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Harmony Maintenance; Stress Reduction

Susan Kramer

I use these 8 practices to maintain harmony; relieve stress:
1. A brisk 10 minute walk while swinging arms; when right foot steps forward, left arm swings forward;
2. Breathe evenly when stressed: 2 counts breath in and 2 counts breath out, with no breath retention;
3. Holding positive attitudes;
4. Practicing esoteric virtues, including kindness, caring, charity;
5. Prayer (a combination of supplication, meditation, appreciation, application);
6. Productive work;
7. Substituting better for bad habits;
8. Living for the best resolve in each moment.

I feel we are students of life till we learn how to preserve or regain harmony when stressed.

Mastering our destiny, able to enjoy on-going contentment achieved by living in accord with the highest good of which we are aware. Selfishness surrendered, consciousness expanded, union with our Highest Self radiantly experienced.

copyright 2001-2011 Susan Kramer