in God


Remembering Mama © 2023 Susan Kramer


5. Meditation for Seniors


An older person sitting in a chair

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Photo: Susan sitting for meditation


Age and physical condition are not a hindrance to meditating. The important preparation is to find a position that can be maintained without trying to sustain it for the length of the meditation.


I’m a senior-senior now, over 75, and I find sitting on a chair with back support enables me to forget about my body for at least 10 minutes for our daily 8pm cyber meditation. This position, upright in the chair, keeps me awake. If I lay down, such as at bedtime I usually do not make it through my night prayers before sleep claims me. Meditating upright in the chair keeps me alert and awake.


I press the soles of my feet into the floor when I begin, like placing a tent stake, to keep my body balanced in place without having to consciously think about it during meditation. Positioning yourself for meditation is important, and propped in the chair is the support I use in my senior years.


If you are new to meditation here is an easy way to begin:


Position your body upright and stable in your chair. Fold your hands in your lap, close your eyes. Position your feet to keep your body in a still position.


Begin even and regular breathing like this: Counts 1, 2 inhale; counts 3,4 exhale. Counts 1, 2 inhale; counts 3, 4 exhale. Do not hold your breath. Continue this pattern without saying or thinking the numbers. Instead, observe your breath flowing in and out, in and out. If at some point you hear the stream of inner music, seemingly emanating from under the top of your skull, listen to it for the remainder of your meditation.


Different paths refer to this internal stream of vibration as the Holy Spirit, Naam, Om, Amen. It is all the same experience. The point is its calming effect allows fresh ideas to come to mind, to help situations in your life. Meditation is practical. It calms your conscious mind enough to see deeper options to situations in your daily life. And it leaves you feeling refreshed, uplifted.


Senior meditation

The same help as always

With life’s challenges.


Meditation for Seniors © 2023 Susan Kramer



6. Using Our Dream Body to the Max



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Photo at Jacob’s Pillow with Ted Shawn, Sept. 2, 1964. Susan at far right.


Back in the early 70s in my 20s, I was running the track alongside the men’s team at Anne Arundel Community College. This was because there was no women’s team at that time. It was exhilarating just to run, and I kept it up till moving to the west coast in 1975.


Fast forward to last night. After more than a 45-year break, I once again experienced that runners’ high, and this time in a dream.


I felt all the sensations in my dream body as if it was a physical body, which was nice, because when I awoke, I was not sore or even out of breath. All the highs and none of the pain. And this was even after my dream body ran all out for more than 50 miles along Rt. 101 in California, between San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria. To add to the excitement, I pushed myself and raced past a group of male runners along the way.


This was an experience that reinforced in my mind that we can fulfill our physical and mental desires in the dream state if we can’t act out in the physical. And now in my 70s I sure can’t run full speed for a block, much less 50 miles like I did in my lightweight dream body – or astral body if you call it that.


At other times I have used my dream or astral body to perform classical ballet on stage like I did in my teens and 20s. What is amazing to me, is that in dreams the execution of the steps is easier and more perfect than my physical effort ever was.


What I’m learning is that age is no barrier to experiencing what we want to in the world, if we can accept that it’s okay to enjoy our dream or astral body as a substitute, or even as better than a physical experience – because it is gain without pain.


Using our Dream Body to the Max  © 2023 Susan Kramer



7. Laying Down One’s Life for Another


River Rhine going through Nijmegen NL. To the left of the bridge the Netherlands, to the right Germany.



I’ve been thinking about the phrase – laying down one’s life for another – and wondering if it meant dying for another?


The thought came to me it could mean something different, like laying aside a selfish attitude in favor of a plan that would serve the greater good. The result would make those affected happier.


I have found through experience I feel peace of mind when doing the right thing. I do not feel peaceful when acting selfishly. Does anyone?


In modern terms the phrase could read – peace comes from setting aside selfish plans and acting for the greater good.


One way I’ve thought to apply this teaching is practical: When out on a walk, I collect trash along the sidewalk in a shopping bag, disposing of it in my can at home, because it seems the right thing to do for the environment.


When we come across an old phrase that seems outdated, we must look at the meaning it was meant to teach. It may take some reflection, but why throw away a valuable teaching, just because at first it seems outdated.


Selfishness to selflessness

Spreads satisfaction all around.


Laying Down One’s Life for Another  © 2023 Susan Kramer

8. Peace in Your World?


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Photo by Stan Schaap of canal leading to historic lime kiln factory on the inner sea in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands. Sailboats in the background.


Walking beside a canal I felt a sense of peace. Perhaps the easy rhythm of my stride regulated my scattered thoughts.


Having captured these moments of peace I decided to continue walking a bit longer than usual. I gave myself time to think about the inner source of my peaceful feelings.


I realized that outer events were the same during the walk as they were when I was preparing to set out. So, peace was not coming from outside events in my life.


Peace had swelled up and overtaken my mind when I got into the rhythm of harmony in a body–mind activity while regulating my breathing – evenly in and out.


This peaceful harmony can arise in other body–mind practices, and in the rhythmic breathing of meditation.


Continuing to walk and going deeper in thought I saw that events in this world continue to roll on, but my reaction to them is my responsibility to control.


I realized that if I felt upset by what’s out there, I could get back into body–mind harmony by breathing rhythmically on a long walk.


Others may choose another form of rhythmic exercise that has the same result of squashing mental turmoil, restoring peaceful thoughts.


Events in the world outside our direct control are of others’ making.


To restore and radiate your inner peace, amid surrounding busyness, take a few moments to meditate quietly, silently, peacefully, breathing evenly.


To find peace within

Harmonize breathing

With body–mind rhythms –

Hold positive thoughts



Peace in Your World?  © 2023 Susan Kramer



9. Hail Mary, Full of Grace


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Photo by S. Kramer of Mother Mary statue in garden.


“Hail Mary, Full of Grace” are words that come to mind when I am stressed. This short prayer and mantra return me to my spiritual center, where I can make reasonable choices.

Mother Mary of the Hail Mary Prayer lives in my heart, safely nestled where all that is dear to me resides.

In times of need, I feel so lucky to feel Mother Mary’s grace perfuse my mind, pointing out the way to go.

While a girl, I was given a wool scapula, which I wore during the day next to my skin, and then when older (and now, too) wore a Miraculous Medal on a chain around my neck. I have felt my Heavenly Mother’s blessings most of my life.

I am grateful for the years with my earthly mother nurturing me in the ways of practical living, preparing me by example for the reception of dear Blessed Mother Mary’s graces.

For the children in your life, it is never too early to give them motherly lessons that inspire them to be good in the present, while showing them how to act in the future.

Inspirational women have come from many if not all religions. I see and feel the uplifting energy of caring love, divine love, emanating from women saints of all traditions and am eternally grateful.

From a lucid dream:

I asked the Pope (a man) why I couldn’t be a priest in the Catholic Church. He looked at me and said: “If women were priests, who would be left to nurture people?”

Okay, that was a satisfactory answer at the moment, but from a deeper point of view, I think women can both nurture and spiritually guide families and the flock as needed. Don’t you?



Hail Mary, Full of Grace © 2023 Susan Kramer



10. Is Everyone Part of the Grand Scheme?


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Photo by Stan Schaap


Preparing for meditation, I was sitting in the upstairs library in front of the picture window, facing east, the sun pouring in, when my thoughts turned to my mother. After 30 years since she passed on, it felt like the distant past.


Sitting for meditation


When I sit for meditation, I begin by mentally asking blessings for those family and friends who have requested prayers. My habit is to visualize a person as I think of them. That morning I reflected that since my mother had died many years before, I hadn’t kept her in my recent meditation prayer time very often.


This day, as I looked out the sunny window I once again thought of mother. Her face appeared in front of me, or as may be, in my inner vision. Hallelujah! 


I realized that it is not just God who is ever with us.


It is that everyone is still present and accounted for who has ever lived or will live upon earth, in fact everywhere in every dimension and time.


This was such a comforting thought. I do not have to reach back in time in my mind to find my mother or anyone who has passed on.


I found that we are all in it together, right now, and for always. And, that quiet meditation time is a way to enjoy closeness, communion with anyone and all right now, with a full feeling of connection.


I recommend meditating to have the uplifting experience of yourself, and everyone, as part of the grand scheme of God.


Meditate –

In the quiet stillness

Perceive a place for everyone, everything

In God.



Is Everyone Part of the Grand Scheme? © 2023 Susan Kramer



11. Receiving a Touch of Grace


Photo by Stan Schaap of garden Susan planted along our street, in front of our apartment in Amsterdam.


No one was more surprised than me to receive a touch of grace coming through a friend in my generation – just after my fortieth birthday.


I offered a ride home from a spiritual service, and before leaving we paused outside my car for a few moments, remarking on the mild evening air.


Then before entering the car, my friend spontaneously blessed me by momentarily holding a hand just above my head. I didn’t see it coming.


In that transmission, I was filled with joyful energy so strong that it has stayed with me ever since, re-vitalizing me whenever I remember the experience.


I have used this flowing and uplifting grace-filled energy to write many articles on practical spiritual living. After all, I was the mother of five, and family life was how I lived and practiced virtues.


Now, many years later, I ponder if I had somehow prepared myself to receive the blessing of enough loving grace-filled energy to inspire and sustain my spiritual writing for a lifetime.


For some years before, I had been devoted to loving God and doing good for others. But, with the astral touch of grace, the bar of my spiritual energy was raised.


As I’ve mentioned in the past, even as a school-age girl, I nightly I took my beads from under my pillow, and said a rosary for the soul in purgatory who needed it most. It was my own idea and I felt good doing that even at eight years old.


My advice: If you want joy-filled communion beyond this ordinary world, give of your time and energy to uplift others; it uplifts you along the way.


May the energy of God’s love

Embrace and joyfully float you

Gracefully along

In the ever-flowing river of life.



Receiving a Touch of Grace © 2023 Susan Kramer



12. No Sidewalls to Be Seen


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Photo by S. Kramer looking south from East Camino Cielo over Santa Barbara and the Pacific


Sitting on the couch with hubby facing me sitting on a chair, we had just finished our evening meditation. In the quiet moments after coming back to everyday consciousness I realized we are not separate from each other at all in mind, and I felt part of one and all.


It was such a relief and felt joyful. My personal sidewalls had come tumbling down.


This realization had begun to build up a couple of weeks previously. During a discussion with a friend holding another point of view, I suddenly sided with the other side of the coin. I felt and understood what the other was thinking, and empathized so much that both points of view became okay in my mind. I felt like there was just one of us instead of me and the other.


I feel confident this was a transformation in my way of thinking. I realized we have the choice to think we’re involved in conflict, or an observer looking broadly at other points of view. We have the choice to hold rigid viewpoints, or be relaxed like water flowing and exploring all openings in every direction.


I’m feeling like a being whose mind stretches to include everyone around me in awareness. Maybe my mind is directing my physical actions for the best outcome all the time. That’s what my life seems like.

I’ve always wanted to meet an alien, a being from another planet.


Well now, I think our mind can stretch with unlimited possibilities and just thinking I have no sidewalls, I’ve left open the possibility that I communicate instantly with others (including aliens) regardless of time, place, space. That in the long run we are an important part of all that is, past, present, future, wrapped into this everlasting moment.


No sidewalls to be seen

Blocking me and another

From each other.



No Sidewalls to Be Seen © 2023 Susan Kramer



13. Communion Across Planes of Existence


Photo by Stan Schaap of Le Louvre, Paris, France, on a rainy day.



From my recent lucid dream:

I was getting ready to lead a group of people in a sitting meditation for world peace. Before beginning, I told the group that I have decided to continue meditating for human spiritual evolution after I am no longer in this physical body.

Reflecting upon waking:

After leaving my physical body, I wish to sit in my astral body in the ethereal Himalayan Mountains, with ascended masters who are meditating for humanity’s spiritual benefit. I visualize myself in this next step, as opposed to exploring higher planes of spiritual experience.

Practical plans:

I’m a practical person, which is probably why I write on practical spirituality, and in my lucid dream my next thought was, I wonder what I’ll wear? I thought that it should be a loose-fitting outfit to sit in cross-legged meditation for hours on end. Of course, I realized it would not exactly be heavy cotton material since I was on an astral plane, but maybe a very light-weight silk fabric in white with a thin blue-violet ribbon border. I know I won’t really have a physical silk sari, but that is what my dream created for me.

This lucid dream totally matches up as a practical next step in my continuing life journey. Even now, living as wife, mother, and grandmother on earth, using this physical body to get things done, I have for 20 years been leading a world-wide spiritual cyber meditation for peace at 8pm each evening. (That’s 8pm your time, because we all live in different time zones.)

Meditate now:

In each occurring moment, we do not need to be in the physical presence of others to commune with them.

By slipping into meditation, we can be in communion with those in unseen spiritual realms. We can have conversations with our loved ones just by asking and receiving their answers in our mind.

Daily, dive ever more deeply into meditation. Practice makes perfect, and practice in meditation further expands awareness. An endless choice of possibilities opens to our waking self.

Life continues
Realm to realm.
We expand in love
By caring ever more sincerely
Along the way.



Communion Across Planes of Existence © 2023 Susan Kramer



14. Body and Mind


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Photo by S. Kramer of Buddha and St. Francis in our garden.



While living in a physical world, we use a physical body, with physical limitations. What is unlimited are thoughts.


The mind is not seen in the physical world, but its presence is known by observing that it can direct the physical world intelligently.


The Greater Mind:


While using a physical body we have a chance to observe the Greater Mind at work through all it inspires us to create.


In thought or mind we can do anything and be anywhere.


If we practice enough, we can use our mind and physical body combination, to achieve goals in art, music, science, athletics, and other ventures.


And further, we can step up in conscious awareness, to come to know our source, the supreme conductor of all of life – God, through direct insight in deep meditation.


When you use your physical body and mind

To act on the prodding of the Greater Mind

You are happiest

Moment to moment to moment.



Body and Mind © 2023 Susan Kramer




15. Coping with Major Illness



A picture containing outdoor, sky, nature, overlooking

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Photo credit Stan Schaap of beach along North Sea, The Netherlands


Times of personal illness affect others, too. Emotionally, there may be loss or change. Perhaps the cost of care is a factor, and who is going to be the caregiver?

Major illness is a catalytic force of change for the one ill, other family members, or extended family. Illness probably comes in all families at some point in our lives; it seems universal.

What I've found in coping with the illness and death of my mother, is that I need to do what is necessary to maintain my personal harmony during these changes and feelings of loss.

I spent 9 months of this past year ill. Now I feel recovered, but it was another kind of process being the one ill and not the caregiver. During this period, I had to learn to surrender to the best for that moment, and it was hard. I wanted to be up and productive, but I didn't have the strength or stamina. I tried not to be needy, to spare my husband extra work.

What helped me recover faster, I think, was that I stayed as much as possible in consciousness of the Inner Vibration. This constant companion soothes and harmonizes thoughts and the body. It is perceived within the head under the crown of the skull. Its gentle streaming melody remains present during times of feeling good, or in illness.

During my mother's final illness, I sat with her and stayed in the consciousness of the Inner Vibration. She told me that she had come to feel this soothing presence, and it gave her peace.

Coping with a major illness sends us back to our roots; roots of harmony and peace that are sunk deep in each of us, which we can draw from when in need. Communion with the Inner Vibration, the Vibration of Peace, is a stabilizing stronghold for me when I'm sick, or being the caregiver, or just coping with everyday life.

And more than coping
Recouping natural harmony in stressful times
By tuning in with the ever-present
Inner Vibration of Peace.

Coping with Major Illness © 2023 Susan Kramer



16. Meditation for Problem Solving


A picture containing text

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I find meditation a rejuvenating "deep rest." I end with more energy than I began.


By first looking at the inner light in meditation, the outer daylight looks clearer, in a way that I can see a solution to problems.


I don’t get down and depressed very often, but I often get physically and mentally exhausted from trying to solve too many situations at the same time.


Meditation gives me a room in my mind to go, where I can think over one thing at a time, then decide on the best course to follow.


When further confusing or difficult situations arise, I practice another session of meditation.


If my mental state is overwhelmed, a couple of meditations a day help me sort out what's going on.


Meditation need not be just sitting, it can be walking, swimming, jogging, or any rhythmic activity when you are by yourself, or not talking to another.


For both children and adults, meditation can be a big help navigating more smoothly through life.


Here are links to some of my age-specific books on meditation:


Meditation for All Kids -


Meditation and Spirituality for Teens and Young Adults -


Meditation Lessons for Adults -


Gentle Yoga and Meditation -


Meditation for Problem Solving © 2023 Susan Kramer



17. Making Contact Across Planes of Existence



Photo credit: S. Kramer. Pond in our village in North Holland.


Inner lines of communication are fluid. Fluid in the sense, that like water, they flow into the cracks and crevices. The medium of movement is not really water, but is sub-atomic structure with its own set of rules, that do not contain boundaries limiting their spread, or movement.


Sub-atomic particles underlie every atom of creation. We can send thoughts to any destination using these sub-atomic pathways. Both send and receive. Think of this concept as being our own permanent telephone.


Sub-atomic communication lines are not just unbounded by distance, but by time, and probably other dimensions as yet uncovered by science. No physical walls, no physical barriers, no physical time clock.


Let’s assume we use our mind to communicate thoughts through a medium such as speech, or writing, or physically demonstrating. But if we want to, we can send messages along the sub-atomic pathways to those without a physical body. This is because on the sub-atomic level there are no barriers of time and space and place. Even after physical death we are eternally sub-atomically connected.


Each of us at an inner level is part of the freely open pathway of communication. Ever unbounded by the outer physical dimensions of time, place, space.


Thoughts travel to any soul we send them to, whether they are alive or dead to the physical world. It all happens at the unbounded level of sub-atomic existence.


Use the sub-atomic level thoughts travel on, as a sender or receiver to your loved ones still in the physical world, or gone beyond.


We’ve always been connected

To our loved ones

And to everything

Think on that.



Making Contact Across Planes of Existence  © 2023 Susan Kramer



18. Expressing Deep Down Goodness



Windmills in a field

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Photo credit Stan Schaap: pastoral setting in North Holland


Do we always think and act on what is really on our mind, or is there a discrepancy?


It saves energy and maintains peace to share deepest thoughts that are good; that will have useful and wholesome outcomes if acted upon.


None of us want to be caught short from acting in bad, nasty, or harmful ways.


But where do bad actions originate?


All actions begin with thoughts, so that is our answer. If we clean up our intentions and thoughts, right-minded actions will follow. The congruency of thinking good and acting good gets us through life most happily.


We know, deep within, that bad thoughts are not going to produce good results. So, it is worth upgrading our deepest ideals from negative to positive.


We all want happiness, and the most happiness and peace result with good thoughts from our depths arising in good actions in the world.


We may think that we can hide nasty thoughts deep down where they’re masked from others’ view, but we are given away by our body language such as avoiding face to face or eye contact, fidgeting, devious actions, or avoiding contact altogether.


If inner thoughts are not in line with your conscience, spend time and energy elevating them to an acceptable standard, for ethical sharing and acting.


Nurturing pure thoughts

Rejecting negative thinking

Allows peace and happiness

To blossom in living.


Expressing Deep Down Goodness  © 2023 Susan Kramer




19. Reenergized by Lucid Dream Experience



An old person sitting on a bench

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Photo credit Stan Schaap of Susan with Katje.


True experience about 4am this morning, April 21, 2023, in a lucid dream: I was reclining in a hospital bed, dressed in yoga cotton whites. A man came in and approached me, stethoscope in hand. A nurse moved to stop him coming closer, but he said, “I’m her doctor.”


He put the steth. over the center of my chest, not quite touching my clothing, and I instantly felt an energized radiant energy in my dream and physical body at that spot. He slowly moved the steth. just over my torso and arms, and as he did those areas came alive with radiant energy.


Then the doctor left the room, and I woke up, my physical torso fully radiant and energized. I stayed with the energization for an hour, then slept for an hour before getting out of bed at 6am.


Twelve hours later I’m recording this radiant experience, so I don’t forget it. I’m 76 years old and can make use of this revitalization in my daily life, especially with gardening and writing. But most importantly, I discovered another aspect of my inner self – its abundant underlying radiance.


Reenergized by Lucid Dream Experience © 2023 Susan Kramer



20. How I Distribute My Writings


A statue of a person with a beard and a building in the background

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Photo credit S. Kramer: The Thinker sculpture by Auguste Rodin sits in the front garden of Musée Rodin, his former home and temporarily the home of Rainer Maria Rilke. In the background is the gold-leaf spire of Hôtel Les Invalides built to house 4,000 war veterans.


My spiritual writing distribution began in September 1982. During a birthday party a friend approached me with a spiritual question. I told her I would think about her question and let her know the next day. This got me thinking how I could share my spiritual insights with others.


Since this was before I knew about computers, I typed her reply on my typewriter, mailed it off, and kept a copy in a binder. It seems that almost every day after that I wrote at least one practical spiritual essay.


In 1988 I typed my first book of 130 spiritual topics, and snail-mailed the manuscript to Saul Steinberg at Coleman Publishing, the printer of the first 16 editions of A Course in Miracles. (Saul Steinberg passed away in 2000.) My book: Relating From Light and Love is out of print under that title.


I published a revised edition of the content in 2009 through Lulu Inc. as God Speaks Through the Holy Spirit, information page:


Beginning in the early 1990s I used a computer and self-published my writings or sent articles to paper and online venues by email. I began in August 1999.


Since 1982 I have kept a handwritten chronological list of the titles and date of each spiritual topic in a binder. On my home printer I also make at least one paper copy of each piece, filed by year, lined up in folders on my bookshelves.


Earlier, from 1978, I began writing ballet and rhythmic dance books and mailed those to the New York City Public Library Dance Collection, where they were accepted.


Currently, all my individual writings are free on my website on the internet. Books are listed at and lesson plan topics are listed in the categories along the top bar of each page on


I am grateful that I kept notes over the years, and can share from a lifetime of experiences in dance, practical spirituality, and my hobby of fabric dollmaking at



How I Distribute My Writings © 2023 Susan Kramer


21. Words Are a Boomerang


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Words are a boomerang whether written or spoken. They are sent off traveling with energy spinning in circles, returning to their starting point.

Let’s be careful not to be unkind in our spoken and written words.


Who thinks it is worth the pain of negativity boomeranging back on us?

There is no pause before negativity boomerangs, coming back to us. It happens right as we create an unkind thought by polluting our mind, leaving us with an unsettled, selfish, self-serving feeling of isolation from others.


Kindness and compassion are curative antidotes to negativity, giving us that warm fuzzy feeling when written, spoken, or acted upon. We feel good while showering kindness upon others.


Words are a boomerang

What is sent out returns to us instantly.

Negativity out

Stress felt within

Kindness out

Peace and connection within.



Words Are a Boomerang and photo © 2023 Susan Kramer




22. Our Deeper Self, Our Private Self



A white flower with blue center

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Photo art by S. Kramer.


Our private self resides deep within our mind. It is a place we keep to ourselves and don’t share for good reasons. It is a bare canvas where we can explore our thoughts and ideas that might work for us in daily life.


For example, a painter uses a primed canvas to draw sketches, which are hidden by the final coat of paint. Because others don’t see behind our worldly masks, they may be surprised by what motivates our actions. If we didn’t have this privacy about ideas we were mulling over, we would not have important free space to work out our additions, subtractions, refinements.


We know the expression: “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” This is true for everyone. What is going on deep in our private area of mind is our personal property, probably known only to our other aspects of spirit.


Guidance of the Holy Spirit:


It is in this private area of our mind that we can relax in communion with the voice of God, the Holy Spirit, the inner vibration heard as a subtle rushing stream under the crown of our head. It is where we receive inspirations that motivate us to live for the higher good.


In communion with the Holy Spirit we can set aside problems for a while, can even turn over knotty situations to the Holy Spirit and ask for solutions. Take time to expand your thoughts and ideas in your private place in mind. Then bring out the best and apply it to living. With the addition of inspiration from the Holy Spirit the best results are bound to transpire.


In communion with the Holy Spirit

Our body feels at rest

Our mind calm –

Solutions arise in our everyday mind.



Our Deeper Self, Our Private Self  © 2023 Susan Kramer



23. From Whence Comes Our Peace in This World?



A pond with lily pads and plants

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Photo credit Stan Schaap, Montecito, California.


Walking beside a canal near my home I felt a sense of peace. Perhaps the easy rhythm of my stride transferred to my scattered thoughts, and they mostly dissolved. In this instance body and mind were aligned in harmony. Having captured these moments of peace I decided to continue walking a bit longer than usual. I gave myself time to think about the inner source of my peaceful feelings.


I realized that outer events were the same during the walk as they were when I was preparing to set out. Peace was not coming from outside events in my life. Peace had swelled up and overtaken my mind when I got into the rhythm of harmony in a body–mind activity. This peaceful harmony can arise in other body–mind practices such as swimming, jogging, hatha yoga. Peacefulness arises when channels are open and relaxed, such as rhythmic movement induces, and as rhythmic breathing supports in the quiet of meditation.


Continuing to walk and going deeper in thought I saw that events in this world continue to roll on, but my reaction to them is my responsibility to control.


I saw that if I felt upset by what’s out there, I could get back into body–mind harmony by beginning some rhythmic breathing on the spot, and going for a long walk.


Events in the world outside our direct control are of others’ making. Our job is to support our own method to personal peace and help others by deed and example to find their way to peace. We can always take a few moments to quietly pray even in the midst of busyness around us.


From whence comes our peace in this world?

By harmonizing our body–mind rhythms

Relaxing in thought




From Whence Comes Our Peace in This World  © 2023 Susan Kramer




24. Does Uplifting Reading Boost Contemplation and Meditation?


A group of young girls wearing white dresses

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Photo credit Jane Kramer of daughter Susan, July 1952, St. John the Evangelist Church, Severna Park, Maryland



Reading inspiring literature uplifts my mood, sets the scene for quiet contemplation and meditation.


When I’m in a good mood my body feels energized; creative and practical solutions come to mind.


While living on earth we have physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. And of these three, my growing spiritual awareness is a delicious food that nourishes my body and mind.


One of the types of reading that uplifts me is biographies of those who have lived saintly lives or had spiritual experiences.


When I was eleven, I read a children’s edition of Our Lady of Fatima. I was so inspired I took the youngest girl’s name, Jacinta, at my confirmation. From my teen years on, I read as many books about saints as I could find. Then, as I neared age thirty, I read Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. His life and experiences motivated me to meditate deeply. I would begin my daily meditations with the desire to reach as far toward God as I could, to let no barriers of stray thoughts stand in my way.


I’ve written and posted many short essays of my spiritual experiences on the path at my web site, in chronological order, at -


Read literature that gives you a boost toward the best you can be. It will uplift you, and by reflection others.


Uplifted by reading inspiring words

Improving my mood

Reflected in lightness with others.



Does Uplifting Reading Boost Contemplation and Meditation?  © 2023 Susan Kramer



25. The Holy Spirit Inspires Me


A person sitting in a chair

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Photo credit S. Lewis of SH Kramer Santa Barbara, California


I’ve been writing about my spiritual insights since 1982, and I’ve been asked if this is channeled material, such as from a non-physical being.


In answer, I believe that it is my Higher Self in contact with the Holy Spirit Vibration, the 3rd person of God’s triune Holy Trinity that is my inspiration, my source.


Before I sit down to write I go within in meditation and while writing I stay in awareness of the Holy Spirit Vibration, the flowing sound that seems to emanate from under the top of my skull, which is not a physical sound heard by my ears.


I will say here that listening to uplifting reverberations of harmonious sound is a way to become aware of the Holy Spirit Vibration, particularly if you sit quietly after the musical tones cease.


When I first started writing about incorporating spiritual insights into practical living, I had a talk with my “Higher Self” and said I will share spiritual information, if it has become part of me and my life, but not write about what I have not had experience with.


I feel joy while communing with the Holy Spirit Vibration. This joyfulness from our Higher Self is for all of us to seek out and commune with.


Commune with the Holy Spirit

Incorporate its joyful reverberation

As right actions in life.



The Holy Spirit Inspires Me  © 2023 Susan Kramer



26. Entwined with God in a Lucid Dream


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Photo credit Stan Schaap: Beach along the North Sea, The Netherlands.


A lucid dream experience: The scene is the beach. I am sitting in meditation facing the western horizon on one end of a thick fallen log that is partially submerged in the sea. The day is brighter than usual, and just after sitting down and enjoying the view of the waves gently breaking on shore I am filled with a great love of God. My whole body feels energized and uplifted. I feel part of God and the waves.


As the dream continues, an old friend walking along the beach comes over and sits near me on the log. I tell him how joyful I‘m feeling realizing I am spiritually part of God. He said he feels the same, and for a short time we silently enjoy communion with all around us.


Then I awoke still feeling uplifting communion with God. I felt blessed, and am recording this experience to remember it.


Reflection: Sometimes as I go about my day I forget how interwoven I am with my surroundings. This experience reminds me of my verse: All our lives are as vines, intertwined.


I feel we can inspire others by positive actions and attitude, and uplift the world into closer communion with God by living in a joyful state.


Unconditional love for others

And the creation

Is the key that opens us

To real happiness

To higher realization.



Entwined with God in a Lucid Dream  © 2023 Susan Kramer




27. Benefits of Listening to the Overtones of Om


A group of people in a museum

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Photo credit S. Schaap: Le Louvre, Paris France



In a lucid dream I had a revelation with the Holy Spirit.


Here’s what happened in the dream:


I was chanting Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti Om.  I came to the conclusion where I usually chant Om three times.


In the dream, as I was finishing the 3rd Om I extended the “m” part of the Om on and on and on; much further than if I had been chanting it in a waking state. I seemed to have an unlimited supply of breath to achieve this, and that ability was a supernatural gift. I am grateful for this experience.


As I was immersed in the Om syllable I listened to the overtone of Om that is beyond speech. It is a comforting uplifting experience seemingly emanating from under the skull, not heard by the physical ears.


While awake I stay in contact with the Om overtone as much as I remember to during the day.


The experience in this lucid dream was an example that we have extended dimensions of being, which we can enjoy by immersing in our spiritual Holy Spirit nature.


When seeking wise advice for a situation, we can align with the Holy Spirit by tuning in to the overtones of the Om vibration, and write down or record on a device new thoughts and solutions that arise in our mind.


Listening to the pure vibration of the Holy Spirit

Present as the subtle Om overtone

Lifts our awareness

Into clearer, extended, insight and knowledge.



Benefits of Listening to the Overtones of Om  © 2023 Susan Kramer



28. Life Liberty and Respect


A plate of salad on a wood table

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Photo by S. Kramer – red, white, and blue on a blanket of green peace, from the garden



Independence Day inspires me to write about what is important to remember and carry forward from this precious event in history.


Life and liberty have been hallmarks since the beginning, but let’s look at respect.


Recently a country ruled that the Quran could be burned. Destroying another’s religious writings is not respecting the liberty to choose other beliefs than our own.


We teach each new generation to respect their elders. Why? We realize that one way wisdom is acquired is through living, and the elders have been around for a longer time. Their experiences are worth listening to and maybe learning something new, useful.


Respect for property belonging to others – material, intellectual, religious – is what we also expect for ourselves. Remember the essence of the golden rule is to treat others as we wish to be treated.


Let’s step up our awareness that life, liberty, and respect are benchmarks in living for all of us in the world.


Respect for each other

Because we are

Inseparable, united

One human family.



Life Liberty and Respect © 2023 Susan Kramer



29. My Lucid Dream Experience of Rumi’s Poem



A plate with a painting on it

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Image: “Bowl of Reflections with Rumi's poetry, early 13th century; Brooklyn Museum from Wikipedia article


Rumi’s poem, (in full below), has inspired me for years to want to experience the secrets of that field.

Last night I decided not to wait any longer. After going to sleep and into a lucid dream I ventured onto the field. I felt uplifted, unbounded.

The air was like I remember while standing on the shoreline at Ocean City, Maryland as a child – warm, gentle, refreshing. My astral feet were plunged in soft sand. I felt both energized and at peace.

Since I had been reading Rumi’s poem while in my physical body, I thought my visit would be to a physical field. That was my first surprise.

The field was a heavenly place without physical barriers, rather like invisible wind.

I could have stayed in this uplifted place – state of being – forever. But after timeless moments, the silver chord reeled me back in to my physical body.

In his poem, Rumi closes with “Don’t go back to sleep.” I think he’s telling us to experience the message of this heavenly poem while still on earth, holding tight to its greater-than-worldly transcendent power and reality.

Rumi’s Poem

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other”
doesn’t make any sense.
The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.”


My Lucid Dream Experience of Rumi’s Poem  © 2023 Susan Kramer



30. Communing with Our Dearly Departed


A statue of a person holding a child

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Photo credit S. Kramer: two-and-a-half foot tall replica of Madonna of Bruges statue by Michelangelo:1504



We each have our own mind whether we are embodied or disincarnate.


Since we and our departed ones have an eternal mind, we can talk with them and receive their answers mentally.


We use our physical body on this physical planet, and when we lose our physical body we still have our mind. It is our means of communication no matter what dimension we are in – living on earth and working through a physical body, or in spiritual realms.


Do talk with the dearly departed. Casually and in a relaxed way have conversations.


In mind and spirit we are ever present with each other as much as we wish to be. And isn’t that a comfort to know we can always feel close to anyone, here or there.


Here or there

No matter where

Mind to mind

In conversation or prayer forever

An eternal treasure.



Communing with Our Dearly Departed  © 2023 Susan Kramer



31. Committed Relationships and Practical Spirituality


A group of people standing around a table with food

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Photo by M. Rice: Susan and husband celebrating 75th birthdays with family.


My husband and I are celebrating 20+ years of committed relationship, which inspires me to write these reflections on incorporating spirituality:


Practical spirituality is living a normal life for the highest good, and this includes relationships, in particular our living together relationships.


If we are at first drawn together by chemistry, we can over time, through alchemy, grow to care about and want the best for each other. In this way our loving relationship finds its expression in first place.


Growth in the joy of spirituality comes by acting for the greater good in each situation. We feel uplifted, elated, and full of peace when we act for what is best in personal relationships, and with all people.

Lovingly expressing ourselves to the best of our ability makes our shared life most fulfilling, just as we make a house a home by adding our own special touches.


If we are truly seeking to consciously reunite with our Creator-Sustainer we will do what is for the best in relationships and all aspects of living. In this way we draw closer to experiencing the fullness of God right in the moment.


Giving our best to life

Gives us our best experience of life.



Committed Relationships and Practical Spirituality © 2023 Susan Kramer


32. Good As Good Can Be


A group of people sitting on a sidewalk next to a body of water

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Photo credit S. Schaap of Chicago skyline.


To me, good as good can be, is acting in the best way possible. I’ve found being good a daily renewable process that allows me to feel self-respect and personal happiness.


By being good I maintain my equilibrium and continue to grow better in loving others unconditionally.


Being good, I can’t help but feel positive, resulting in increased creativity, especially in thinking of ways to raise the bar on personal growth. Each little increment of goodness builds a stronger bridge to safely cross over rough times.


If I’m feeling challenged, I feel better faster by choosing to act for a good result, rather than a selfish outcome.


I can’t foresee every obstacle or exactly when I’ll have to face a problem, but by keeping a positive attitude and practicing being good, I have the best chance of maintaining my basic peace and well-being.


Being good gives me my clearest perspective; allowing the highest experience of happiness.


Good as good can be

Promotes pure loving




Good As Good Can Be  © 2023 Susan Kramer



33. Thoughts on the Assumption



A ceiling with a painting on it

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Photo credit S. Kramer: ceiling in Le Louvre, Paris, France.



Glorious Mother Divine

Wherever you may be

Inspire my words of love for Thee.


There’s no doubt in my mind and heart that Blessed Mother Mary hears our thoughts, and is therefore alive, even if unseen by earthly eyes.


And why would she not have slipped through the physical gateways between visible earthly viewing into a finer realm of living?


Yes, in total consciousness rising in body, mind, soul, as water transforms into steam and rises by the power of fire to condense again – in Blessed Mother Mary’s case, exquisitely heated, refined into vapor by pure love.


Pure Love

Awaken my heart

In every way, shine every day.




Thoughts on the Assumption  © 2023 Susan Kramer



34. The Ascension


A building with a dome in the background

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Photo credit S. Kramer: Musée Rodin at left with a view of Hôtel Les Invalides in background which was built to house 4,000 wounded soldiers.


Ascension means to rise.


In the Christian tradition the Ascension of Christ is mostly celebrated 40 days after His resurrection.


But what interpretation is most relevant to us in modern times? Did Christ rise bodily through the clouds to sit at the right hand of His Father?


What is important is how we practice the ascension in our daily lives.


Choosing to dwell on and act on uplifting thoughts puts us in a spiritual state, and isn’t that what we aspire to?


We have the choice in each moment to act for the highest good of each situation. And what that does is make us feel good in our mind. It brings peace to our mind.


By living a holy life in our mind, we ascend mentally, and eventually will do so spontaneously. That is our goal. That is what will make us happy.


Take time on the Ascension feast day to reflect on how you can upgrade your personal choices for the higher good. Align with the purity of spirit in communion with our dear Heavenly Father, as Christ did.



The Ascension © 2023 Susan Kramer



35. Thoughts, Ethereal Energy, Meditation


A tall cactus in a field

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Photo credit S. Kramer: overlooking Pacific in Santa Barbara, California


How do we explain the fluid nature of thoughts being able to conjure up any scene or scenario in or out of the universe? Thoughts must be made of super small atoms that are so tightly interrelated, it is as if they have no boundaries.


It seems to me like we are part of a universe that is interlocked and intermeshed so that the consciousness in one part becomes an integral part of the whole.


I’ve found I have control over my physical body using my thoughts. This makes sense because thoughts are smaller segments than physical parts. The influence or makeup must be like at least a zillion parts thoughts, to one part physical.


Ethereal Energy and Meditation


If I think an uplifting thought I feel energized, and if feeling physically unwell the warm feeling of being energized lifts my physical cells back into harmony, flowing together more freely with a stronger force than the sluggishness I feel when sick.


Other effective ways that make me feel more energetic are warm drinks, a hot shower, soaking in hot water. What they have in common is heat, and heat is a radiant energy. And deep meditation is an intense ethereal heat that transports my body and mind into a state of peace.


When feeling physically well, I maintain my stamina by walking and breathing rhythmically. Hatha yoga is another harmonizing activity that combines movement with rhythmic breathing.

If we are inseparable parts of each interconnected dimension, inmost thoughts to the outer physical, doesn’t it figure we are truly interconnected as one family of humanity – here, there, everywhere?


Part of the One

One of the parts of creation

Ever and always in charge of ourselves

Able to instill our life with happiness

Through choosing radiant practices

Promoting the Highest Good.



Thoughts, Ethereal Energy, Meditation  © 2023 Susan Kramer



36. Breath Sustains Life


A close-up of a hand

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Photo credit S. Kramer: finger position for alternate nostril breathing


Breath sustains life.


Its rhythm of receiving air and giving the body usable energy shows the necessity of taking care of ourselves, so we can then extend to care for family, friends, the world.


We breathe air in. We breathe air out. Is it any wonder that we need fresh clean air to survive, thrive.


Practices to increase our intake of air include brisk walking while swinging arms back and forth, alternate nostril breathing, and deep breathing.


Alternate nostril breathing is a health practice where you close off one side of your nostrils with your fingers, while breathing in, then switch to closing off the other nostril while breathing out. Then reversing to breathe in on the 2nd side and breathing out on the other side. Back and forth for several rounds.


Deep breathing begins by inhaling from deep in the lungs, and letting it slowly rise in the body, then releasing the breath in reverse order. Its slow rhythmic process can calm the mind. For one thing, the process distracts the mind and centers on the activity with breath.


Breathing sustains life

Its rhythmic pattern nurtures

Provides energy for our activities

And deep breathing calms the mind.



Breath Sustains Life  © 2023 Susan Kramer



37. Uplifted in a Vision of Group Meditation


A person sitting at a computer

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Photo credit S. Schaap: Susan meditating at the computer


Recently, I was online at the Yogaville website  scrolling down to the schedule of daily activities I read about the meditation times. And when I saw that the daily noon group meditation was held at three locations in Yogaville simultaneously, I had a most wonderful experience: While sitting here at my computer in North Holland, (as it happened it was noon my time), I felt immersed in the group energy, uplifted in bliss.


My physical body was still here at my computer across the ocean from the Virginia ashram, but I had expanded in spiritual consciousness so that my vision put me right amid the three groups meditating simultaneously.


I dissolved into tears of joy at the experience of being there while I was here.


What I experienced is that when we meditate with others we combine our awareness of spirit, helping each other advance spiritually. And even though there was physical distance between me and the groups at the ashram, I still felt I was part of the pack, as I like to think of it. It was proved to me that wherever we put our consciousness, there we are, even in multi-dimensions simultaneously.


One day the Lord reached out to me

Come greet me within –

I’ll be there with thee.



Uplifted in a Vision of Group Meditation  © 2023 Susan Kramer



38. My Beloved Pet Visited Me from Beyond the Pale



A cat sitting on a fence post

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Photo credit S. Schaap: Katje on rail in our garden


Yesterday, during my afternoon nap my dear cat, Katje, who passed on May 7, 2016, paid me a “physical” visit.


Here’s the story: In my dream I opened my front door and saw Katje sitting there just outside looking up at me. I reached down through the open door, picked her up, and cuddled her to my chest and the side of my face. I could feel her warmth and soft fir in my arms and against my body.


This was such a wonderful experience because I had been strongly wishing to hold her again. She was my constant and cozy companion from 2006 till 2016. She slept on my lap during my afternoon naps and at night slept alongside my legs between hubby and me.


Katje was a talking cat: she learned and said words to get what she wanted: "out" for us to open the human door for her, even though she had a cat door; "milk" for milk or yogurt (strawberry was her fav); "beef" for any kind of food when she was very hungry.


Upon reflection I observed that there can be bleed-throughs between seen and unseen dimensions, even physical life and death.


In this instance, my deep longing to hold Katje broke us through the veils of dimensions holding us separate.


The world holds possibilities

We might think impossible.



My Beloved Pet Visited Me from Beyond the Pale  © 2023 Susan Kramer



39. Forgiveness Works Both Ways


A close-up of a tree branch

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Digital drawing of cherry blossoms by S. Kramer



From The Lord’s Prayer: “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”


Notice, the prayer has us ask forgiveness for our sins before we judge and forgive others.


To preserve your peace of mind, go a step further and do not tell others about someone who has trespassed against you. The reason being that none of us can cast the first stone, or any stone against another because none of us is perfect.


Even if we hide our faults from others’ view, the faults are not hidden from our Creator’s view.


And where does our peace come from? Not from stating out loud others’ faults, but by quietly forgiving as we would wish to be quietly forgiven.


Again: “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” For example, do not say to another: “I forgive my spouse for eating the last slice of my birthday cake.” Remember that no one is perfect.


Ask the Lord to forgive your sins.

In turn forgive others’ sins.

But do not tell others about sins that are not your own.

This also goes back to the old adage:

If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all.



Forgiveness Works Both Ways © 2023 Susan Kramer



40. Practicing Meditation for Problem Solving


A mountain range with a rocky mountain in the background

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Approaching the summit of Mt. Shasta at 12,000 feet. Photo from family archive.


I find meditation a rejuvenating "conscious sleep," because I end up with more energy than I began.


By looking at the inner light in meditation, the outer light looks brighter, in the sense that I feel enlightened with a solution to what's going on.


Sometimes I get exhausted from mentally trying to solve too many situations at the same time.


Meditation gives me a room in my mind to go where I can think over one thing at a time and decide on the best course for me.


If my mental state is overwhelmed, a couple of meditations a day help me sort out what's going on.


Meditation need not be just sitting, it can be walking, swimming, jogging, or any rhythmic activity when you are by yourself.


Practicing meditation can be a big help to get us more smoothly through life.


Meditation time

Brings solutions to mind.



Practicing Meditation for Problem Solving  © 2023 Susan Kramer



41. Where My Writings Originate


A person sitting on the grass by the water

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Photo credit: S. Schaap. Susan sitting quietly next to the Magothy River across from Camp Whippoorwill


This is to answer questions about where my writings originate.


When I want an answer to either a practical problem, or esoteric information, I first sit quietly. We can all do this because our mind seems to be composed of layers of consciousness and information resides near the surface, or in ever deeper and deeper levels.


Starting with practical problems, the solution might be very close to the surface of our mind. For example, figuring out a daily time schedule to get the most done, or to meet obligations. No need for a lot of time so we don’t need to dive deeply into meditation.


When we want to explore the esoteric, we can go into the expansive place in our mind found in deep meditation. This may feel like sitting alone in a huge auditorium. By sitting quietly, thoughts of a broader nature than we are aware of in daily life start coming to mind. By following the path where these thoughts lead, without judgement, we uncover little by little some new to us information.


Then we need to record the information, possibly by writing it down for further consideration.


These are the techniques I use for 1. working out practical solutions, and 2. becoming aware of the depths behind and supporting life in general.


I’m dedicated to sharing what I feel could be useful information to others besides myself, hence my published writings. I feel very fortunate that technology has advanced so far in my lifetime to be able to share with others so rapidly and easily.


Sitting quietly solving the practical

Or falling into awareness

Through depths of meditation.



Where My Writings Originate © 2023 Susan Kramer



42. Brothers and Sisters


A group of people standing on a porch

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Triplets hanging out …


Brothers and sisters are with us a lifetime, either ours or theirs.


We’re given our siblings for the lessons each of us need to learn this time around in the grand plan.


No brother or sister? Then the next in line appears, whether cousins or close friends. We are not alone. We aid and abet each other through our journey becoming fuller, better, wiser human beings.


It’s not always easy to be there for a sibling or lifelong friend, but interrelating is worth the effort because we are enriching each other. At times we take turns leaning on each other. That’s all part of the layout as humans.


Some of the interactions I can think of, to give and take from my sibling and extended sibling relationships are: 1. being a listening ear; 2. being compassionate; 3. giving help in its many forms; 4. being a rock of support along the journey; 5. standing up for each other at times; 6. being thankful for the reflections of another close human being.


Brothers and sisters fill in the blanks

Uplift our human journey

Priceless gifts in our life.



Brothers and Sisters  © 2023 Susan Kramer



43. A Preview of My Body Falling Away



A group of people posing for a picture

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Photo from family archive of siblings: Grandmother Susan Ann Powell, Great-Uncle Henry Powell, and Great-Aunt May Powell Jenkins at Fair Oaks on the Magothy circa 1950.


I was looking out the window at trees blowing in a heavy storm, when suddenly I had a vision of my physical body falling forward, separating from me, like a dead tree crashing to the ground.


I watched from behind the tree and did not fall with it. I observed the action; I did not lose consciousness.


The tree was bare like a telephone pole, though I knew it was my physical body falling away from me.


Again, I observed my physical body separating from me, and I did not lose consciousness.


This experience was a comforting gift. I feel that at my real physical death, I will see my body fall away from me while I remain awake and aware, with no break in consciousness.


Though our outer form changes from time to time

We remain awake and aware forever.  



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1. Meditation and Spirituality for Teens and Young Adults – Moving Into the Future by Susan Kramer


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This workbook is to read and practice on your own, a primer with 24 chapters to learn how to meditate in a variety of ways, and explore your spiritual nature, including a story for everyone about bullying. Two lined pages are included after each chapter. 98 pages. 9,400 words. Copyright © 2023 Susan Kramer. Table of Contents.
98 pages; 8.5 by 11 inch with color interior Publishing
Copyright © 2023 Susan Kramer
Language: English

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2. Rhythms, Music, Dances with Percussion Instruments for Ages 4-6 by Susan Kramer


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How to teach students ages 4 to 6 in the year before kindergarten, and kindergarten, with varying abilities or special needs rhythms, floor exercises / axial movements, large motor skills, expressive dance, kinesthetic mini-lessons, and full dances using percussion instruments as music. Pictures of 9 percussion instruments are described. Basic Lesson Plan included. Perfect for Pre-Kindergarten, TK, Junior K, and K teachers, home schoolers, and dance instructors, 7,617 words. 100 pages. Many illustrations. Both editions priced low. Info page.

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