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Stress and Anger Release Techniques for Kids by Susan Kramer


1. Aerobic Activities for Stress Relief in School
2. Benefits of Practicing Quiet Time
3. Benefits of Yoga with Learning Disabilities
4. Benefits of Yoga with Mixed Ages and Abilities
5. Biking for Stress Relief
6. Conquering Stress and Anger with Meditation Ebook
7. Walking Off Angry Feelings
8. Instant Anger Release Method - Very Useful
9. Instant Stress Release Technique
10. Intermediate Quiet Time Session to Reduce Stress
11. Jogging as Stress Relief for Kids
12. Kids and Teens Moving for Stress Relief
13. Kids Learn to Replace a Stubborn Attitude
14. Kids Managing Anger with Good Habits
15. Meditation for ADHD and all Kids
16. Relaxation Response Exercises in the LD Classroom
17. Stress Relief Lesson for Preschoolers
18. Taking a Walk for Stress Reduction in School
19. Walking Away Stress with a Guided Meditation
20. Water Play and Swimming for Stress Reduction
21. When Anger in Kids Can Be Useful

20. Water Play and Swimming for Stress Reduction

Water play can be for students of all ages and abilities, with help given as necessary. If a pool or protected beach is available then water play could include swimming lessons, free swim, or just running and jumping in the water.

Playing in the water is great for stress reduction and exercise. It gets the circulation in the body going, and uses up those wiggles that accumulate from sitting too long.

The whole body moves, and who can run and play in water without feeling their spirits lift, with problems set aside for the time being. Think how you feel in the shower - like singing, right?

In school a water table provides fun, relaxation and stress reduction. First, kids can cover their school clothes and take turns swishing their arms back and forth to make waves - goodbye stress!

And if a pool is available on a regular basis, kids can really benefit by learning some of the basic strokes. It is the act of learning the strokes by practicing the arm and leg coordination that gives the stress relief.

The cross-crawling action in practicing the swim coordinated arm and leg movements in opposition has the added benefit of developing right left brain connections, and aiding bodily circulation.

Learning to swim has a lifelong benefit, too. It is a skill we can use at all ages. Even the elderly benefit by movement in water, whether by aqua aerobics, or walking along the floor of the pool, using arms to push the water away - when right leg steps forward, left arm goes forward, and vice versa.

In summary, we can see that water play or swimming is beneficial at any age, for people of varying abilities, providing both stress reduction and exercise.

Article by Susan Kramer

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