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Guided Meditation for Children


Susan Helene Kramer

Text, Illustration, Photos  copyright 2000-2019 Susan Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
published by
Creations in Consciousness
translations of related work

Books or EBooks
Yoga for All Kids,   Meditation for All Kids,  Meditation and Spirituality for Teens

Yoga For All Kids by Susan Kramer

Meditation for all Kids by Susan Kramer

Meditation and Spirituality for Teens by Susan Kramer


Guided Meditations
First Guided Lying Down Meditation
Second Guided Lying Down Meditation
Guided Sitting Meditation
Guided Walking Meditation
Meditation for Problem Solving

First Guided Lying Down Meditation

Let's go on an adventure!

But, instead of rushing out the front door, let's go on an adventure within, to a beautiful place inside, in our thoughts ...

Lying on the bed, floor, carpet, or the lawn or beach in warm weather, stretch out on your back, arms and legs resting easily.  Close your eyes, let your body go limp as a rag doll, while counting to 10 in your mind.

Lying so still and relaxed, keeping your eyes closed, walk through the inner doorway in your mind onto the beach, on a warm sunny day.

In your mind, just feel yourself standing still for a moment looking around, seeing the waves wash against the shoreline in their regular rhythms, over and over again.

While watching the regular pattern of the waves, just breathe in and out, evenly in and out, over and over again.

Watch the waves, while breathing evenly in and out.

Enjoy the relaxed feeling in your own body that is lying so limply on the bed or carpet. Feel whole and comfortable in your resting body and mind.

When enough time has passed, begin to come back to your everyday active self. Stretch out those limp arms and legs, take a deep breath, sit up.

Do you feel your new energy, all set and ready to go again!


Second Guided Lying Down Meditation

Lying on a piece of carpet or other comfortable surface stretch out on your back.

Close your eyes, let your body relax so much that it feels like you are melting into the floor. Breathe evenly in and out.

Count 1: breathe in
Count 2: breathe out
Count 3: breathe in

Lying so still and relaxed, keeping your eyes closed, visualize walking onto a wide meadow on a warm breezy summer day.

In your mind, see yourself standing still looking around; then notice the tall brightly colored wild flowers blowing in the wind back and forth in a regular rhythm, over and over again, just as your breath is coming in and flowing out regularly and evenly.

Enjoy the relaxed feeling in your own body that is lying so limply and undisturbed while watching the wind gently blow the flowers back and forth. Let yourself feel whole and comfortable in your resting body.

After some time, begin to come back to your everyday active self by taking a deep breath, opening your eyes, stretching out your arms and legs, and sitting up.

Guided Sitting Meditation

Sit cross-legged, back held straight, and face forward. Clasp your hands and let them rest in your lap. Close your eyes.

Breathe easily and evenly, in and out. Silently count each breath in as one count, and each breath out as one count, till 50 counts, or another even number.

Count 1: breathe in
Count 2: breathe out
Count 3: breathe in

Now, while continuing to breathe evenly, take some time to think about someone that you love and the nice things you do together. Think about what you can do after this quiet time to help someone.

As life goes on it is in caring interactions that we find joy and happiness.

To finish the meditation, spend some moments in appreciation for your family and friends.

Take a final deep breath in, slowly let it out, open your eyes, stand up, and stretch.

Guided Walking Meditation

Kathy walking with her arms and legs in opposition. Photo credit Susan Kramer
This meditation has 2 parts that combine to energize the body and coordinate mind-body (thinking-moving):
1. Even breathing.
2. Walking with arms and legs in opposition.

Walk briskly while swinging arms easily back and forth. When the left foot steps forward, the right arm swings forward. And, when the right foot steps forward the left arm swings forward.

Example of breathing pattern to follow:
Count 1: breathe in
Count 2: breathe out
Count 3: breathe in

More benefits of walking:
Walking meditation is an opportunity to think over problems and possible solutions. When deciding how to act about a problem choose the way that is a good outcome for everyone; a win-win situation. It is also an opportunity to think about and plan new projects, and think about short term and long range goals.

And, regular walking is an exercise that is recommended by medical science to be good for health.

To finish, stretch arms overhead; bring arms down to sides; resume other activities.

Meditation for Problem Solving

My dear friends, take time for one of these timeouts as needed.

When you are swamped with homework; when you've had an argument; take time to find the place of rest within yourself, as you deeply relax your body through lying down, sitting still, or walking rhythmically. And perhaps, some new ideas will come to solve problems.

Meditation, quiet time, with a relaxed or rhythmically moving body, and beautiful thoughts is a natural way to make time and space for problem solving, and moving in the right direction.

Much Love Always,
Your Susan
* * *


Susan Kramer is a graduate of Peabody Institute Preparatory Dance of Johns Hopkins University, and an international author of more than 20 books and thousands of articles on rhythmic movement, modern dance, ballet, music, social issues, philosophy, yoga, meditation, and practical spirituality for children, teens, adults, and those challenged, with some translations in Dutch, French, German, Greek and Spanish, and with her husband, Stan Schaap, lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
email - susan@susankramer.com





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