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Thoughts on Time

Susan Kramer

Time, given quality, brightened capacity, flows through our lives as liquid silver.

Liquid silver; valuable, held dear, expandable, expendable.

Time is flowing with a variable volume. When we are energetic we get more done in an hour than we would at a casual pace. One hour may by 60 minutes, but we can make it more valuable—liquid silver—by increasing the quality we put into that 60 minutes.

All aspects of living can have the quality of liquid silver if we always act from our highest consciousness.

Each moment we use our free will to decide how to act. We can upgrade—viewing our time as precious silver; or downgrade—viewing our time as dust, to be whisked away. Our choice.

Flowing, progressing in consciousness is a process; tribulation into transformation.

Transformation revealing that lasting happiness is free from dependence on stimulants, accumulation of possessions, and relationships out of neediness; transformation into awareness that what is here is for our use in the process of progressing. And, a reminder that while we are here the love of our Creator unites us all together as One; one spirit permeating every atom of creation.

Pleasure is temporary in time; pain is temporary in time. What is not temporary is lovingness; lovingness in attitude and action. As every molecule of creation is interrelated we are relatives of one another and the universe. When our actions harmonize for the highest good we are aligning with our native molecular connection.

And, everyone else and everything else benefits by our inner-outer harmony. By repeatedly acting harmoniously we lose identity with separation; we come to realize that we are truly inseparable; affecting, affected by all. No matter where we are sublime feelings of love can exist. Feeling love's existence in our mind relaxes our body-mind into fullness, ease-fullness wholeness.

At day's end, at time's end, there is no more forevermore than harmony and love for all. In sharing, caring become aware, use time to 'just love all'.

copyright 2001-2011 Susan Kramer