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Ventura City Beaches

Susan Helene Kramer


You are in for a relaxing time when lounging on the white sand beaches that front the hotels in Buenaventura (Ventura). The city and its several ocean beaches are located along Rt. 101, about 25 miles south of Santa Barbara, and about 70 miles north of Los Angeles. Inland from Ventura is Santa Paula on Rt. 126, and from there, if you want to travel to Ojai, swing onto Rt. 150 over the mountain with its spectacular views.


We turned off Rt. 101 into town and drove parallel to the beach until we found a place to park, then walked onto the beach. There were many friendly seagulls to keep us company.


I laid out our beach blanket, which is a cotton throw that can go in the washer at home, and we enjoyed treats to eat out of a little ice chest, which we keep in the car behind the front seat when traveling. Drinks are the top priority.


As with any visit in the sun in California wear a sunhat and use sunscreen. Otherwise youíll get a burn that youíll be sorry about later. I like to wear a beach skirt to protect my legs from the rays, and it is really not that hot when made of a light cotton fabric. When I want to run down to the surf I just toss the skirt aside in the pile with the towels.


Iím glad that these beaches seem to be a well-kept secret and the few times Iíve been there they have never been crowded.


There are county and state parks in Ventura, and quality restaurants in walking distance of the beach if you want to go that route later in the day.


Nearby, in close driving distance are many auto sales businesses as well as big shopping centers. Buenaventura Shopping Mall near Mills and E. Main Street in the city is my favorite for clothing, both reasonably priced and upscale. And, with a large food court under the mall roof featuring different ethnic specialties, yummy short order choices are available.


Here is a web site to check out restaurants and motels, or camping -


Rand McNally Road Atlas for driving route


Article and photo of a Ventura, California beach by Susan Helene Kramer

Copyright 2012-2015 Susan Helene Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
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