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Expressing Sympathy After a Death

By Susan Kramer


We sometimes feel uncomfortable expressing sympathy to survivors when a family member or friend dies.


On a primal level another’s loss reminds us that one day we too will leave this earth. It can be hard to set aside our own fears and forebodings to express comfort and care to others.


If we can’t express sympathy in person because of circumstances, we can write a caring note or send a sympathy card with a pre-printed message of condolence.


I remember while growing up that my mother kept a box of various occasion cards to send as the appropriate events came up. That idea gives us a starting point. We can send a card as is, or include a shared memory if we had a personal relationship with the deceased.


Expressing sympathy is a caring act and makes the receiver feel cared about, and we feel good too when making a caring connection with another.


So, even while emotionally difficult, it is worth it to express sympathy, because the giver and receiver both benefit by the show of care and connection.



We are one family

Of humanity.



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