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Two Exercises for Stretching and Strengthening in Yoga

1.   Swaying Poplar Pose for Stretching and Balance



This pose is for stretching and developing balance.


Begin by standing with legs separated for balance.

Stretch arms overhead

and let body and arms bend forward
knees bend slightly

and then come back upright.

With arms still stretched overhead (as in photo to right)

bend to one side, hold pose a minute and
straighten up

looking forward.

Then bend to the other side.

Hold pose a minute and come back up
lower arms to sides.


Breathe in as you go into the pose

and slowly release breath.

Breathe evenly while holding pose.


Repeat entire sequence.


2.   Strong Oak Pose for Strengthening and Balance


This pose is for developing strength and balance.

Begin by standing with feet separated for balance.


Start with arms hanging down at sides.


Stretch arms out to side, make a tight fist

look up toward sky. (as in photo to right)


Breathe in as you tighten your fist

then breathe out

and continue breathing in a regular pattern


Hold pose for a minute.


Release fist and bring arms down to sides.

Look forward at end of pose.


Repeat pose.



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