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a commentary by Susan Kramer
published by Creations in Consciousness
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Are we not here to honor the creative process in all fields that promote harmony, harming nothing?

Cloning, to grow replacement parts out of an embryo, that ruins the possibility of a whole functional animal developing, is out of harmony with the purpose of conception in the animal world, and human species.

Can life be given to one animal or person, when the result is that this keeps life from developing or continuing in another that could have been whole to begin with?

Only man destroys his unborn progeny. No other species destroys or mutilates what is not yet born.

All lower forms of life nurture and promote their species before birth as set forth within the natural order of the universe.

To remain in or regain harmony with the universal plan of promoting and sustaining life we must not mutilate an embryojust because we are able to do thisthat could have grown to a viable animal or human.

Harming nothing

text and artwork © 2000-2011 Susan Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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