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Passion Expanded

commentary by Susan Kramer
published by Creations in Consciousness
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Passion possesses tremendous energy.

When passion loses its borders of self-centered pursuits, it expands into compassion.

Spiritually, when we want to experience the ultimate joy, when we want to experience God, we need to put energy, passion, into the pursuit of compassion.

What really gives us our goal of joy, bliss, God is energy applied as compassion in every moment of living. We are no longer bound up in self-centeredness; we are expanded into feeling the needs of the highest good of the moment. And, in acting energetically for the highest good of the moment, we experience the universal energy supporting the seen and unseen creation.

Passion to Compassion

To apply 'passion to compassion' to lustful thoughts, it is feeling the moment's lust - passion, and slipping right into caring about the needs of the object of our lust¾ compassion. This breaks us out of our self-centered attitude into expansiveness.

The exclusiveness of feeling the need to possess then becomes expansive in the thought of what can I give?

And right in the moment of this transition of lust into caring love our body is filled with energy, and our mind feels that indescribable joy we call God.

To experience God have passion for all
in the form of compassion for all

In daily living when lustful feelings arise, rather than suppressing, try expressing caring love for the person¾ it feels good in body and mind, and the other benefits from our caring energy. And, more than just feeling good to us, the attitude of caring energizes us into actions that are go(o)d-like, that serve the highest needs of all those with whom we come into contact, and with the creation.

As with all new practices the perfection of moving from lust to caring love, the transcendence of being self-centered to self-giving, and its reward of joy and bliss, takes time and application.

Compassion in attitude and action can be with us, enlivening, at each moment¾not the temporary event of the few moments spent in the fulfillment of lust.

Passion expanded
Self-centered becoming Self-giving
Opening the doorway to enjoy a steady stream of joy

Passion Expanded - Compassion and artwork © 2000-2011 Susan Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
published by Creations in Consciousness
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Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer
Susan Kramer, M.A.,M.Div. is an international author of more than 50 collections and 150 articles on rhythmic dance, ballet, music, philosophy, yoga, relationships, practical spirituality and social issues, and lives with her husband, Stan Schaap in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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