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Susan Helene Kramer

Dance and Yoga Photos, and Written Works


Dance Photos


1951 to 1954: Adelaide G. Molter Dance Studio, Severna Park, Maryland;

1960 to 1966: Peabody Institute, Baltimore, Maryland;

1963 and 1964: Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, Lee, Massachusetts;

1971: Annapolis Civic Ballet, Annapolis, Maryland.


1. May 1952 - Susan, 2nd from the right costumed for her first recital, Miss Patton at the piano. Adelaide G. Molter Dance Studio, Severna Park, Maryland. Photo credit Jane Kramer.




2. May 1954 - Susan's third recital with Adelaide G. Molter, Severna Park, Maryland. Photo credit Jane Kramer.




3. May 1961 - Peabody Junior Ballet Company, Baltimore, Maryland, production of "A Midsummer's Night Dream." Susan back row, 2nd from the left. Photo credit Carol Lynn.




4. May 1963 "Les Sylphides Ballet" with Peabody Senior Ballet Company, Baltimore, Maryland. Susan back row, far left. Photo credit Carol Lynn.




5. September 2, 1964 - Jacob's Pillow, Lee, Massachusetts, in front of Ted Shawn Theater: Ted Shawn standing 6th from the left; Susan Helene Kramer at far right. Sept. 2, 1964. Inscription: To Susan with love form "Papa" Shawn Sept 2 - 1964. Photo credit John Lindquist.




6. August 1963 at Jacob's Pillow with my sister, Sharon, (in green dress), who was visiting, standing in front of Ted Shawn Theater. Sharon sewed both of our "shifts" - they had just come into fashion. Susan in program listed just below. Photo credit Jane Kramer.




7. Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival Thirty-first – 1963- Season; August 29 – Tenth (Final) Week – August 31 PROGRAM. Susan Kramer listed under THE JACOB’S PILLOW DANCERS. Rehersal video for this performance



7a. Ballet Title: SUITE, Choreography and Costumes: Nel Roos, Music: Jess Meeker (program above) Jacob’s Pillow Dancers August 1963.



8. August 1964 "The Mountain Whippoorwill" choreographed by Ted Shawn from Stephen Vincent Benét's poem. Susan is 2nd right from center. Inscription: To Susan - with love from "Papa" Shawn. Photo credit John van Lund.




8a. Enlargement of photo above: Susan 3rd from left.




9. August 1964 outside the back of Susan's "cabin home" at Jacob's Pillow for the summer. Photo credit Jane Kramer.




10. June 18, 1971 - "Pas de Quatre" with the Annapolis Civic Ballet, Annapolis, Maryland. Susan in center foreground. Photo credit "Evening Capital" newspaper photographer.




11. Spring 2001 - Erin and Susan practicing polka step, Des Plaines, Illinois. Photo credit Stan Schaap.


























Studied with the Integral Yoga Institute in Santa Barbara beginning December 1976, and certified to teach December 1982.


12. August 1999 - Susan wearing Interfaith Dress, Santa Barbara, California. Photo credit Sarada Lewis.




13. September 2000 - Susan in meditation pose at a road trip rest stop in Oklahoma, USA. Photo credit Stan Schaap.




14. September 2000 - Susan practicing hatha yoga on Old Mission Santa Barbara lawn. Photo credit Stan Schaap.




15. 2010 - Susan moving prayer beads along, one per mantra, during meditation practice. Photo credit Stan Schaap.



15a. Close up of a way to move along the mala beads:




Written Works


16. April 12, 1989 Susan interviewed by Bill Greenwald, "Goleta Sun" Newspaper. [1]





1978: Free to Move While Learning

1988: Relating from Light and Love; Coleman Publishing (revised as God Speaks Through the Holy Spirit )

1999: Rhythms and Dances for School Age Kids

2000: Rhythms and Dances for Toddlers and Preschoolers

2001: Adaptive Dance and Rhythms

2002: Sing and Dance While Learning Math

2002: Classical Ballet Beginning to Advanced

2003: Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons

2004: Yoga for All Kids

2004: Meditation for All Kids

2005: God Speaks Through the Holy Spirit (revised edition of Relating from Light and Love)

2005: Meditation Lessons for Teens and Adults

2006: Meditation and Spiritual Stories for Kids

2007: Meditation and Spirituality for Teens

2008: Dance Meditation Handbook

2009: Conquering Codependency

2010: Stress and Anger Management

2012: Gentle Yoga and Meditation

2014: Tantra Explored

2017: Little Dances and Meditations for Kids in English and French

2017: Ballet Dances for School Age Kids

2018: Anneke and Hans – 30 Short Stories from North Holland

2019: Meditation Reveals Our Sacred Body

2003 - 2018: Doll Books


1. Biographical article: "Author relates … with love" By Bill Greenwald,
Sun news reporter, photo credit Mark Lewis. From the "Goleta Sun Newspaper," Wednesday, April 12, 1989.

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