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Tantra Explored 

Susan Helene Kramer

Techniques to lead you into radiant bliss through balancing your female - male, also known as yin - yang energies. Theory, meditations and practices for the individual and couples are included. Table of Contents below.

Key words: tantra, tantra explored, yin yang, female male, spiritual energy, bliss, consciousness, meditation, tantric philosophy, tantric practices, pranayama, alternate nostril breathing, nadi suddhi, 



25 pages formatted for 8.5 by 11 inch Publishing
Copyright 2013 Susan Helene Kramer
Amsterdam, The Netherlands



5,000 words

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ISBN: 978-1-300-91482-2

Copyright 2013 Susan Helene Kramer
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Introducing Tantra

- Tantra Is Communion

- Understanding Our Composite Body

- The Energy of Our Soul

- Tantra Is the Balance of Yin - Yang

- The Pervading Energy of Tantra

- The Circle of Love

- The Opening Heart

- Loving Energy

Tantra Meditations

- Nadi Suddhi - Tantra Meditation Breathing Practice

- Tantric Meditation When You Are Alone

- Personal Tantric Meditation for Balancing Male and Female Energy

- Tantric Meditation With a Loving Partner

Experiential Tantric Practices

- 'Touch' Beyond Touch for One Person

- Experiment to Feel Connected to a Loved One

- Heart to Heart Hugging

- Intimate Practice for a Couple

Sample from Introduction:

The Circle of Love

We experience ourselves in a circle of love when we give from our heart.

The circle is within us. Beginning at the Divine Source, our heart, there is an eternally flowing spring of the purest waters imaginable, waters of pure self-sustaining love; a spring that can never dry up or run out.

And the more we allow the pure waters of our Self to flow through our being and bathe others, the greater our opening of divine expression. The snowball effect.

As we love more our capacity to love increases.

To multiply and be fruitful means more than to just have children. To be really fruitful, multiply loving actions. Then, you will experience some of how God loves us. This is tantra at its most fruitful.

The circle of love is within us this way: Love springs from our heart, expresses itself through our caring actions, and returns to us through the fulfillment we feel as we express love.

As we manifest our love we feel blissful. We are aligning with the eternal harmony and peace of eternity. Our body feels easeful, with a storehouse of vibrant energy available in unlimited supply.

Allow your circle of love to expand and multiply everyday by giving and living for the highest good, the most conscious good.

We always live within the circle, within the heart of our Creator.


Beloved Heart Divine
May the circle
Of your energies pulsing through me
Warm my actions.


About the author - Susan Helene Kramer has been teaching meditation, yoga, dance and academics kinesthetically as a dance specialist since 1965 and maintains a large educational web site at

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