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Stress and Anger Release Techniques for Kids by Susan Kramer





1. Aerobic Activities for Stress Relief in School
2. Benefits of Practicing Quiet Time
3. Benefits of Yoga with Learning Disabilities
4. Benefits of Yoga with Mixed Ages and Abilities
5. Biking for Stress Relief
6. Conquering Stress and Anger with Meditation Ebook
7. Walking Off Angry Feelings
8. Instant Anger Release Method - Very Useful
9. Instant Stress Release Technique
10. Intermediate Quiet Time Session to Reduce Stress
11. Jogging as Stress Relief for Kids

12. Kids and Teens Moving for Stress Relief
13. Kids Learn to Replace a Stubborn Attitude
14. Kids Managing Anger with Good Habits
15. Meditation for ADHD and all Kids
16. Relaxation Response Exercises in the LD Classroom
17. Stress Relief Lesson for Preschoolers
18. Taking a Walk for Stress Reduction in School
19. Walking Away Stress with a Guided Meditation
20. Water Play and Swimming for Stress Reduction
21. When Anger in Kids Can Be Useful



15. Meditation for ADHD and all Kids

I listened to a video interview between Dr. Deepak Chopra and CNN's John Roberts titled Meditation for Toddlers? that I wanted to comment on. Dr. Deepak Chopra is the author of many books on health and spirituality and founder of the Chopra Wellness Center.

Dr. Chopra's suggestions for introducing meditation to 3 year olds is to have them continue in their play, but to repeat a generic calming word for 5 minutes, such as "peace" or "happy," rather than have the young child sit still and repeat a specific mantra.

I have also found that a young child cannot sit still 5 minutes, their bodies are not made this way except in rest. So Dr. Chopra's suggestion makes a lot of sense. When kids begin their formal academic training they learn to sit and study and I feel they can then follow a guided meditation.

Dr. Chopra recommended that when a child turns 10 they are old enough to sit and learn formal meditation with a specific mantra and breathing practice.

I have written hundreds of articles on meditation at
Dr. Chopra recommended finding a yoga center in your neighborhood or if none are locally available to search the internet for instruction.

I liked the closing line of the interview when John Roberts said that meditation is mainstream now. I'm especially glad that the benefits are recognized for the youngest members of our global family, and for those with special challenges.

Commentary by Susan Kramer

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