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Susan Helene Kramer

nonfiction story

Photo: Sedona, Arizona



I knew my 30th birthday would be a harbinger of change in my life. Hereís what I wrote in my journal the night before:


ďIt is 10pm and Iíll soon be through being in my 20s. Iím finishing the 3rd day of an Integral Yoga retreat which has awakened in my heart a desire and reinforcement to serve God through caring for my family. I see that work as my sadhana [my spiritual pathway of living]. Come to me 30 years old. I surrender to the sound of your vibration.Ē


The next day, my 30th birthday on the 30th of December arrived and in the early afternoon I attended a lecture in the chapel given by a dear and spiritual woman, Amma Kidd, wife of General Jack Kidd. It was her passionate talk on feeling the joy of God while serving family and community as one would take care of oneís self that softened and transformed my attitudes.


From that hour on a piece of my ego stepped aside and a wide vista opened in front of me where I felt the whole world become my family. One moment Iím feeling the attachment only to my biological family, and the next Iím feeling kith and kin with creation.


Over time through many still meditations I sunk further and deeper into feeling my worldwide family connection, extending even to the animal and plant kingdom. Yes, I could hug the trunk of a tree and feel it alive and connected to my heart in the embrace.


This has been a tremendously liberating way of living. It is as if I have wings that extend out infinitely to envelope all. My family has not been neglected by my expansion, because my attitude of care includes their needs as well.


Attitude is like that:when I feel in a positive state, energy wells up in my thoughts and body spurring me on to do what is for the best of the situation without being depleted.


Itís been more than another 30 years since I opened the doorway in my heart to enjoy the vast feeling of connection with creation and Iím sure glad I did. I feel like Iím aligning just a bit with what God must feel in loving everyone and creation.


Blessed is the Lord in all

I sing praises to his name.

Singing will carry me home again

In harmony with the Lord.



Birthday Transformation
and photo credit copyright © 2011-2015 Susan Helene Kramer

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