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Mission of the Christmas Angel

by Susan Helene Kramer

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Christmas time comes once a year
But lives forever in our thoughts
When we extend a helping hand
With loving kindness in our heart.

She was sitting on a window seat gazing out on the snow that had fallen during the night. The angel was disguised in the garb of an elder, obvious from her flowing silver-streaked locks and relaxed bent posture. She had been through and seen so much during her many days; knew it would not be long before her tresses and skin matched the blanketing drifts outside.

But in the meantime she was using these moments of reflection to think back on what she had done with her life. Had she used it wisely? Had she done all that she had come for?

Deeper and deeper her memory searched back and looked at events where she had an opportunity to help others, especially children in life and death circumstances.

There had been several children she'd pulled from the clutches of death who would have drowned. Two youngsters had fallen into swimming pools and she was the one who saw them at the bottom, and without a second thought had jumped in and pulled them out, almost as if they had never fallen in.

And then there was the time a boy of 11 had drifted out on the early winter's ocean surf on a child's raft. Because his legs had become cold with hypothermia he could not kick to get himself back to shore. She had run into the breaking waves with more will than strength, while calling to others to help drag him to safety.

Now that she was too tired to run on the beach her acts of selfless love had taken a new turn. While she would sit at her computer she would go deeply within and dream up stories and meditations to help others fulfill their mission on earth of developing beautiful souls, by using opportunities as they arose to contribute to a better world for all.

Particularly, she wrote on how parents could guide children to be the best they could grow to be. She shared hints she'd learned along the way, with the intent of instilling spirituality in hearts and minds through simple kindness. And as parents would be teaching, so they too would get ideas on how to actively care.

Was the mission of the Christmas angel accomplished?

I'd say it was, as this morning when glancing over at the window seat I saw the reflection of where she had been as a glowing light, stretching outside, shimmering on the snow, rising above the trees and beyond the horizon.

And the memory came to mind this Christmas morning that Christ's message lives eternally: Expend energy lovingly with each other, as He loves each of us heart in Heart.

Is there any better way that a Christmas angel would live?


Article by Susan Helene Kramer, and photo of street snow scene of Christmas at top of page by Stan Schaap

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