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Why Do We Meditate?

Susan Helene Kramer

Why do we meditate?

I think we all want peace of mind and a harmonious life, which leads us to the search within and trying out meditation.

After all, meditation is purported to do a lot for us: open the doors to the universe of spiritual understanding; calm our mind; rest our body; give us a mini-vacation; harmonize our outer and inner life; develop our consciousness and awareness; tap into unlimited joy; open our hearts to caring love; revitalize our outlook on life. Need I go on?
author in sitting meditation pose
The benefits are so positive. It is our lucky day when we begin meditation. It takes a daring attitude to try this approach of sitting still and facing the mind.

It could be like going to a movie theater and seeing something completely new and foreign to us. If we haven't taken time before to be still and observe our mind we may be surprised by the thoughts it holds.

It could be that the time of stillness give us a chance to sort out the inner shambles and restore order and harmony when we again begin activities.

Meditation can be a time for problem solving. As with peeling an onion we can go layer by layer into the core of a problem to see how to step-by-step find resolution.

Meditation can be a time of instilling the sweetness of spirit into our daily lives. After sitting still for a time the physical body begins to heat up and radiate energy. When we dwell on someone we love the radiant energy spreads through us, revitalizing.

Energized love spreads from person to person. Our circle of dear ones spreads to include the community and the world family; from one to many.

When beginning to meditate go easy and build up to a longer stretch. Five minutes a day or twice a day is enough to begin. Get used to sitting still. Sink into the feeling slowly. Eventually your body will get comfortable with the awake stillness. Maybe you have only been still when dozing or asleep.

Meditation is somewhat like having your body asleep, but your thinking mind awake. You don't lose consciousness. And in this restful state you may discover another dimension of yourself that holds an ocean of bliss.

Article and photo by Susan Helene Kramer

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