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Receiving Wise Advice

Experience by Susan Kramer

I enjoy a period of peace of mind both during and after meditating. As my mind becomes still, my body does, too. And if I’m under the weather meditation gives me a rest from worry and pain.


Sometimes a lucid dream also gives me a push in a higher or purer direction. Last night I had one of these dreams:


I walked into a room that was about 150 feet square. It seemed to be near dusk as I could just see what was around me. The floor was a medium brown varnished plank wood with a burnished red tone that looked clean but well used. Columns of wood stood in the corners bearing a similar reddish tone. I don’t remember looking over head. The windows were covered with wood lattice panels, which probably explained the subdued light. Solid wood chairs were placed along the walls but the center of the room was clear and covered by an area rug in a deep red, maroon and cobalt blue pattern reminiscent of how I think of Tibet. (This last observation will give you a hint of who I was to meet in the dream.)


The general atmosphere was uplifting and peaceful. As I had felt a desire in my waking life to one day meet the person I had grown to most revere in my life, I was about to get my wish.


I like to read inspiring stories and watch videos about the lives of those who live in the highest way. These stories stay in my mind and inspire me to act for the highest good.


The benefit of meeting one of these people in a lucid dream is I could ask at least one question to clarify some point I was pondering. I knew they would have a wise opinion.


Can you guess who joined me in the room and did leave me feeling inspired when I awoke. Yes, it was the Dalai Lama.


The back story on this is the first day I arrived in Amsterdam from America to marry Stan I was confronted with an entire wall of videos in his apartment. I picked out and we watched “Seven Years in Tibet.”





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Receiving Wise Advice  © 2020 Susan Kramer; photo by Stan Schaap overlooking Santa Barbara


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About the Author: A meditation and yoga practitioner and international author since 1976, Susan Kramer writes on practical spirituality, family and social issues, and dance. Her instructional books are listed at her web site – http://www.susankramer.com/books.html

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