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 Partial-Birth Abortions
The Sad Ending of Some Babies

commentary by Susan Kramer
August 3, 2000
published by Creations in Consciousness
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Man is the only species that destroys its unborn progeny.

And now with 'partial-birth abortions' we are killing babies that are viable, after they have been delivered feet first, face down, in the moments before the crown of their head leaves the birth canal.

After a doctor stabs the intersection at the base of the child's skull and spinal column, creating a hole, an entrance-way, an assistant suctions out the child's brains.

The current legality of this in the United States of America is that as long as the crown of the head of the baby is not delivered it is abortion. If the child's body slips completely out then the stabbing death is murder.

Man has a mind that is evolved enough to make a better or worse choice in a given situation. Because we can make choices does not mean we have a right to make a choice that destroys.

Every human is spiritually entrusted with all that are less evolved, or physically, emotionally, or mentally dependent on us, by setting a good example in living our lives.

We are truly living in a web just like the acronym of the www of the internet. But spiritually we are even more enjoined because there are no mental or physical barriers separating us in spirit.

In order to further our individual and species evolution we need to make choices that encourage our growth in the areas of responsibility, morality, fortitude, compassion, truth, and honesty. When we make choices that excuse ourselves from practicing the positive virtues, we set aside opportunities for our growth in consciousness.

As human consciousness evolves through the practice of right, positive choices, we unlock the selfish gates of our mind, we free ourselves from the cage of limitations. As we act in kind caring ways in our daily life, our heart feelings expand to include others in our center of consciousness.

Intentionally destroying the fruit of the womb is inharmonious with the intention of conception.

The law of nature demonstrates that there is a reaction to each action, good from good, bad from bad, pain from pain, love from kindness and caring. If the universe did not operate on this perfectly mathematical basis, one moment after the physical universe manifested there would have been total chaos.

Are not partial-birth abortions a barbaric procedure, reminiscent of an earlier stage of human evolution when we killed the innocent to show power and strength?

Killing the innocent shows strength, right?

Let us each make an effort to raise the planetary consciousness by encouraging our lawmakers to outlaw this throw-back act of violence that hacks away our innocent progeny, our own humanity.

© 2000-2011 Susan Kramer
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