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1. Aerobic Activities for Stress Relief in School




1. Aerobic Activities for Stress Relief in School
2. Benefits of Practicing Quiet Time
3. Benefits of Yoga with Learning Disabilities
4. Benefits of Yoga with Mixed Ages and Abilities
5. Biking for Stress Relief
6. Conquering Stress and Anger with Meditation Ebook
7. Walking Off Angry Feelings
8. Instant Anger Release Method - Very Useful
9. Instant Stress Release Technique
10. Intermediate Quiet Time Session to Reduce Stress
11. Jogging as Stress Relief for Kids

12. Kids and Teens Moving for Stress Relief
13. Kids Learn to Replace a Stubborn Attitude
14. Kids Managing Anger with Good Habits
15. Meditation for ADHD and all Kids
16. Relaxation Response Exercises in the LD Classroom
17. Stress Relief Lesson for Preschoolers
18. Taking a Walk for Stress Reduction in School
19. Walking Away Stress with a Guided Meditation
20. Water Play and Swimming for Stress Reduction
21. When Anger in Kids Can Be Useful


At school, taking a 10 minute jog or run around the perimeter of the property, playground, or another safe spot is a way to both de-stress and gain a fresh perspective.

While moving along, swinging arms in opposition to legs exercises the right-left brain connection (like cross-crawling) and is done like this: when the right leg swings forward, the left arm swings forward, and when the left leg steps forward the right arm swings forward.

Biking, swimming and free-form dance are other aerobic activities.

In the classroom, teachers can put on some singing and dance music and let the students move away their wiggles.

Marching around the room keeping time with rhythm instruments is always a fun activity and helps develop coordination, too!

Students with restricted movement can probably exercise some of their body, right in place by turning their heads to right and left, leaning first to one shoulder, then the other.

Also, they can stretch one arm high and then stretch the other high, and side to side. And, if careful, turn their upper bodies in the chair.

One leg at a time can be wriggled and feet alternately stretched and flexed.


Ebook or Book: Stress and Anger Management

34 topics for stress and anger relief for adults, kids, and teens










Article by Susan Kramer


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