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The Continuance of Existence

Senior Issues Series
1. Aging or Ageless
2. The Continuance of Existence
3. Coping with Major Illness
4. Processing Loss
5. Senior Intimacy from a Spiritual Point of View
6. Tantra
7. Meditation and Yoga Midlife and Beyond

Susan Helene Kramer

photo credit Susan Kramer


1. Agelessness
2. Balancing our Negative with Positive Traits as We Age
3. Continuance of Existence
4. Course Corrections
5. Every Day is a New Beginning
6. Faith and Trust, Useful Tools
7. Get Up and Out When Down
8. Handling Adversity
9. Let Go, Live Again
10. Moving On
11. Patience and Tolerance
12. Progress in Consciousness is a Process
13. Straddling the Horse
14. Time as Liquid Silver
15. Transitions
16. Traumatic Events
17. Traveling Through Transitions
18. Truly Ourselves, Living in our Center of Balance
19. Visits on Earth

    1. Agelessness

    Aging falls within the natural order of the physical universe. Aging is really just reconstruction. One form replacing another, being replaced by still another format. We accept change more easily with objects wearing out, than with our physical bodies wearing out, even though we know that the elements in objects that are worn out become in some way part of another object in the future, as atoms are ageless. The atoms composing all creation continue on and on, alternating in cycles of solidified and free energy, seen or unseen to the human eye.

    We don't as easily accept the changes aging causes in our own bodies. Even if we resist the obvious process of change, change still happens. With us, the natural evolution is that as our physical body deteriorates, we feel the internal incentive to begin developing our consciousness. We begin the journey of exploring our timelessness. So the aging of our body is not a loss to us in the long run, it is a motivation for us to explore and expand in awareness of our soul's agelessness.

    Others who observe the aging of our bodies are not necessarily aware that we may be regenerating, changing for the upward evolution of our internal and eternal conscious awareness. They do not realize that we are growing still, not in physical format, but growing into our expanded Self, our self that is an integral and eternal vibrant link in the entire seen and unseen creation.

    But as we notice our bodies aging, it is our reminder, literally our wake-up call, to put our energy into the development of the esoteric qualities of love, kindness, caring - those qualities that expand our personal awareness of our interwoven life within all other life. When our current physical body ages so much that it no longer functions as the house for our mind and soul, we take up residence in an unseen but still conscious format in our progression in agelessness.

    In format seen, format unseen, we continue on with unbroken consciousness of ourselves.

    Acting for our own and others' highest good, is the best way to show we care. It is from the feeling that we are interrelated, intermeshed within creation, that we naturally act for the highest good. Eventually, we feel so comfortable interacting with others, that we realize that no one is really alone in consciousness.

    Living and acting for the highest good of the situation is a process of processing, we take in, mull over, and come up with something different. And in that middle space we digest and integrate new insights into our consciousness, or we suffer indigestion by only partially understanding and analyzing what is going on with us and the situation.

    While still digesting, before the additional insights are integrated usefully, our thoughts, words, and actions reflect our undigested state. While in distress, we are still in processing mode. Facing our issues of conflict takes courage and energy. Accepting that our goal is what benefits us, can facilitate processing. Living each moment for the highest perceived good flushes out discrepancies between our words and actions. As we live in

    line with our highest thoughts and words, we purify our mind; pushing out undigested remnants of our past. As these old issues come up to our conscious mind, they can be burned up by our most current consciousness of what living for the highest good means to us.

    Energy applied to living the highest good
    processes, digests, integrates
    Resulting in clarity of mind
    happiness in living

    It is more of a challenge to show care and love with 'difficult' people. Their actions, or what they say, screech across the grooves in our mind, and we get uncomfortable feelings in our body while with or thinking about them.

    We can protect ourselves from the uncomfortable affects of difficult people by:
    - Avoiding contact with them;
    - Observing what they do or say, while maintaining neutral feelings and
    thoughts about them;
    - Or, doing the opposite of being the mental observer, by being surrendered and open to their form of expression, allowing new grooves of a different reality to be recorded in our mind and stored for reference. During this new recording, we do not have to give up our own position or way of thinking; we are expanding our own experience base.

    Difficult people have yet to have contact and personal experience with their underlying state of harmony.

    If we are the one others label 'difficult' and now want to get along with others harmoniously, we can take stock of the way we are handling situations in our life. We mainly learn by trial and error. After we have continual problems in relating harmoniously, we begin to ask ourselves why. After the reasons outside ourselves are exhausted, we are more motivated to begin personal self-improvement. This is usually the last resort, but the right place to get to know our underlying happy self. The sincere desire to know about ourselves, our Source, leads to experiencing our underlying harmony; which imbues our subsequent thoughts and actions with harmony. We begin having easier relationships in all aspect of living.

    Beautiful uplifting music is made up of the harmonious blending of separate notes. We are each like notes of music, acting in phrases; and when conscious of our grace and balance, we form melodies and symphonies with everything around us.

    Outer actions
    Reflections of our state of consciousness
    To be happy, to be able to show others care and love
    requires our underlying harmony
    to fully play out with everyone
    in a melodious symphony

    In closing, when we see people who have a mental or physical condition that does not allow them to communicate themselves clearly through their body, they are in transition. This transition phase can go on interminably by our standards of 24 hours a day, but on the eternal clock it is but a short moment. Everyone, aware or not, lives in agelessness.

    The deconstruction of our bodies is only a transition
    in our progression of Self-awareness
    Noticing that our bodies age
    is an incentive, a wake up call
    to explore and learn
    about the agelessness of our being
    As the moth nestled in a cocoon
    seemingly slumbers unconsciously
    it is in reality changing form
    before breaking out into a format
    allowing greater freedom
    So we, too
    can grow through kindliness
    within the sheltered cocoon
    of our aging bodies
    and in one moment
    break free
    Forever expanded in consciousness
    Forever aware of our agelessness

    2. Balancing our Negative with Positive Traits as We Age

    What we've set in motion stays in motion
    The direction we set in living
    stays with us even more profoundly
    as we age

    It is with a great deal of will that we must fight the inertia
    of our slower metabolism
    that comes with age
    A slowed metabolism that keeps us bound to our habits of a lifetime
    because it takes more effort to change
    than to continue along the course we've already charted

    The problem with this natural slowing of our metabolism
    and its incumbent inertia
    is that if we were already slightly negative in our thinking throughout life
    we probably will go even more strongly down the negative track
    in our attitudes, thoughts, and actions

    That is the force of aging
    That is the force of inertia

    To counteract the negative forces in our life we must by our free will
    substitute appreciations for what we have left to enjoy
    We must substitute the positive attitude
    that life is worthwhile
    even if we can not think as quickly or as sharply
    as before

    It is perfectly okay to spend more time in planning, preparation
    and carrying out our plans as we age

    Now we have the time
    to savor each moment of the process
    to the fullest
    While in the outer active life of our youth and middle age
    we had our job schedule
    or our family's schedule to adhere to

    Appreciation for each moment we have as we age
    carries its own positive energy
    that imbues our thoughts and activities
    with just the right amount of energy we need to carry them out
    without having to rush

    And when we appreciate all we have left
    and each moment of the time we have left upon planet earth
    we age gracefully
    fully using this stage

    Because we do not have to rush around on a schedule any longer
    we can relax more fully into the every present moment
    With positive attitudes and appreciations
    every moment of our present lives
    we balance out our negative traits
    perhaps brought on and accentuated
    from the harriedness of pressured living

    In the depth of relaxation and restoration possible
    in a positive present moment
    we come to experience that we have more depth to ourselves
    than we may have realized before

    And in the depths of ourselves
    we discover our internal, eternal reservoir
    supporting our everyday living
    though slowed it may be
    with an ever-flowing river of bliss and joy

    3. Continuance of Existence

    A rose plucked from the bush
    continues to emit fragrantly

    After leaving us physically
    the presence of people
    continue in our lives
    through the influence they had
    while with us

    By acting caringly
    we become aware
    of the consciousness of continuance
    Our caring actions a boomerang
    returning to us
    now and later
    as an improved world

    Existence continuing
    from what's set before
    Moving onward
    Expanding by lovingness

    4. Course Corrections

    Our path in life can be winding
    Sometimes wide open in front of us
    Sometimes through a narrow gorge

    When we reach an impassable cliff
    it is better to consider other options
    for getting around the obstacle
    so that we can again move on smoothly

    And, it is okay and necessary
    to make course corrections
    whenever we see a clearer or better way
    to proceed

    Change is not failure. Rather, change using new information to get us to our destination more easily is the most efficient path on which to proceed. Even change many times on the way to our goals when a clearer way becomes visible is the best course of action to follow.

    The need for course corrections can face us at any stage in the progress of any goal we are seeking, even when we are deeply entrenched along a specific path.

    Allowing course corrections makes use of our intelligent, discerning, and creative faculties. We are given these aspects of mind to be able to adjust ourselves to changing circumstances and conditions in our lives, including career goals and relationships.

    When we become aware that another action would be for the higher good of a situation we need to make a course correction to maintain our balance of peace of mind and an easeful body.

    Our ultimate path in life is to act so that we maintain peace of mind and an easeful body while growing in consciousness of the whole of ourselves. And the whole of ourselves is not limited to our body, mind and emotions. It is the knowing that we use our body in action, our mind in creatively solving life's problems, and our emotions to show care as tools to get to know our infinite soul. Our soul, having far-reaching roots that are sunk in the infinite Spirit, invisible but ever present, experienced through the portal of our heart by our actions of unconditional love.

    Course corrections
    Necessary when needed
    to regain or maintain
    peace of mind and an easeful body
    Course corrections
    allowing us to reach our goals most easily
    To reach our ultimate goal
    of knowing our soul
    most easily

    5. Every Day is a New Beginning

    Every day is a new beginning
    A chance to disarm the day's stress
    into a beautiful outcome
    by adapting and acting on the highest good
    allowing us to enjoy our time every day
    to be in a state of joy every day

    Part One: Alignment with the Highest Good

    When we awaken each day we have the opportunity and choice to live in a way that we can enjoy,  that will bring joy into our life. And this is by acting for the highest good of each situation that the day presents. By acting for the highest good we are assuring ourselves peace of mind, peace of mind and an energized body.

    The circumstances we are in from day to day may be repetitive and similar, but our own attitude and actions make the day painful or joyful for us. By our own attitudes and actions we are in charge of the outcome of each situation. When we are given lemons, we have the opportunity to make lemonade by 'sweetening' the outcome. We do that by taking one little nugget of truth out of an uncomfortable situation, and then using it as a stepping stone for improving the day's unresolved or inharmonious conflicts. By doing our part to be positive and constructive, by doing our best, we enjoy our native natural peace and ease. Conflict about what to do arises when we want to go with an idea we had our mind set on, before we have considered all the options.

    Why feel attached or set to follow a specific course when a more easeful option becomes apparent? In the end what will best preserve our peace of mind is that resolve which feels most comfortable to us and benefits everyone involved. Looking ahead to the results of a planned action helps us evaluate the best course to follow. If a decision needs to be made quickly, following our conscience keeps our body relaxed and our mind peaceful and free of stress.

    The best solution is not always the easiest way. We must have courage, summon up our energy by will power, and make affirmations to do what is best in each situation so that we can maintain peace of mind every day. It helps to remember that we will be living with the results of our decisions. When there is plenty of time to consider, write down all the options that come to mind. Make a pro and con list; then choose the course to follow. By looking at a problem as just an object, we create a little distance which gives us the perspective of seeing that the problem is an issue to be resolved that we are involved with, but that it is not part of our permanent being.

    Issues come and go
    but we remain
    the constant amidst change

    Sometimes we are so set in our mind on a certain track that we cannot disconnect ourselves and follow the better plan. But, by surrendering our attachment to our set ideas, our thinking expands and becomes open to considering other options. An ice cube is hard, frozen; but as it sits in water, it melts and blends into the whole glass of water. With us, as we allow our hardened perspectives to loosen, we blend, harmonize, with the options that are most easeful and peaceful with the whole of our life and our daily life in the world.

    Equitable resolve
    result of clear thinking
    in tune with the highest good

    Part Two: Living in our Center of Balance

    If we feel agitation in our body or mind we can use mental and bodily relaxation techniques such as meditation, regulated breathing, hatha yoga, and walking to calm ourselves. While feeling calm we can reflect on the internal cause or causes of our unrest. After reflecting on the reasons and circumstances leading to our agitation we can best consider and plan how to make changes in our life that will allow us to regain our center of balance. By living in our center of balance our body feels energized and healthy, and our mind is calm, clear, and full of inspiration with the outlook that will serve the highest good of ourselves, others, and all creation.

    Living in our center of balance allows us to experience our true self as an embodiment of joy. In joy we are energized and inspired to think, speak and act for the highest good as we go about our daily lives. As positive thoughts return positive results, and positive actions return positive reactions, we are ensuring ourselves of an uplifting daily life.

    Truly ourselves
    Living in our center of balance
    Experiencing ourselves
    as energized bodies of joy
    by holding positive thoughts
    producing positive results, daily
    and every day to come

    Part Three: Maintaining Daily Serenity

    Science has shown that people who impose the least stress upon themselves live the longest - and those that stress themselves die earliest of stress-related disease. The people who handle stress the best also enjoy life more fully. Healthy stress or 'unhealthy' stress? Healthy stress lets us know that something needs to be resolved. Healthy stress turns into 'unhealthy' stress from not dealing with the something that needs to be resolved in a positive and constructive manner. What we need to do is deal with stress as temporary situations knowing they will eventually have a resolve.

    Daily activities, by their very nature of action, are not serene in themselves. We can try,but it is physically impossible to make our actions serene. What we can make serene is our mental attitude while we are being busy and active. Serenity in the present comes from remembering that in the past every problem had a resolve. And, that therefore, every dilemma of the present moment and all future moments will have a resolve, also. If we truly keep this idea in mind we need not stray too far before recapturing our serenity.

    A calm interior
    even with a busy exterior
    by remembering that today's problems
    and all future problems will eventually by resolved
    Every day is a new beginning
    By adapting and acting on the highest good
    Joy maintained or
    Joy regained

    6. Faith and Trust, Useful Tools

    Looking back in our lives, we see that all of our problems had workable solutions, showing us that current and future situations will also be resolved.

    Knowing this, we can relax our tensions and misgivings about being able to cope with anything that comes up in our life.

    Faith: the belief and trust that everything works out.

    Faith and Trust
    Useful tools
    when recognized
    as allowing us
    to remain calm
    Becoming aware
    of the best workable solution
    in each situation

    In addition, by making our best effort from this point forward, we can have 100% faith that our future will bring us closer to realization and knowledge of our permanent reality of peace, bliss, and joy.

    7. Get Up and Out When Down

    Getting up and out
    when feeling down, or lying down
    draws fresh energy into our body
    uplifting our spirit

    Freshly energized, our attitudes and perceptions clarify and sharpen. The grit of indecision and staleness fall away, just as a whirling strainer throws off chaff, preserving the nutritious kernel.

    It takes initiative to get going. When feeling low, if we will take a moment to think back about how good we have felt during and after exercising, we will have the incentive to get ourselves out and energized again and again, relieving our down attitude and mood.

    When lying low
    For more energy
    Sit up
    Get up and move

    8. Handling Adversity

    There are positive and negative charges
    within every atom of creation

    These opposing energies interrelate,cooperate, causing motion, the flow of energy. Some energy solidifies, forming physical matter; some is felt, but unseen, as in heat and electricity.

    When confronted with adversity in other people we can retain our peacefulness by assuming a neutral position. Example: While driving a car, we can go forward, backward, or remain in neutral, as at a stop light, to avoid a collision while traffic crosses our path.

    Adversity in people, or a situation is 'cross traffic'.

    Allowing their opposing energy to go by, while remaining in neutral, keeps us out of an 'accident' of conflict.

    Our self-centeredness tempts us to pull out of neutral into conflict because we feel our point of view is being jeopardized. But, within the negative or opposing side of peace, there is no resolve that serves the highest good. Decisions out of strife fail, as they are not born of balance and harmony, nature's way to maintain universal order.

    Handling adversity
    Pausing, waiting
    while opposing energy passes by

     Later, conflict neutralized
    by cooperative action
    A positive outcome to adversity

    9. Let Go, Live Again

    Our lives are like honey combs
    with spaces to fill our time
    as we choose
    Most spaces filled
    with activities
    to maintain our body
    and lifestyle

    We also have spaces available
    for the intertwinings of relationship
    As we relate one on one
    we weave our threads of separateness
    into a tapestry
    which seems solid and permanent

    When a personal relationship disintegrates
    we feel pain
    as the cloth of our bonding is torn to shreds
    It hurts to rip apart
    from the relationships we create

    To once again establish
    our peace and harmony
    we can begin reweaving the torn threads
    into a more refined tapestry

    By upgrading our self-centered feelings into caringness, we relax and regain our sense of balance and harmony. Evolution is a natural building and tearing down process that makes space for refined and redesigned structures. A relationship fails to be a relationship when one or both can no longer grow within the current set of circumstances, conditions, and interactions.

    It is okay to begin rebuilding with a different set of circumstances and another person. We again take up our threads and begin reweaving a new and more refined pattern into our relationship cloth. It is the natural evolution.

    Eventually we create
    an intimate relationship
    out of mutual unconditional caring love
    steeped in harmony
    withstanding external pressure and changes

    It is a tapestry whose threads are as pure liquid silver, whose lightness and lovingness is eternal, and indestructible by mortal happenings. This kind of relationship is created when we live our life lovingly for the highest good of ourselves, and simultaneously for the highest good of the relationship.

    The pain of disintegration is a fiery refining process. Consciously allowing, surrendering, and letting go of an unworkable relationship forms a bridge to a better life for both.

    We create our reality as we choose
    based on past experience and insights

    In one area or another
    we're in process of building up
    or tearing down

    Pain is perceived
    when we feel we've lost

    But in reality we're rearranging
    to fulfill our needs and desires
    and learning to relate
    with unconditional love

    10. Moving On

    After walking through a doorway
    we close the door behind us

    In death
    We have already crossed
    into the Garden of Eden
    when we shed our physical body

    That's how all transitions occur
    Beginning anew
    Beginning something new
    means we've left something else behind

    We've left something else behind
    but not forgotten
    As every event
    Every experience in our life
    Contributes to the whole
    of who we now are

    11. Patience and Tolerance

Patience does not crimp the flow of events
Patience accepts and tolerates
the different ways we each have
of seeing and acting out life
Tolerance accepts that each of us
is doing what we need to for this moment

 Tolerance arises from a state of mental relaxation
that allows us to remain calm
when we see others acting in a way we think should be different
Caring love begets tolerance:
When we care about others, we act for them as a support system
We are not there to make another person's decisions
unless we are entrusted with others well-being
(such as for a little child or a childish adult)
To do so, robs another of control and ownership of their moment
The mental relaxation of patience
allows us to tolerate differences from ourselves
that we perceive in others:
their age, feelings, opinions, attitudes, religious beliefs,
political positions, appearances, habits, actions, and on and on
We are living in the large fish bowl of the world
our different perspectives on a given topic
allowing many ideas to float in the brine
With the attitude of caring love, peace, patience, and tolerance
ideas promoting the greatest good
arise to the surface of our consciousness
into clear light
ready to benefit all creation

Patience and Tolerance
Accepting differences
remaining peaceful
recognizing that each of us
has the right to determine our reality
Caring love
Being supportive
while not taking away another's right
to determine their reality

Why are we Impatient and Intolerant?

As humans we reach out to others to fill a void in life
We seek to find our completeness in the company of another
or by possession of an object
as if what another or anything outside of ourselves can offer
will make us happy
We expect a certain behavior from our mate
and are often disappointed
Disillusionment and sadness follow
when our mate does not fulfill our desires
We often keep looking to new people in search of happiness
We become impatient and intolerant
when we realize
the world outside of ourselves cannot give us happiness
But where does happiness lie?
We know happiness exists
because we see happiness in other people
Until we discover that our source of happiness is being carried along
right within us
at every moment of our lives
we will continue to look outside of ourselves
for a source to make us happy
We remain impatient and intolerant with our relationships
and dealings in the world
until we learn to relax into our own internal state of happiness

Happiness, a Quality of our Soul

Happiness is dependent on no outside stimulus
to be felt or attained
Happiness is part of our real nature
always present
but covered by the disillusionment in mortal life
that an outward quest will give us lasting and fulfilling satisfactions
If we look inwardly
reflecting on an action that we performed out of caring
we will remember that we then felt happy
That is a true experience of happiness in life
If every action performed is done
with the mental attitude of caring
then happiness will naturally be uppermost
in our consciousness

Even acts which seem selfish on the surface
because they are done for ourselves
such as taking good care of our body
by eating properly, bathing, resting, and exercise
are not selfish if our attitude is to preserve our life
This kind of 'selfishness' is right and necessary

So, again, happiness in life is a personal quality
present in all, felt by those who genuinely care for others
patience and tolerance arising in us
from our relaxed state of mind

Human Love to Perfect Love

Human love becomes perfect love
the manifestation of the soul's true nature
by consciously caring and acting
for the highest good of others
Energy used in a positive manner keeps caring and loving feelings
uppermost in our mind
Energy comes to us all the time via food, sunlight, air, and water
And, additionally
if we allow our body to be perfectly still
sitting, standing, or lying down
while remaining fully awake
our mind will follow the lead and calm down, relax
becoming aware of the inner sound of creation
This is the state of meditation
Union with our Creative Source
This vibratory hum, perceived in our brain
under the top of our skull
underlies all of our changing thoughts

This very peaceful
yet highly energized vibration
is a constant presence that we can attune with
to more fully energize our mental
and physical states of existence

This happens because when we are feeling peaceful, yet energized
we are not putting up negative blocks
to our natural spring of ever-new happiness
that is arising from our own soul
into our body and mind
As the nature of our soul is not limited
by having a physical or mental form
we are drawing from the infinite supply house
of the energy supporting our soul
This intense revitalizing energy carries us along
without any effort on our part
except that we must keep a positive, caring attitude
avoiding the roadblock of stilted negative, self-defeating attitudes
and their subsequent self-limiting thoughts and actions

We're called to practice every day
Patience show in every way
Patience that develops attitudes of tolerance
Tolerance for our own shortcomings
Tolerance for other's shortcomings
and the patience to accept them all…
The boon of meditation and positive attitudes
Calming our mind
Energizing our body
A fuller experience of happiness arising from within
Swelling out
upon our waking consciousness

    12. Progress in Consciousness is a Process
Progress in consciousness is a process
Tribulation into Transformation

Transformation revealing
that lasting happiness
is free from dependence on stimulants
accumulation of possessions
and relationships out of neediness

Transformation into awareness
that what is here
is for our use
in the process of progressing

Process, Processing
Progressing in Consciousness

And a reminder
that while we are here
The Love of our Creator
unites us all together as One

We are One now
We have always been One
One Spirit
permeating every atom of creation

We become aware in ourselves
that the throb of the Energy-Spirited
All-encompassing Vibrant Force
While One
Manifests through each of us
in our thoughts and actions

A Loving Spirit

Sustaining us
from and with
Unlimited Consciousness

    13. Straddling the Horse

    We gallop along through life
    And using courage to proceed
    become more proficient as we go

    First, we practice mounting the horse
    then walking, trotting, and at last galloping
    the wind rushing by
    invigorating, enlivening

    We have more energy to enjoy life by maintaining our balance. And following the directive of our conscience keeps us steady in the saddle of life's galloping horse.

    In order to hear our conscience, we need a healthy body, calm mind, and positive loving attitudes.

    Living should be a balance of work and play, incorporating caringness. By maintaining our balance, we most easily hear our conscience telling us the surest, safest routes to use for the many adventures we take down the road of life.

    We feel best, happiest and satisfied by keeping on course while journeying.

    Straddling the horse of life
    happily well-seated
    by following our conscience
    beginning to end

    Relaxed and Safe

    Feeling relaxed and safe in our body allows us to confront any issue or person who disagrees with, or threatens our values. Everyone and everything influences us, but we have free will to choose our reactions.

    We fear an encounter when we feel we will have to give up our position or attitudes, or be coerced into doing what feels uncomfortable to us.

    Before confronting a conflict we need to remember what our body felt like when we were enjoying an activity, relive again the warmth circulating throughout us. We are in control and master of our actions and reactions. We can practice feeling this way by just bringing a happy thought to our mind, while in a safe setting.

    When a potential conflict threatens, we need to remember what our body felt like during our practice session, and then relax into that state of consciousness, feeling whole, complete, and safe in our body and in control of our mind. No one can influence us without our permission. We are entitled to our own ideas and values. We do not have to take on uncomfortable or unacceptable ideas. We must use courage to preserve our ideas and integrity.

    Bravely, while feeling safe and secure in our body, we should confront those issues holding us back from freely expressing ourselves in the world.

    We each can and must learn to be courageous in order to expand and experience our humanness within humanity, fully.

    Courageousness reborn
    when we accept our birthright
    to fully Be

    Courage to Live our Convictions

    Children show courage from infancy, putting forth great energy in their struggle to reach adulthood.

    It takes courage to do anything new, to keep expanding. Sometimes, as adults, we reach a level of comfortableness, coping with life sufficiently well to just stop putting forth more effort into growth and expansion. But why be content to live short of the mark?

    Courage requires a positive attitude, opening us, exposing us to the vibrant energy of our inner Source. When we feel this vibrancy energizing our body we feel we can soar. We feel the strength of will to overcome what we have been resisting. Positive attitudes bring up the energy within us to again be courageous, as we once were as children.

    Life is for living and experiencing fully
    in the highest way we can

    As adults we have learned the keys to survival. We now have time to reach for the fulfillment of inner awareness, time to search out our roots of existence and human-beingness.

    Courage. Let's use its energy to search out and discover more profound levels of consciousness by becoming an inner explorer.

    For inner discovery we were born
    Let's have the sincere courage
    to discover our Self

    Developing Sincerity

    Sincerity is having the full intention of carrying out our words as promised.

    a rarity

    We often shade our feelings and thoughts. It requires courage to say and act upon our convictions, but sincere communication achieves our goals most expeditiously. We avoid roundabout explanations. And others see us as stable and trustworthy.

    In our words and actions, sincerity allows us to relax, because we are acting from our true Self, our Self that knows and acts on truth. And when we are relaxed into the saddle of life, firmly mounted in the seat of our Self, others around us relax more, too.

    Sincerity a rarity
    Harmony of words in action
    Allowing peace

    Masters of our Destiny

    No matter what our age
    we are students of life
    till we, by being courageous
    maintain our life harmoniously
    Till we choose for the best resolve
    in each situation
    regardless of temptation for self-gratification
    Mastering our destiny
    when we act consistently on what is best
    self-centeredness surrendered
    Consciousness rendered

    14. Time as Liquid Silver

    Given quality
    Brightened capacity
    Flows through our lives
    as liquid silver

    Liquid silver; valuable, held dear, expandable, expendable.

    Time is flowing with a variable volume. When we are energetic we get more done in an hour than we would at a casual pace.

    One hour may by 60 minutes, but we can make it more valuable, liquid silver, by increasing the quality we put into that 60 minutes.

    All aspects of living can have the quality of liquid silver if we always act from our highest consciousness. Each moment we use our free will to decide how to act. We can upgrade, viewing our time as precious silver; or downgrade, viewing our time as dust, to be whisked away. Our choice.

    Journeying in Time

    Taking a leisurely drive, we enjoy the passing scenery without worrying about our destination.

    During the journey of living we should enjoy what every moment holds, without putting off our goal of happiness or fulfillment for the distant future. We limit our opportunity to enjoy the present by thinking the future will be better.

    Life's a string of connected events
    giving shape to our time
    Integral links
    in the whole experience
    of living

    We enjoy the present moment with the depth and insight we have gained in living. Past positive attitudes and choices compound, leading us to naturally fulfilling outcomes in the present. And today's positive actions continue this process into our future.

    Living each moment
    from our highest consciousness
    Insures a continuously more fulfilling
    Experience of life

    Self-knowledge Improves the Quality of our Time

    Self-knowledge: Knowing and being able to draw from our inner Source.

    Self-knowledge forms the foundation for building a happy, fulfilling life. When our actions are inline with the highest good we are contributing to our sense of wholeness and well-being, just as a house built upon a foundation with straight and true lumber creates a framework that perfectly supports its visible outer coverings.

    By our actions we are known
    With the insight of self-knowledge
    we can create beautifully

    Self-knowledge is like drinking from an ever-flowing spring of clarity. When we need guidance in any situation, the way that preserves our personal peace comes to mind. It is an open telephone line, directly from the pervading universal cellular harmony to our conscious mind. The more we converse on this open direct line to our all-knowing Source, the more we can use and incorporate these directives reliably. After awhile, the flow becomes so integrated into our waking consciousness, that the best resolve is automatic. This is open communication in its purest sense, the ultimate application of self-knowledge.

    Some techniques to develop the connection with our Source are: ethical living, caring actions, meditation, and self-analysis.

    Brought out from within
    Imbues our daily actions
    With truth and harmony

    Personal Integrity
    Increases the Quality of our Time

    Personal integrity is living in accordance with our highest state of consciousness.

    We continuously create our reality by our choices, moment to moment, creating and maintaining harmony by following our conscience and acting for the highest good.

    Personal integrity
    takes courage

    We are being courageous in living according to our conscience, when it would be easy to hide from others the fact that we are not following our conscience. It is easier to slide down the hill of life, maintaining or digressing in our current state of consciousness, than to follow the sometimes hard climb up the path of what we know is right. The reward for continually upgrading our personal integrity is that we become more conscious of our harmonious self-effulgent nature.

    Through living with personal integrity, others notice that we can be trusted. We become a trustworthy friend, an asset to our world family.

    By integrating our highest consciousness
    we enjoy the most happiness in living

    Plotting a Course Unlimited

    What dimension is unlimited by time, place, space?


    Caring beyond ourselves brings warm-feeling energy into our body, into our waking consciousness, to be used in our interactions. Lovingness propels us to break free from the idea that we have a limited supply of mental, emotional, and physical energy.

    The unlimited energy
    brought on by our lovingness
    catapults us beyond
    the concept of limitation

    Our inner guide, our conscience, is awakened and developed by our being unconditionally loving in our daily living. As we incorporate lovingness into every circumstance in living, we preserve our awareness of harmony and connectedness as interwoven threads in the cloth of creation.

    Plotting a course unlimited
    unbounded by time, place, space
    when using the energy brought on by lovingness

    The Transience of Form in Time

    In conclusion some thoughts...

    Science has shown
    that physical form is compressed energy
    To our eye, matter appears solid
    unmoving, unchanging
    In reality, everything is changing its form

    Our bodies change a lot over our lifetime
    from a speck at conception
    to billions of cells at maturity
    in a state of flux, renewal, continually

    All the while our body is changing
    it is occupied
    by the same consciousness
    our Self
    In whatever form our body appears
    at whatever age
    we are always able to say
    It is me

    During all the changes
    of our body and surroundings
    we preserve our happiness
    by adapting to
    and accepting the format of the moment
    gracefully flowing from this moment's form
    into the next

    Within the changing format
    of energy and matter
    a consciousness exists, persists
    untouched by change
    that is not bounded by limitations of time

    Our connection
    within the unchanging consciousness
    is our feeling of lovingness
    manifested in caring actions

    Lovingness stands on its own

    The transient forms of time and energy
    used in expressions of love
    is how we make our time
    as liquid silver

    15. Transitions

    Each moment
    is transitory to the next

    Life is a long series of transitions, moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day, birth to childhood, to adulthood, to death, to after death.

    We can easefully flow and allow change as it naturally occurs, and in this way grow in fullness and maturity, ripening well as fruits on the tree ripen and share with whomever need them. Or, we can mentally, emotionally, and physically resist the changes, which happen anyway.

    Resisting change takes more energy than flowing and accepting. It is harder to stand still against the pounding ocean surf than to float atop the waves. Resistance or acceptance is our choice.

    We resist the change of transition
    out of fear of the unknown
    But the underlying reality
    is always harmoniously flowing
    for our highest good
    and it feels good

    Conscious transitions lead on an upward curve into greater awareness of our whole composite nature, which is powered by a permanent electric-type energy that we call spiritual energy, sustaining us through all the transitory moments of eternity.

    Perhaps the greatest transition we fear
    is the moment before physical death
    The fear of that one millionth of a second transition
    occupies and uses up a lot of the energy
    of the moments before death

    It makes more sense to observe mother nature and note that all physical forms only change from physical to energy to physical to energy over and over again. No atom on any plane of existence is ever lost, only in one of its various momentary forms. We can't see energy with our physical eyes so we think that when a physical form disintegrates it is gone forever. Nature itself disproves this. Physics disproves this. The physical has only made a transition to the invisible energy and will probably come into another physical form some day.

    There are no breaks or spaces of emptiness in the transition between the various states of being. Whether mineral, plant, animal, or human, there is absolutely no way there could ever be a void of consciousness during transitions.

    a process of change

    Watch a paper burn. First the paper is just as it is. Then the lit match touches the paper causing a slight discoloration where the paper is converting to heat energy and then, before our eyes we fully feel and see the heat and flame, the energy, manifesting itself. Then we see a pile of ash. The ash mixed into the earth nourishes a new seedling, perhaps again becoming paper later on. All that we observed were transitions of matter to energy to matter. Was there ever an empty space, a state of nothingness? No.

    Our physical death is a transition
    to our state of energy
    There is no break in consciousness
    no empty space
    as this occurs

    When we sleep at night our waking consciousness withdraws from the sense organs, rests, then returns upon waking. Later that day consciousness again withdraws. We survive that transition of energy being in our limbs to energy being withdrawn from our limbs, back and forth every day. We do not experience any discomfort or sense of loss as our senses withdraw and we fall into sleep. We continue on. We easefully make the transition every day.

    From these observations we see that all life continues on, only its visible form disappears from our physical sight. We can feel our unseen oneness with our family and friends, feel our unseen ties at this moment, those ties not dependent on anyone's physical presence with us, when we are feeling the energy form of manifestation that we call love.

    The energy of love
    A continuing stream of spirit
    pervading every atom
    of every state of being, form, and consciousness
    in the form and format of harmony
    The harmony of transition
    coming from mentally allowing
    change in format
    transition of form
    The energy of love
    remaining the constant

    16. Traumatic Events

    Traumatic events
    Life-changes in our reality
    that affect us
    emotionally, mentally, and physically

    What changes is changed, there is no reversing. We can use our free will to either resist, or adapt gracefully.

    During trauma it is okay to allow ourselves to feel and express naturally. Knowing that there will be a level plateau ahead for recuperation, allows us to express ourselves fully, as befits the current situation, and then go on.

    Experiencing fully
    Learning and growing
    Experiencing some more
    Learning and growing
    into the full blossoming
    of our humanity

    Every event
    into the whole of who we are
    at this moment

    Ever changing
    Ever growing
    throughout the sequence of
    life's events

    17. Traveling Through Transitions

    Traveling to an unfamiliar destination
    along an unknown road

    Body, mind, and emotions are tuned to a higher pitch during transitions, drawing on our reserves. To do what is unfamiliar takes more concentrated energy than repeating habitual actions.

    We can draw in fresh energy to help us keep up with above normal need by increasing aerobic activity, and upgrading our store of energy through deep relaxation and meditation.

    During major transitions, such as the death of a loved one, keeping some familiar habits in our daily routine provides us continuity and stability, giving the untraveled road ahead an underlying stable base.

    Traveling through transition
    occurs more easily
    by carrying along baggage
    of familiar habits and activities
    And incorporating
    meditation and relaxation
    into our routine

    18. Truly Ourselves, Living in our Center of Balance

    We know we are being true to ourselves
    if our body feels relaxed
    and our mind is peaceful
    while living our lives

    If we feel agitation in our body or mind we can use mental and bodily relaxation techniques such as meditation, regulated breathing, hatha yoga, and walking to calm ourselves.

    While feeling calm we can reflect on the internal cause or causes of our unrest. After reflecting on the reasons and circumstances that led to our agitation we can best consider and plan how to make changes in our life that will allow us to regain our center of balance.

    Living in our center of balance
    our body feels energized and healthy
    Our mind is calm, clear, and full of inspiration
    with the outlook that will serve the highest good
    of ourselves, others, and all creation

    Living in our center of balance
    allows us to experience our True Self
    as an embodiment of joy
    In joy we are energized and inspired
    to think, speak, and act for the highest good

    As positive thoughts return positive results
    and positive actions return positive reactions
    we are insuring ourselves an uplifting daily life now
    and every day to come

    Truly ourselves
    by living in our center of balance
    Experiencing ourselves
    as energized bodies of joy
    by holding positive thoughts
    producing positive results, daily
    and every day to come
    Experiencing ourselves, fully
    as energized bodies of joy

    19. Visits on Earth

Why do we visit earth?
As immortal souls
we enter these bodies
filled with vibrant energy
growing in lovingness
experiencing our harmonious place
in creation
Then, sliding out
we rejoin our Creator-Sustainer once again
mature, enriched
able to enjoy the fullness of our eternal home
we ventured from as babes

At our beginning on earth we come as pure, clean canvasses. As our own artist, we fill up our canvas with our impressions from living. Some impressions we retain because they are beautiful to the inner eye, our conscience, and some aspects we refine till the entire canvas is a completely balanced, beautiful, inspiring masterpiece.

The blank canvas was clear, but by our good deeds and expanded consciousness the completed masterpiece is radiant.

Steps to building the masterpiece:

1. The Golden Rule: Treat others as we would like to be treated. This means to harm no one by
words, deeds, or even thoughts. Thought vibrations travel between us over unseen paths, as the law of this universe is that for every action there is a comparable reaction. When we initiate good acts, our reward is that good experiences happen to us. Initiate an evil or negative thought, word, or deed and the reward will bounce back as an unhappy or painful event. Like for like. In this light, if we keep a positive attitude and help as opportunity arises, we will feel good in the moment and set the stage for further positive happenings.

2. Spending time in meditation: A still body helps still our mind. In the stillness of meditation we come to observe an inner vibration apart from our physical sense of hearing, and apart from our thoughts. Tuning in to this always present, constant, self-sustaining vibration calms us even more. The peace attained by observing this inner sound allows our mind to become very calm. Then we are able to listen to our inner voice of conscience which knows right from wrong and what is for the highest good of all concerned in our present dilemma.

So, by following the golden rule and by meditating, we set the stage for our balanced development and add to the beauty of the masterpiece of our lives that we are creating.

Attitude Makes a Difference

When we keep a positive attitude in following the golden rule, we are more likely to see good solutions.

A simple chore is boring to some and joyful to others. How can this be? The action performed is the same. The difference lies in one's attitude.

When performing actions with only thoughts of how we ourselves will benefit, we don't find lasting peace, contentment, happiness. Self-centeredness causes our mind to continually think of ways to please itself. No feelings of joy are felt because the whims of the mind preoccupy our time.

A caring attitude
with those around us
brings up our heart feelings
a warmness we feel in our body
and in our uplifted, expanded attitude

When we perform our daily work with the attitude of caring, we feel good. Just the attitude of caring draws energy into our body. The more caring we become, building up our level of happiness, the more we see the wisdom of our positive actions.


Experience, analyses, right deduction: Wisdom

Wisdom comes
from making the effort to learn
from every action
If we analyze and apply these lessons
in succeeding times
a best choice comes more easily

Wisdom provides a wise dome. The dome covers us with a shield against wrong action. When wisdom is achieved, the right easeful way seems the natural way.

A way to project wisdom right now is to have caring feelings for all people and the creation. When we act from our heart, we do what is best for all. When our mind is clouded by selfishness we can not make the best decision. When we act from lovingness we are doing only good.

we attain and begin living in wisdom
Our lives becoming
easeful, peaceful, useful, and happy
When we realize this happiness
we are realizing our immortal soul
Happiness is a quality
unaffected by time, place, or circumstance
Happiness is always with us
felt when we act in harmony
with our fellow human
and all creation


Purity is another quality that contributes to us creating a beautiful masterpiece of our soul. Purity is the highest level of consciousness we can realize. It is the eternal essence of each atom of us and the universe.

Living purely
our peaceful mind

When a cut glass crystal is squeaky clean, sun light shining through reflects out perfectly. When our mind is cleaned and purified by right living the divine light reflects out perfectly. The divine light serves as a beacon and model to all. As a lighthouse beacon shows ships the way to safety from a turbulent ocean storm, so the divine light shining from the pure person guides and points the way for others that they may come home safely to their full soul awareness, full soul development.

Pure of heart
Clear of mind
Life is calm
All is fine

Being conscious that everything we think and do has an affect on us and others, should spark us to aim for inner purity if we want to realize our easeful, peaceful Self, our soul in its fullness.

While here on earth
having become a reflection
a reflection of pure love
We will no longer need to revisit
No longer need the transitory elements
of body and mind
We will fly free
just as we see a butterfly emerging
flying free of its confines
free from the confines of its cocoon
As with the butterfly
we are released from the confines
of our body and mind cocoon
freely expanding
freely expanding in joy!

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