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The Yearning to Merge

Susan Kramer

Description: The Grand Canyon, photo credit Stan Schaap


1. Blanketing Love—Summer-Weight
2. Bonding and Marriage
3. Casual to Commitment to Marriage
4. Deeply Interactive Human Love
5. Designing and Blueprinting a Relationship
6. Emotional Loving
7. Expectation in Relationship
8. Humanity in Marriage—Communion of Body, Mind, Heart, Soul
9. In Consuming We Contract; In Loving We Expand
10. Love or Lust?

11. Loyalty
12. Observing Atonement; At-One-Ment
13. Penetration
14. Second Time Around
15. Tenderness
16. Transformational Power of Heart Energy
17. True Love
18. Uncovering the Secrets of Unconditional Love
19. Yearning to Merge


1. Blanketing Love, Summer-Weight


A thermal blanket covers us, but has air pockets that allow our bodies to breathe. We feel its warmth without feeling suffocated.

Sharing our love is at best a blanket of warm caring. But, if we smother those we love with a blanket of control and expectation they will eventually need to rip off the cover, as everyone needs time and opportunities to breathe on their own, in their own way.

Instead, love that is offered in proportion to the needs of the moment has the flexibility to adapt and grow, remaining a useful blanket of comfort during all seasons of life.

Love constant
Blanketing lightly
Received gracefully
Mirrored brightly


2. Bonding and Marriage

Friendship grows, deepens—
expressing mentally, physically, emotionally

B onding
O n
N ever ending
D eepening levels of
I ntimacy
N earer every day to experiencing
G enuine Love

Comin' together
one on one
Carin' and sharin'
Enjoyin' the fun
Two lives aligning
Settin' forth goals
Two hearts in harmony
no matter what goes
Or comes a knockin'
shakin' their ways
Together by choice
the rest of their days


3. Casual to Commitment to Marriage

Relationship communion
is union
From an ongoing relationship
a point in time comes
where another level must be entered
for the relationship
to grow into permanence
Unconditional Acceptance
Unconditional Love
The binding ingredient
allowing us to successfully cross
into the permanence of marriage

The partners must feel that they will bear with one another in future situations—no matter what the other is going through. The decision to commit comes at the point in time when we become detached enough to observe how the other is on a regular basis.

From this observation point, we need to ask ourselves if we could maintain our own peacefulness and caring under these circumstances in a daily living situation. It is important to face this analysis, so that the relationship can, if seen to be unconditionally acceptable, be allowed to expand to the level of life mates.

If both partners can not fully accept each other unconditionally, it is time to back off into a less involved relationship. This is not the time to plunge ahead into a live-in situation in hopes of working through obstacles. Pain and discomfort result when obstacles are compounded by living together. The relationship becomes a head-to-head situation, because the two minds are trying to work out issues that are inherently part of each person's point of view. Whereas, unconditional acceptance from both, for each other, is the harmony of hearts cooperating for the highest common good.

Relationship communion is union
The marriage union
being sustained
by unconditional acceptance
Unconditional Love


4. Deeply Interactive Human Love

Inspiring are the reflections
of intelligent harmony in nature
Panoramic sunrises and sunsets
Colorful scented blossoms
The overwhelming majesty of mountains
ascending through the clouds
The peaceful wash of sea
dissolving into the distant horizon
Our rhythmic and cyclical nature
But more than by observing and appreciating
the beauty and intelligence of nature
We can experience the innate vibrance
through the inter-relatedness
of deep human love

As we gaze with love upon or think about our beloved, the natural beauty and harmony manifests as an energized vibrant spring in our body, coming from our core. A profuse lovingness warms our physical body, bringing to our mind a sense of wholeness, wellbeing, and awareness of our transcendental self.

In the depths of intimacy between loving souls we transcend our awareness of ourselves as just observers of nature's beauty, intelligence, and harmony.

In the depths of loving human intimacy
we come to experience
our unseen roots of consciousness
as stretching backward
therefore, ever forward in time

We come to realize that our consciousness of love and connection is alive in us, whether or not we are in the physical presence of our beloved, and beloved relatives and friends. And in this parallel we know that our source of life—Love—is ever alive as a flood of intelligent vibrant energy welling up from deep within.

Deeply interactive human love
Direct experience of our immortal Source
Direct experience
of our immortal source of Love


5. Designing and Blueprinting a Relationship

The blueprint for building a relationship
comes from the co-designers
When a solid foundation of friendship is laid
the visible form of the relationship
will have many rooms
to serve the needs of each person
With common areas in time and place for sharing

The blueprint for a relationship can look perfect on paper, but the adjustments needed in daily living call for ongoing revisions.

Communicating our needs and expectations must be conveyed during the designing phase of the relationship, before the first set of working drawings can be made.

Even though we are blueprinting a relationship, our highest personal goal of living the most conscious good we are aware of, moment to moment, must be maintained. All other projects and goals need to be supportive of our choice to live as our most conscious selves.

The blueprint for living
built upon by giving
The blueprint for a relationship
manifesting through lovingness
With space for alone time
alongside joint ventures
The rooms of our house
becoming the form called
Our Home


6. Emotional Loving

Expressive aspects of our mind

Variable as our moods
as opposed to the constancy
of unconditional love
truthfulness, harmony, faithfulness

Because emotions are variable, when we tie love to an emotion, we are making our love feelings variable. There are going to be times when our emotional love will be expressing, times it will be gone, and times when the same emotional energy will mutate to other forms of emotion, such as negativity and anger.

At the beginning of a romantic attraction our positive state of mind stimulates vitality in our body. We interpret this physically charged state as having fallen in love. We are feeling attachment and energized at this time, but it is not from an outside source or cause.

When we think about another in a positive way
we start experiencing our own state of lovingness
Feeling vitalized in our body
we are expanding in awareness
beyond self-limitation
Tasting, with quality
our own soul's
Expansive Love

To maintain this awakened awareness of lovingness within us, we need to take a giant step in consciousness by understanding that the other person is not giving us the awareness, rather they have awakened our own dormant state of lovingness. The process of stepping from temporary emotional loving to that of feeling the Source of love, and manifesting this vital energy takes time.

The temporality of emotional love serves a higher purpose though, it sparks us to look for its permanent source. When we realize the Source is within us already, we gain the power and control, by our willpower and positive thinking, to use lovingness at any time, in any situation. We can then manifest that great vitalized love energy in our attitudes and actions with our partner, family, friends, and the whole world.

Loving emotions
springing from within rather than from without
flowing from our own Source, our Soul

Experiencing the Joyfulness of our Soul…

We feel joyful when we are loving and creating

By expanding from what
was previously known to us
we taste the nature of our soul
Our soul
As it is only centered in our consciousness
has not the barrier of our physical body
blocking the way it experiences

It is limited thinking that keeps our lives repetitive and boring. Expansive creative thinking makes use of our vitality. Vitality is a limitless source of energy available to us when we have positive attitudes and thoughts. As vital energy flows through us our mental barriers seem to melt away, allowing us to experience the joyfulness of our limitless soul. We come to know ourselves, our soul, as expanded joyfulness.

Our mind can be trained to serve as our useful tool for experiencing the limitlessness of our soul.

Some useful techniques for training our mind to serve us:

1. Meditating. We become aware that we are the observer of events as well as the initiator and experiencer: sitting quietly, we can observe the variety of thoughts running across the inner field of mind, the internal movie screen. Note that any event can take place in our mind, while our body remains calm and relaxed. From this we learn that we have free will to determine our physical actions.

2. Holding positive attitudes and thoughts. When a negative thought arises, using our creativity to find a positive resolve.

3. Taking in clean, healthful substances that nourish the body.

4. Maintaining cleanliness and orderliness of body and surroundings.

5. Practicing both a meditative and aerobic physical activity—an example would be the combination of hatha yoga and brisk walking.

When we become master of our mind (and the body's subsequent actions), our mind becomes our useful tool, promoting our joyful state of living. Then we are experiencing the joyful nature of our soul.

Joyfully experiencing our Soul
through free-will actions
born of Love


L etting I ntuition F ind E xpression

Life is an adventure in discovering who we are and our role in the creation. Living and growing from trial and error, we gain insight, wisdom, and depth of understanding. Our life travels lead us beyond preconceived horizons.

LIFE—letting intuition find expression, is allowing our curiosity to manifest, discovering what is going on in our environment and in us. It is growth from the inside out.

Intuition is the suspicion we carry inside us, that as we are beings of love and intelligence, we must have manifested from a Creator of even greater lovingness and intelligence.

Allowing intuition
inborn knowingness
its full expansion
Coming to know who we are
and all that our life can be
Discovering that our emotionally
loving feelings
are but a part of our whole
Through actions born of unconditional love
finding the completeness
and permanence in love that we seek
as the outpouring of our Soul
as the Quality of our Soul


7. Expectation in Relationship

Expecting ourselves
to be loving and caring in our relationship
Preserving our inner harmony
Allowing us to remain happy

What we can expect in a relationship is to have a mutual sharing of caring love. We should expect of ourselves, that we need to share our love in a caring manner. What we can not expect in a relationship is to determine how, and in what manner, our partner will share their love with us.

We are in charge of determining the method of carrying out our own actions. And, our partner is in charge of determining the method of carrying out their own actions.

When we are only in a relationship with ourselves, we determine our actions, and as long as we are acting for the best of each situation that we are in, the method of acting remains wholly with us.

When we have a partner, we need to take into consideration how our actions will impact our relationship. If we are acting for the highest good of the situation, we are acting as we should in our relationship, whether or not our partner accepts or rejects our ways and means.

Acting for the highest good of the situation in the relationship allows our body to stay relaxed and allows us to retain our peace of mind.

Each person is the compilation and product of their past history. Along the way, we each learn by trial and error how to get our needs and desires fulfilled. It has been an individual path to this point in time for each of us.

We cannot expect another person's means of expression and action to be identical to our own methods, they have gone through a different "school of life."

We can request and make our relationship needs and desires known to our partner, but the exact method our partner uses to show us their caring is completely their determination, which will be based on the compilation of their life experiences.

In relationship or not, we cannot expect another person to give us happiness or any form of fulfillment. Our personal happiness is our state of being when we are thinking and acting in harmony and lovingly with the highest good of each situation, moment to moment to moment.

The expectation of getting happiness from a partner is a selfish attitude that precludes our personal happiness. When we act selfishly we act without regard for the highest good of the situation. Selfishness is isolation in action. Truly, no person is so independent on this planet that they can survive without using something that another has had a hand in providing.

The expectation that our partner will provide our personal happiness is never possible. The attitude and actions of selfishness, getting or taking from another for self-gratification, is contradictory to living for the highest good of the whole situation. Harmonizing our attitudes, thoughts and actions with the highest good, ongoingly, is really what produces our feelings of happiness, ongoingly.

8. Humanity in Marriage—Communion of Body, Mind, Heart

Humanity in marriage
of body, mind, heart, soul
Nothing less

The long-term purpose of marriage is to transcend the depths of our partner's body, mind, heart, soul—in doing so, reaching beyond the limitations of our own barriers and self-centered bondage, beyond our self-preoccupation.

Full humanness in marriage, communion of body, mind, heart, soul, is perfectly suited for opening us to our own full nature of unconditional love. In unconditional love we accept that what another is going through is what they need to go through at the moment and we support their choices for self-growth.

Every act in a marriage impacts the partner. If acts are with kindness and caring then each partner is nurtured. For nurturing, holding each other close is of utmost importance, because, while we are humans and in these physical bodies. The act of mating bonds and re-bonds and catapults our self-centeredness into self-expansiveness.

The self-exposure
of physical intimacy
opens us to our loving emotions

Is there any state of being more precious or fulfilling than a human marriage enjoying full communion of body, mind, heart and soul—searing through the core of one another into universal love and care for everyone else and all creation?

9. In Consuming We Contract; In Loving We Expand


We might think it is the opposite; that by consuming we are gaining and that by loving we are giving ourselves away.

It is what we do after we consume
that makes the difference

If we use our consumption to fortify ourselves, solely, we are reinforcing the false idea that we are separate from that which is outside our own body. We are contracting in consciousness, rather than expanding in consciousness.

When we use our personal gains as tools of sharing, by including others in our circle of caring, we are effectively using our consumption to expand our capacity of lovingness.

more and more and more
erases barriers
we thought were there
Filling our lives
with more, and more, and more


10. Love or Lust?

When we feel love we want to give
When we feel lust we want to take

Lust desires energy from another for self-gratification.

Love cares how the beloved feels, what his or her needs are, what will add to the partner's happiness.

We look at another and feel desire. We want to consume their body, be as sensual as possible. But, are we thinking of that person's needs?

Probably our thoughts are centered on the activity that will satisfy our own senses. That is lust.

In loving a person we think: What can I give of myself that will make the other feel cared for or cared about? We try our utmost to please the beloved. Our happiness comes by the mere thinking and acting for another's highest benefit and happiness.

Love does not depend on reciprocation. Its nature is permanence, a quality of our immortal soul. Love does not need to get anything or any response—it is self-sustaining.

If we say we love someone, mate with them and after a time there are no feelings of inner fulfillment, we have been immersed in lust, not the permanence of love. We have only been depending on the partner to fill our sense needs.

Real human love manifests at the time on our spiritual path when we begin to care about others as well as ourselves. People whose consciousness is centered on their sense gratification will not be able to experience an interchange of love with another person.

To develop the capacity to love truly
Practice caring for others
in thought, word and action

Showing care in addition to feeling lust opens us to the interchange, the exchange and depth of human love. This interplay is the play of the Divine. The ultimate goal is to experience the love of the Divine already residing in us.

Companionship in Relationship—
A Means of Developing Love...

When we are kind, considerate and caring, and treated likewise by our partner, we reflect our inner and relationship harmony outwardly in the world.

Communication between partners takes place on various levels: Verbal, physical, emotional and also in the fullness of silence. We can sit in a room with our beloved, feeling his or her presence, though we may each be engrossed in separate activities. This kind of communication is a deep richer experience that the limitation of verbal, physical and emotional.

Beyond physically being together in the same room is the silent comfort of caring love which transcends time and place. Here we experience the fulfillment of the loved one even when separated. These feelings arise from within us, a gift to ourselves, the gift of ourselves, our Real Self, our Real Lasting Permanent nature. This fullness in feeling for another is not dependent on the feedback of the partner. No one can rob us of our love feelings for another, because true love is not dependent on anything or any circumstance in the material world.

A Means of Developing 'Universal' Love…

As the couple experience the deepening levels of communication, verbal, silent, transcendental, they are preparing themselves for the realization that it is possible to love all, everyone. Nothing stands in the way or can ever hold us back from feeling love for others.

Some may feel guilty in loving someone other than their partner, but this need not be—love and caring feelings do not ask for a return in kind of love and care.

We can just silently love, love, love—feeling the closeness and fullness with everyone without any person even knowing we feel this way, if that is most appropriate. It is our lasting internal communication, companionship, with all humanity and nature.

How can this Real love be fulfilling if our partner or another we truly love does not respond in kind?

The very act of feeling care and love for another is a happy experience—the happiness does not come after the act, it occurs during the action. This is the crucial point. Happiness occurs during feeling love for others not at a later date. A fact we can analyze for ourselves from our own experiences.

When we love and expect a response we experience a certain amount of tension because we don't know exactly how much love we will get in return. The energy that we could be spending in loving and in feeling happy, we instead spend in thinking about reciprocation.

When we just love
we experience what everyone wants
The unending flow of happiness and joy

Thoughts and perspectives that are not in harmony with love and care constantly change depending on our transient moods and the environment. Thoughts based on receiving a reciprocation of love cause us unrest. We are negating the chances of feeling love as a continual flow of energy throughout our body.

Just as warp and woof threads are interwoven to form cloth, partners weave their complementary energies, through caring interchanges, forming harmonious bonds.

And as with the separate threads in a cloth, we have our own thinking mind, body, and personality. When we come together and share from our individual attributes, we create a rich living tapestry that had no existence when the threads of our separate lives were lying apart.

Partner to partner sharing
Lives interwoven
in lovingness, caring
Partner to partner sharing
Creating a masterpiece
of fulfillment
in lovingness, caring
Lovingness, caring
with one another
and reflected outwardly
with all of the world


11.  Loyalty

Doing what one has committed to
amidst changing circumstances

Loyalty is a quality that develops our consciousness. Loyalty leads us deep into a situation, through it, and out the other side, emerging as a more developed person.

Loyalty is an essential in friendship. Acquaintances become friends through mutual loyalty.

Loyalty is an essential in friendship
that has developed
into the commitment of hearts
between two people
Loyalty in a heart to heart relationship
develops mutual trust

It is our duty to be loyal to those who depend on us: family, friends, our employer or employee.

Loyalty is caring love in action
Loyalty is powered by the energy
that comes into our body
by our caring attitudes and thoughts
Loyalty develops our soul
in consciousness
Transforming us into
the most beautiful
creation of a human being possible


12. Observing Atonement; At-One-Ment

Separated out by syllables, the word atonement is and means returning to At-One-Ment, in the sense that we are meant through atonement to realize we are at one with the creation—molecularly intertwined as well as in our daily interactions.

Setting aside time for atonement
is right for each of us
and not just yearly, either
But rather daily
before we close our eyes each night

When we truly realize how intertwined we are in the lives of other people we start acting for them as we would want to be treated ourselves. Because, in fact, in the grand scheme we are in at-one-ment with everyone and everything in our Creator-Sustainer's Heart. And in making amends to a person we are then drawn into further interaction with them which draws us into a still deeper awareness of our inter-connection.

"To err is human, to forgive divine" seems to imply that it takes a raised consciousness to be self-giving rather than maintain the purely animal consciousness of self-serving. (Self-serving leads to more erring than self-giving.)

When we realize
that being 'divine' and forgiving
making atonement
realizing our At-One-Ment
is really part of our holiness
our wholeness-our humanity
we bring about the real communion within us—
that state of union with our divinity
And in unity-communion
we experience bliss


13. Penetration

To penetrate is to open and enter
To be penetrated is to allow
our inner resources
to be released
into the flow of harmony
When we are penetrated
we are opened to fuller aspects of ourselves

We say that we penetrate others' minds when they seem to understand a concept or point of view that we are espousing.

By allowing deep experiences in living we are like an explorer in the jungle blazing trails, seeing more of life.

Every experience gives us the opportunity to deepen our awareness of who we are. How is that possible?

Every outer experience
is a reflection coming about
because we are first having
the inner experience
Everything we do first
began in its unseen form
Outer displays reflections
of inner concepts and emotions

When we experience penetration we allow the very root of an experience to come up to our awareness and realization. As we accumulate realizations we integrate them into our daily life.

The closer we come to Self-awareness
the closer we come
to experiencing our Creator and Sustainer

Loving, caring feelings motivate us to act lovingly. Love cuts through the dross of physical and mental barriers.

has no physical
or mental bindings
or form
Love can penetrate and pierce
to the core of reality
To penetrate fully
and be penetrated
requires feelings of caring love on the outgoing
and surrender, acceptance
on the incoming
Realignment with our Source
by going within
through outer forms


14. Second Time Around

The more we practice
and apply ourselves
the more effective and efficient we become

Second, third, fourth, fifth—each time, using the compounded wisdom gained—makes succeeding times better. And as we perfect our personal qualities, we reflect on our actions with greater levels of awareness and consciousness.

The important aspect in striving
is to keep striving

Then, we eventually work through the obstacles on the 'course' called living. The more obstacles we run, jump, and climb over, the closer we get to our goal. The effort used to climb up the rocks on the mountain side yields the limitless vista; which the quick slide down the mountain side to the gully does not afford.

The end result of repeated efforts in self-improvement are worth it when the vista of expanded consciousness is finally experienced.

When we take from each trial and error what is most useful and continue this way, our perfection of being is realized.

Keeping up the effort
time after time
Reaching for the goal
Knowing our soul

Conscience to Consciousness…

Conscience: direction from our Creator for our usefulness in daily living.

When a question arises in our mind about what we should to do in a particular situation, it is our conscience that lets us know the wisest resolve. Here's how: Our body feels relaxed and our mind calm when we are thinking about and doing what is best for all concerned. The more unrest and stress we feel in our body, mind, and emotions, the further we are from the truth for us. By paying attention to our bodily feeling, emotions, and thoughts, over and over again, we can assess our progress in making wise decisions, those for the highest good of the situation.

By following our conscience
we become increasingly conscious
Realizing more fully
our human potential

As we follow the wise directive of our conscience, by making every decision from a relaxed body and calm mind we become more easily conscious of what is best for us at any time. After practicing following our conscience consistently, the answers to new situations come to our mind almost spontaneously. That is how we develop wisdom.

Following our conscience leads to consciousness, to wisdom. Daily life becoming easier when the wisdom we need is instantly available.

Conscience to consciousness
by acting for the highest good


Constancy: acting consistently predictably. Constancy: an unbroken flow toward the goal.

In daily life we maintain constancy to fulfill our responsibilities. We keep our support system, our body, well fed, exercised, and our mind peaceful. This support system is our 'home base' with which we reach out and work from each day. We prepare and maintain ourselves so that we can give life our best effort.

Constancy: whether life seems up or down, making the effort to move forward. The more we take responsibility for our life, the more we have conscious control over happenings. It feels better being aware. Our body becomes our useful servant, ready with the needed energy at a moment's notice.

Our mind
having assumed positive attitudes
gives us just the right creative solution
The energy of constancy
consistently in tune with our conscience
develops consciousness


Affirming what is right
and then acting wisely

We confirm our actions with ourselves by checking in with our feelings and conscience, to be sure we are acting harmoniously in our current circumstances.

Personal confirmation is important for growth in consciousness. If we can confirm each of our actions with our stamp of approval, we develop the ability to judge consistently what is right for us in daily living.

Determining with conscience
Affirming with mind
Confirming by action

Sensory Awareness…

Using all dimensions of ourselves
we come to know our lasting Self

As humans we've been given antennas, receptors, and transmitters, in body and mind, to make the best use of our environment for our development and optimal growth on the path of full-feeling, fulfillment.

We need to allow every sense we're aware of to function openly, completely.

Fully receiving input
Considering its impact on our life
Transmitting its wisdom lovingly
Sensory awareness
Awareness of the senses
as tools
in living, loving, being
Second time around
third, fourth, or fifth
Growing ever more aware
Growing ever more aware in consciousness


15. Tenderness

Performing any action
with an attitude of gentle care
Its benefits
A purer feeling in the doer
Comfort in the receiver

Gentle human touch, begun with mother and child, feels good and is nourishing for children and adults, alike, throughout life. Tenderness in dealing mind to mind gets the same positive feedback. When we see a situation that could stand some changing, we get a more receptive response if we first point out the good.

At home, at work, or at school
if we treat those around us with consideration
we will likely get a response in kind

When we lose our tempers it is easy to blame someone. Actually, we have allowed a situation to affect us negatively, and we then get angry within ourselves and explode emotionally outwardly. Realizing that events are temporary and that all problems have a resolve helps us to relax during the process of conflict,

and be kinder to those involved with what we are going through.

Looking back
we see that every problem had a resolve
And that it follows that future problems
will resolve equitably, too
In the meantime
Life is more enjoyable
if we are tender
in our dealings with loved ones, friends

Tenderness—a baseline for spiritual living...

Living a spiritual life means more than one hour of church a week. It involves moment to moment, day to day integration of insight into all aspects of living.

We live in the spirit
by following our conscience
in all our actions
Each of our words or deeds
should not hurt ourselves or another
Everyone should benefit
from time on earth

Spiritual living means living with happiness and joy, products experienced during the actual process of doing good. We may think that happiness comes after we attain something such as a material possession or status or wealth. No. When we attain something we soon want something more. On and on. If we analyze this idea for ourselves, from our own experience, we notice that

the happiness felt from attaining something doesn't fulfill us permanently. New wants creep in to the mind soon.

Lasting happiness is experienced from consistently acting with tenderness in all our actions, not with acquiring relationships or objects. By living with the attitude of tenderness and care we are integrating every goal that living a spiritual life is pointing us toward.

One might think that personal care means taking time out from total spiritual living. Not so. We need to maintain a healthy body and mind to feel happy. Moment to moment our state of physical health affects our thoughts and conversely our state of mind affects the physical sensations we feel in our body. We contribute to our overall health by holding positive attitudes, taking time to methodically resolve stressful situations as they present, spending regular periods in reflection and meditation, and by maintaining our body through wholesome diet, exercise, bathing, and resting. When we feel good mentally and physically happiness naturally flows through our lives.

Back to meditation for the moment…

Meditation balances out the portion of our time we spend in activity. It provides an opportunity, through lying still in deep relaxation or by sitting still, to really allow loving thoughts and feelings to swell up from our inner depths, usually hidden by our fast-paced world. Tender feelings, caring feelings are allowed their time and space. And after meditation these tender thoughts, having been brought to consciousness, more easily integrate into our daily living.

Love—tender love
is eternal

Tender love is eternal because its existence is not rooted in the changing world of elements. Molecules are constantly rearranging. Candle wax, one minute solid, the next burned releasing the energy of heat. And our own physical body created out of simple elements again returns to simple elements when we flee it one day.

Love begins as an energy force before being molded physically. Love arising from the individual soul, when transmitted through mans' mind into action, tender caring action, then becomes a solid force in our lives.

The energy for loving
comes from the Source
from the Source that created our soul
Love can be permanent
because our Source is permanent
Feelings of love do not cease
when external circumstances change…

Love transcends time and place and dimension. One can feel love for another whether or not the beloved is near, far, or even still in physical form.

When we are conscious of feeling tender love for our dear ones and for all humankind, we are in happiness. Our own state of happiness is not dependent on a response to our love. Happiness is self-supporting—the property of the individual soul, the over soul, what we know as God. If a person does not respond in kind to our love for them that does not make us stop loving them.

Real love is concerned for the good, the highest benefit and happiness of another apart from our own gain from the relationship. We say there are many forms of love. Actually there is but one form. All true, real love contains care for another's highest good without thought of reciprocal care.

Selfishness could be said to be the withholding of love, as if we were not getting enough return for our investment. So we are either really loving or we are doing business for another's energy.

The soul is experienced in pure tender love, love that is without the properties of time, space, or circumstances in the physical dimension, which depends on cause and effect for its temporary existence.

Through experiencing real love we get an inkling of the greater love that sustains us. Imagine everyone being conscious of their own permanent nature of love. The only experience we can feel continuously as satisfying us is love—tender love.

Body and Mind
the tools we have to use
to experiment with in finding out
what in life gives us
the permanent joy that we seek
The balance
of active and quiet time
The taking of the tender insights
brought out from meditation
into the active roles that we play in life
Joy, peace, happiness, love
Finding God for ourselves
from within ourselves


16. Transformational Power of Heart Energy

The Divine Light of Love is ever burning
Its flames the warmth
The blanket protecting us from
elements of earth and mind
Light of Love
Chase away the storms
that every day we only notice
Your pure shimmering flames
burning from your Cosmic Heart
Licking at our consciousness
Till we, too, are consumed eternally
in this most intense Love

When we are feeling love, we are in touch with the radiance and vibrancy of our Creator-Sustainer's illimitable energy.

By visualization we see and think of vibrant-feeling energy as coming from our heart. The idealized and idolized picture of a heart symbolizes love feelings. In pictures, the heart is drawn in the upper center of the body in close proximity to the physical heart, and is often show emitting sun-like rays of energy. The heart region is spoken of variously as the heart chakra, heart center, seat of the soul—all meaning the point of vibrant energy brought on by our loving and caring actions. Looking at pictures of Christ with his Sacred Heart exposed we see the heart as a self-effulgent sun, with rays of light streaming forth. The heart placed in the upper center of the body symbolizes, also, that heart feelings are central to the core of our nature.

In thinking of those we love we feel our physical body heat up. The heat is the increase of energy circulating in our body brought on by loving thoughts and feelings.

In becoming aware of our Radiant Self
our light and warmth
spring forth from within
We feel so good
in this increased flow of energy

We can choose to live in this warm lovingly charged state by keeping our attitude in thoughts, words, and actions one of real care and concern. By the power of our positive state of mind and warm feelings, we draw this love-feeling energy into our bodily processes, to be used in turn in our actions.

This abundant love-feeling energy is the essence of our Creator's love. It is always available no matter where we are, what we are doing, or what time of day it is. The love-feeling energy is always freely there. What else but our Creator's love is totally and limitlessly available to us? Whenever we are feeling love, we instantly feel energized.

On the practical side, we can change the low energy levels we feel when we are doing actions we do not want to do into high energy, happy feelings, the instant we change to love and caring feelings.

Any job becomes easier when more energy is available. So, we feel better and have more energy just by changing our attitude and feelings to love and care.

When we love, we care
When we care, we share
We share with all
the energy flowing freely through us
All are one
Truth is all and
Truth is perfection
In truth
All are One in perfection

Love is Blissful…

Love is blissful and happy, ever present and self-sustaining, transcending time and place.

Feelings of love need no object of manifestation. Love arises within our consciousness when we live in harmony with all creation.

Love is unaffected by any circumstance we can ever be in. Love can not be taken from us. Every atom comprising our body, mind, and universe is in microscopic harmony, and harmony feels like love to us.

Love is the only thing that transcends mortal death. How can love transcend death? Science shows that no matter is ever destroyed, just changes form—solid to liquid, to gas, to solid, around and around. When the atoms in our body and mind change form at physical death they still continue functioning harmoniously, lovingly, with each other. So by this observation we see our innate harmony, love, still functions within its changing state of being. Again, as science has shown, no atom is ever lost, just in another form. So harmony goes on, love goes on forever and ever and ever.

When we feel and become conscious of our personal, self-sustaining harmony and love we are aligning with our permanent Self.

To know and experience our permanent Self takes practice. A way to realize our permanent love connection is by acting in caring ways, observing how we feel while being kind and loving, and then repeating those same kinds of actions, again and again.

The Breath of Spring

Warming spring winds breathe across the land, their fragrant caresses invigorating man and nature. Hope springs anew. Seeds burst open; grow; revealing their destiny. Animals give birth. In life renewing itself, evolution unfolds.

The breath of spring enters and acts upon our soul when we open ourselves to the expanded consciousness of caring love. As the bud lies dormant during the long winter, and blossoms forth when the warmth of spring is felt, so our dormant nature waits, repressed and enclosed by the self-centered ego, till the radiance of loving energy is experienced coming forth from our heart center.

When we interact lovingly with humanity and the creation our lasting nature blossoms in glorious beauty and fragrance. In giving of ourselves in caring ways we feel the warm glow of energy in our body. We feel more energy after a caring act than before. This warming heart-energy leaves us feeling complete within ourselves, harmoniously enjoying peace and bliss.

The transformational power of heart energy
applied to living the highest good
Resulting in clarity of mind
Relaxation with life
more and more and more
erases barriers
we thought were there
Filling our life
with more and more and more Love


17. True Love

True Love
Love that reflects the Truth
Experiencing another as an aspect
of our own eternal Self
which they truly are
In a love relationship
Recognizing, respecting
feeling inspired by our
beloved's True Self
The combined energy rebounding
between the beloveds'
Creating the presence
of a greater vibrant energy

It is no wonder that we all seek True Love. A more permanent way to experience the 10,000-times magnification of true love is by personally experiencing deep blissful loving communion in meditation. The bliss of loving communion in meditation is always available to us, whereas a human love may not always be present in the flesh.

Deep regular loving communion in meditation expands our consciousness till we feel our own presence in everyone and all creation. Our life becomes 10,000 times more vibrant when we are in love with all creation.

True Love
In love with all creation
An experience glorious
in its 10,000-fold


18. Uncovering the Secrets of Unconditional Love

Scientific laws provide harmony and balance
Unconditional love provides harmony and balance
Both are carried out
through the pervading energy of the universe
A life lived lovingly in concert with natural laws
integrates spiritual consciousness into daily living

The Only Permanent Presence Unconditional Love…

Unconditional love can be present during every facet of our changing world. It is the only constant presence through life's ups and downs.

Unconditional Love given
Unconditional Love received
the circle of support we thrive on best

It is equally important to allow ourselves to be loved unconditionally and to love unconditionally.

Giving unconditional love means we show caring through others' good times and tribulations. Receiving unconditional love means we let down our barriers; allowing another to listen to us and give us care.

People are not so perfectly evolved as to be able to give or receive unconditional love all the time, or else they would not be living on this planet. We are here on earth in bodies made up of physical, mental, and emotional aspects—powered by the unseen universal energy. It is with the highest cooperation and integration of these aspects that we most fully give love and receive love unconditionally. Every caring effort, every reception of caring integrates our aspects into the most beautiful self-realization of the souls we truly are.

The presence of Unconditional Love given and received
A circle of energy sustaining us
evolving us into our fullest potential
into the realization of the permanent joyful souls that we are

Transformational Love…

Transformational Love empowers people toward awareness of their lasting nature of unbroken harmony, peace, and bliss.

How do we have contact with transformational love?

At first we see and feel examples of its qualities in someone else. When we come into contact with a person manifesting transformational love our body starts feeling energized, heated up, while our mind becomes alert, but peaceful. In general, we feel in tune with those around us and in harmony with the master plan of creation. We feel drawn to people through their loving energy, as metal filings are drawn to a magnet, totally and unequivocally. And, as those metal filings align themselves

perfectly with the strong poles of the magnet, we too, gradually, become aligned with the qualities of Transformational Love we have been exposed to.

Transformational Love sparks the process of going from disorder to the state of feeling and acting in harmony, in accord with the natural order of the universe; its people and environment. We become aware that even when outside events are upsetting, we have the energy and insight to resolve any conflict or problem satisfactorily for the highest good of ourselves and anyone else involved.

The Sun Within:

The sun is always shining upon the earth; radiating its warmth and energy for our benefit. We grow from baby to adult, making use of the sun's radiation, by eating the earth's vegetation which has been converted to an assimilated form through photosynthesis. The sun heats us when cold and makes the winds around our planet flow and the rains wash us; quenching our thirst. We would not be living as we are without the sun's direct and indirect nourishment.

So too, we manifest fully as humans when radiated by the sun of Transformational Love. We grow into our full human potential by our ability to use wisdom. As we grow into this potential we begin to feel radiant and radiate transformational love upon those around us; just as we were once awakened to our own inner sun by feeling the affect of transformational love from someone else who was radiant.

Feeling Transformation Love does not require any effort on our part. Instead, its effects energize us, and the energy does not come from something or someone outside ourselves. Rather, transformational love is as if someone turned on the switch to the light bulb that is already inside us; having been waiting patiently to be lit up. We suddenly and permanently feel the affects of inner awakening as self sustained fullness, a sense of balance in our life, bliss, harmony, and a genuine love of ourselves which we then naturally and easefully reflect outwardly.

Loosening the Knots in our Heart…

When we leave this life
the only thing that we take with us
is the content of our heart

Everything we do in our daily life—everything we do in our whole life has but one purpose. That purpose is to open wider, to expand the clear spaces between our egoistic thoughts, that through these openings unconditionally loving energy is able to flow upward into our conscious mind, giving us the experience of inner happiness.

The flow of unconditional love is so vibrant and energized that it loosens, and undoes the knots of constricted energy that we have placed in our precious sensitive heart—the place in our consciousness where we've been holding past hurts, and the unproductive idea that we need to get certain possessions, or control of a person or people, in order to feel important, in order to feel happy.

As the knots in our heart loosen, loosen, and are forever lost, we come to understand that our happiness comes instead from our own ongoing loving attitudes and thoughts, which we then manifest by our caring actions.

This is a complete turn around in attitude from the animal kingdom, which truly does need to get in order to survive. But that attitude, that we have in us from our instinctual nature, that also motivates us to do what we need to, to sustain our biological lives, is very incomplete and inadequate in providing our state of sustained happiness. This is the point of place where we rise above the animal kingdom into our state of humankind. And in our state of humanness we can choose to maintain or regain our feeling of happiness at any time, by adjusting our own attitudes and thinking towards caring about others and everything around us.

Energy does not come into our body just by eating, drinking and breathing. The most vibrant energy flows through us from an unseen source as we adopt the attitude of caring love. A surge of vibrancy, akin to electricity, gives our body all the energy we need to carry out our loving and caring thoughts.

Take a moment to reflect: When someone suggests an activity that we enjoy, we suddenly feel renewed energy rush through our body and we get right up—in fact, almost spring up, ready for the promised enjoyment. If someone suggests that we need to do some chore that is drudgery to us, we feel more lethargic than ever. This shows the powerful connection that thoughts have in pulling more energy into our body, instantly.

From scripture: "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that pours forth from the mouth of God."

'Man' = us

'bread' = food, water, air

'every word' = the vibrant cosmic energy

'pours forth' = the outpouring of the vibrant energy

'mouth of God' = the unseen, but ever present source of all energy.

This scripture is telling us that in order to realize and fulfill our destiny as humans, we need to do more than live a biological, animalistic, selfish and self-centered life. When we make the self-effort to hold loving attitudes and caring thoughts, we are then, additionally, 'fed' by the unseen, ever-flowing vibrant cosmic energy - raising us above the experiences of the rest of the animal kingdom, into consciousness of ever renewed, ever vibrant joy.

By the flow of unconditional love
the knots in our heart are loosened
Releasing to us
the unseen but ever available vibrant energy
extending and enlarging us
into the consciousness of ourselves as more than animals
Attitudes and actions of caring and lovingness
awakening us to our destiny of a happy state of mind
to our full experience of humanness


19. The Yearning to Merge

The yearning to merge is innate
Through interaction with people
we seek its fulfillment

Caring actions take us beyond self-centeredness; we instead feel ourselves manifesting in others' lives, which feels satisfying.

It is in loving unconditionally
that we experience what is beyond
our ego-centered self

As our individual consciousness merges with the vast consciousness of creation we experience joy. And in merging we feel complete as a person.

The experience of merging is beyond lustful touching and egoistic mental interchange. It is through surrendering our self-centered mental attitudes and our bodily surrendering into caring actions, including caring intimacy, that we experience merging.

In merging we retain our own consciousness
while expanding our awareness

We are given the strong yearning to merge in order to seek beyond our present self-centered reality and realize that we are interwoven within the whole fabric of Creator-creation.

The yearning to merge
finding satisfaction
through our caring acts of love

Susan Helene Kramer is an international author of more than 50 collections and thousands of articles on rhythmic dance, ballet, music, philosophy, yoga, meditation and practical spirituality for children, teens, adults and those challenged, with some translations in Dutch, French, German, Greek and Spanish, and with her husband, Stan Schaap- resides in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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