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Yogaville Meditation Retreat or Courses, Buckingham, Virginia


Article by Susan Helene Kramer

I was so fortunate during 1985 to 1986 to spend a year at the world-renowned meditation and world peace ashram of Yogaville, located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, 50 miles south of Charlottesville, Virginia. The address is: Yogaville; 108 Yogaville Way; Buckingham, VA 23921-9726, USA.

Yogaville is the outcome of the vision of Integral Yoga and its founder, Sri Swami Satchidananda (1914-2002). It is home to the Light of Truth Universal Shrine, L.O.T.U.S.

The site is ideal for daily meditation with its peace and quiet in the wooded setting along the historic James River. Visitors have many choices for spending time at Yogaville, such as a day trip from Washington, D.C. or Richmond, Virginia; a weekend getaway; attendance at one of the planned retreats under a theme; longer term Teacher's Training Certification in Hatha and related yoga and meditation practices, and more options to suit the individual.

All visitors at Yogaville as well as those in daily or set programs have the opportunity to meditate right along with like-minded individuals in the daily ashram schedule, or to meditate in any quiet location on the premises.

Living at Yogaville for a year, I had the opportunity to really immerse myself in meditation, but any length of visit can be arranged to suit your needs. The monks and community members are helpful in accommodating your individual retreat needs.

Living arrangements can be in the motel-style Lotus Inn, dormitories, or even tent camping in warmer weather. Lacto vegetarian meals are served; no eggs, meat, fish. And, as you might suspect, no smoking, alcohol, or drugs are allowed.

Spending time meditating with others cannot be beat for developing your own practice. It is inspirational and supportive to be in the company of others who are making a success of meditation. I felt it was a jumpstart to my personal growth.

And if you really want a solitary and quiet experience you needn't talk with anyone; actually lots of energy is saved in having a silent retreat.

The largest draw for me was meditating in the L.O.T.U.S. - a temple built to house altars representing major world religions and other known and as yet unknown religions. This is truly one place you can experience religious harmony.

A link to their quarterly magazine is just below.

For further information on what Yogaville has to offer visit their web site:

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Article by Susan Helene Kramer

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