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Yoga for Kids

Susan Helene Kramer

Description: Description: Description: Yoga for all Kids - Radiant Yoga by Susan Kramer

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Yoga for All Kids   Meditation for All Kids,  Meditation and Spirituality for Teens

Description: Description: Description: Yoga For All Kids by Susan Kramer

Description: Description: Description: Meditation for all Kids by Susan Kramer

Description: Description: Description: Meditation and Spirituality for Teens by Susan Kramer

'Here are hints that teach and show
How in life we all should go
Whether we're young or very old
Yoga's lessons can be told'



Moving Poses
15 Poses; moving one to the next in sequence
3 Meditations: Sitting; Walking; Lying Down
Yoga Dictionary
40 Definitions of Happiness
25 Essays


Moving Poses


Stretching, bending, moving, resting
Child's play
Learning their way






Yoga practices are non-competitive.
Each person begins at their current level of fitness and ability,
and progresses at their own rate.
This makes these gentle yoga poses and exercises,
with adaptations as needed,
appropriate for those challenged.

A note about the illustrations:
The faint vertical line shows the approximate center of balance.


1. The Leaf

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:
1. The Leaf; beginning position with straight spine and then with gently rounded spine.

Sit with spine straight, soles of feet together, hands on ankles.
Gently round spine and then return to sitting straight.
Repeat several times.
Sit with spine straight, soles of feet together, hands on ankles.
Gently round spine and then return to sitting straight.
Repeat several times.


2. The Flower

Description: Description: Description:
2. The Flower; make little bounces with knees toward floor.

Sit with spine straight, soles of feet together, hands on ankles.
Gently bounce knees toward floor 10 to 20 times.


3. The Cricket

Description: Description: Description:
3. The Cricket; head leaning.

Sit with spine straight, soles of feet together,
or sit cross-legged, hands on ankles.
Head and eyes look forward, then up, then forward.
Next, lean right ear to right shoulder.
Straighten head and lean left ear to left shoulder, then straighten head.
Repeat several times.


4. The Owl

Description: Description: Description:
4. The Owl; head turning.

Sit cross-legged, hands at sides, palms on floor.
Turn head to look to one side over shoulder,
then over the other shoulder.
If sitting on a firm enough surface,
spin body around once using hands to help propel spin.
Repeat several times.


5. The Bird

Description: Description: Description:
5. The Bird; hands clasped behind back, looking up, shoulder blades pulled together.

Sit with spine straight, soles of feet together.
Clasp hands behind lower back
and pull shoulder blades together slowly,
head tilted back, eyes looking up.
Hold, then release, relaxing shoulders, back, body.
Head bent forward.
Repeat several times.


6. The Squirrel

Description: Description: Description:
6. The Squirrel; alternately stretch arms to ceiling, then one side and the other.

Sit cross-legged, spine straight.
Raise both arms overhead and stretch one at a time slowly
towards the ceiling, looking up.
Then stretch arms to side,
making forward and backward arm circles,
large and small, looking forward.


7. The Chipmunk

Description: Description: Description:
7. The Chipmunk; keep twists mostly above waist, shoulders remain relaxed.

Sit cross-legged with arms out to sides.
Gently and slowly twist upper body from side to side.
Head looks at back arm.
Come back to center position.
Now, stretch arms overhead.
Bend to side one way, then the other.
Front of body and eyes remain looking forward.
Repeat several times.


8. The Rocker

Description: Description: Description:
8. The Rocker; rock gently side to side, but not so far as to fall over.

Sit cross-legged with hands placed on floor at sides of body.
Later place hands on tops of shoulders.
Proceed to rock so balance transfers side to side
or forward and backward.
Back remains relaxed.
Child should not rock so far as to fall over.


9. The Seal

Description: Description: Description:
9. The Seal; gentle stretch with body turned toward one leg,
then the other, then forward; alternate pointing and flexing feet as in illustration.

Sit with legs stretched wide apart, spine straight.
Turn body to face one leg.
Reach down to hold onto leg with both hands
and gently lean towards the leg.
Hold for 4 slow counts.
Repeat to other leg.
Next, sit up facing forward, hold onto both legs,
round back, and gently lean forward between legs,
while looking toward the floor.
Next, sit straight and place palms of hands on floor alongside body for support.
Point and flex feet and ankles in unison,
then try to point one foot while flexing the other foot.
Repeat rhythmically.


10. Salutation Pose

Description: Description: Description:
10. Salutation Pose; press palms together, back straight.

Sit with legs apart, spine straight.
Legs are stretched but not tightened, toes pointed.
Press palms of hands together salutation fashion.
Lower arms should be parallel with the floor.
Release tension; press again,
Extend hands and arms upward then outward to the side.
Stretch arms up again.
Bring hands back to prayer position.
Relax and repeat several times.


11. Snake Pose

Description: Description: Description:
11. Snake Pose position.

Lie on back, legs touching, knees bent,
bottom of feet on floor, arms along side of body on floor.
Lower spine below waist presses to floor, upper back is relaxed.
Breathe in lung area.
Contract abdominal muscles, hold counts 1, 2, 3.
Relax and repeat.


12. The Turtle

Description: Description: Description:
12. The Turtle position of legs half lowered, arms overhead.

Lie on back, legs touching, knees flexed up toward the chest,
arms resting on floor above head.
Keeping lower back pressed to floor throughout
extend legs towards sky while pointing toes, knees stretched.
Lower legs as far as possible without releasing back from floor.
Raise legs, flex in and repeat.


13. The Starfish

Description: Description: Description:
13. The Starfish; lift alternate arm and leg.

Lie on back, arms and legs comfortably stretched.
Raise one arm at a time toward ceiling and lower.
Next, lift one leg at a time toward ceiling.
Later, try lifting one arm and the opposite leg at the same time.


14. Cat Stretch

Description: Description: Description:
14. Cat Stretch; kneeling with rounded spine.

On hands and knees, let back slope toward floor.
Eyes look forward and slightly up.
Change position by rounding spine,
contracting abdominal and stomach muscles
and looking down to front of thighs.
Repeat several times.


15. The Swing

Description: Description: Description:
15. The Swing; upper body and arms stretch gently side to side while standing balanced.

Part I. For flexibility:
Stand with legs slightly apart.
Stretch arms overhead and let body and arms bend forward,
knees bend slightly, and then come back upright.
With arms still stretched overhead bend to one side,
straighten up, then bend to the other side and come back up,
lower arms to sides.
Part II. For energizing the body:
Stand up straight and stretch arms to side
making a fist with each hand.
Hold arms and hands tight counts 1,2,
and release fists and relax counts 3,4.
Repeat once.
Relax arms and bring them down to sides.
Repeat Part I. and Part II. rhythmically several times.

Now it is time to go on to one of the following meditations…


Quiet Time
Feeling Fine


1. Sitting Meditation

Description: Description: Description:
2 to 10 minutes

Sit cross-legged, with straight back as in The Leaf pose, and face forward. Clasp your hands and let them rest in your lap. Close your eyes.

Breathe easily and evenly, in and out. Silently count each breath in as one count, and each breath out as one count, till 50 counts, or another even number.

Count 1: breathe in
Count 2: breathe out
Count 3: breathe in

To finish, take a final deep breath in, slowly let it out, open your eyes, stand up, and stretch.

2. Walking Meditation

Description: Description: Description:
At least 2 minutes

This meditation has 2 parts that combine to energize the body and coordinate mind-body (thinking-moving) functioning:
1. Even breathing.
2. Walking with arms and legs in opposition.

Walk briskly while swinging arms easily back and forth. When the left foot steps forward, the right arm swings forward. And, when the right foot steps forward the left arm swings forward.

While walking concentrate on breathing evenly in and out. This practice develops and teaches about concentration.

Count 1: breathe in
Count 2: breathe out
Count 3: breathe in

To finish, stretch arms overhead; bring arms down to sides; resume other activities.

3. Lying Down Meditation

Description: Description: Description:
2 to 10 minutes

Lying on a piece of carpet, stretch out on your back as in the pose The Starfish. Close your eyes, let your body go limp as a starfish laying on a rock.

Lying so still and relaxed, keeping your eyes closed, visualize walking onto a playground on a warm sunny day.

In your mind, just feel yourself standing still for a moment looking around, then seeing a child on a swing going back and forth in a regular rhythm, over and over again.

Enjoy the relaxed feeling in your own body that is lying so limply and undisturbed. Feel whole and comfortable in your resting body.

After some time, begin to come back to your everyday active self by taking a deep breathe, opening your eyes, stretching out your arms and legs, sitting up.

Yoga Dictionary

Good actions
Good reactions

Hints for Happiness

1. AcceptanceBeing gracious when the outcome is different than expected.

2. AffirmationMaking firm.

3. Appreciation—Feeling thankful; saying thank you.

4. Attitude—Attitude influences our thoughts, words, actions.

5. Blame—Blame delays constructive action.

6. Body—Aligned with harmony and love; boundaries unlimited.

7. CaringWhen we help out, we feel useful, we feel good.

8. Choice—Choices result in like for like outcomes.

9. ClarityAs we think clearly, the clearer our thinking becomes.

10. CompassionListening carefully then acting in a way that is helpful.

11. Congruency—Acting as we say we will; accurately describing our actions.

12. ConscienceOur inner guidance system.

13. Consciousness—Awareness that grows by Self awareness.

14. DevotionDoing what we say we will do, with a good attitude.

15. DiscernmentDetermining what resolve is for the best.

16. DutyDoing what is required.

17. Empathy—Feeling another's pain and acting as we would for ourselves.

18. EnergyThe force that flows through us.

19. FaithKnowing that right effort brings good results.

20. FriendshipTo have a friend, be friendly.

21. IntegrityLiving in our highest awareness of truth.

22. IntuitionInside information brought out.

23. KindnessActing kind, we feel fine.

24. Love—Felt by loving.

25. Loving—Truly loving means giving from our heart.

26. LoyaltyKeeping a commitment when circumstances change.

27. MeditationThe medication healing ignorance of our joyful nature.

28. Oneness—Ever one of the parts, Part of the One.

29. PatienceWe maintain our peace by practicing patience.
30. Prayer—Communication back and forth with our Source.

31. Relationships—Enjoy possessions; Love relationships.

32. Self-knowledge—Self-knowledge allows truthful, harmonious living.

33. Sensitivity—Listening and relating carefully.

34. Serenity—A calm interior, even with a busy exterior.

35. SharingGiving our best where there is need.

36. TimeWe make time for what we really want to do.

37. ToleranceTolerating differences enriches life experiences.

38. Will PowerConcentrating, while taking the time and energy to achieve a goal.

39. Wisdom—Applied discrimination.

40. World Peace—Personal peace multiplied.


Click link to read more on 25 Virtues

1.    Caring 
2.   Citizenship 
3.   Compassion 
4.   Consideration 
5.   Contentment 
6.   Courage 
7.   Fairness 
8.   Faith and Trust 
9.   Friendship 
10.  Honesty 
11.  Integrity 
12.  Kindness 
13.  Love

14.  Loyalty 
15.  Manners 
16.  Peacefulness 
17.  Respect 
18.  Responsibility 
19.  Selfish or Selfless? 
20.  Steadfastness and Perseverance 
21.  Tenderness 
22.  Tolerance 
23.  Transformation 
24.  Trustworthiness 
25.  Truth 



Susan Kramer is an international author of more than 50 books and thousands of articles on rhythmic movement, modern dance, ballet, music, philosophy, social issues, relationships, yoga, meditation, and practical spirituality for children, teens, adults and those challenged, and with her husband, Stan Schaap, lives by the North Sea in Holland.

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Text and Illustrations copyright 2000-2016 Susan Helene Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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