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Tips for Creating an Educational Website

Earning Income


Susan Helene Kramer



These are my best tips and what works for me:


Personal Domain Name


I created my domain in 1999 when my husband-to-be said it was time for me to have my own site. Up till then I had a personal page as a staff member at a university, and also sent in articles to others' ezines.

So, first of all you need your own domain and it should be as similar to your name as possible and a dot com site. For example:

Then you add pages with a forward slash, article title.html like this and not too long:

No spaces. No capitals.

I hand create all my pages at from scratch using html, because I took classes in all that many years ago. At one time it was the only way to create pages.

Now there is the WordPress blogging software program, which my husband uses to create pages for his main site:

That's more a fill in the blanks program. A big advantage is the shell stays the same for all pages, so you only need to set up tabs once across the top to divide topics.

You need a domain URL that includes your own name to be easily found by readers searching for you.


And –


Each individual page URL should include the main key word of that article.


For example, an article on how to make rye bread should be –







For selling a product, (for me my books and ebooks) include at least several hundred words of educational, informative content per page that is related to the item. I link a picture of the product at the foot of the page to the buying page. I use PayPal to receive money.


Books and Ebooks


If you write books, one of the tabs across the top of every page would be Books. For each book, create a description page with the name of the book in the URL. Write up a synopsis including the table of contents and a summary of the book. I include a picture of the cover at least 200 pixels wide by 293 pixels high.


I run ads on all pages across the top above the content. When I have 3,500 page views and 25 clicks on the ads a day I make about three dollars a day income.


The more pages of information you have, the greater your chance of increasing income. I have several thousand pages on my site on topics with which I have experience.


Browse through my site to see how I’ve arranged pages under the headings at the top of each page.





Use your domain name for email.

Susan Helene Kramer


Your name in every URL gets browsers familiar with you. Including in the URL the best key word or two from the article lets people know quickly what’s on that page. Dividing your site into categories with tabs across the top of each page lets readers browse easily. Filling your pages with educational and informative content keeps readers coming back to check out your offerings. The tips on this page are what work for me.


How to Make and Sell Ebooks

by Susan Kramer


page updated December 12, 2013