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An Angel on My Shoulder

Susan Helene Kramer


Ever since I was a little girl I've known my best friend was my angel on my shoulder. She's the first one I go to with the practical and serious questions in life. We talk with our thoughts. She understands my every need and provides wise advice.


My job is to listen closely to her even when I want to do something that doesn't sit quite right in my belly. I know I'm listening to her good advice when I feel relaxed and energized by my plans. Isn't it the same for all of us?!


Even though I call her a she, maybe angels are really gender neutral.


I imagine that she's made up of an invisible fine tissue-like substance moving gracefully like the wind. As with the wind, I can see right through her. At times her breath is like a gentle sensation on my cheek. Then I know she's asking me to pay attention, and I should turn inward and listen to those helpful thoughts coming to mind.


There are occasions on my journey when I think she has gathered together a few of her angel friends to keep me from going astray. Those are the times I really need to change course to get back on a happy track, or not do any harm.


Angels can materialize


My personal angel even materialized into the visible realm at least once, (which was back in 1998, before I had a cell phone). I was stranded 100 yards offshore and no one was in sight. The tide had risen so there was no sandy beach remaining, only a vertical cliff.


I was really petrified when I realized I had been caught out on the ocean with just protruding lava rocks scattered around me. I closed my eyes and said to God, "If you want me to continue living you 'll have to send someone to help me."


A minute later, when I opened my eyes a man was 10 feet in front of me, also standing on a protruding rock. He said "Follow in my footsteps and you'll be fine." After following him for more than an hour we made it to shore farther up the coast where the cliff ended.


Yes, it was a man, so when appearing in visible form angels can appear as male or female. A detail is that his body was about the same size as mine with shoulder length hair, wearing Bermuda shorts, a shirt, and sneakers. For more about my experience stranded on the ocean go to


I hope this little story will remind you to listen to your personal angel. He or she is with you always while you're a human being. I don't know if we need a personal angel in heaven, or if we can even serve as an angel for someone who has a physical body.


My dear brothers and sisters, we have not been stranded on earth, even when we see no one around. Our Creator knows we need all the help we can get to grow into Divinity, and that is by making good use of our days on earth to expand in the fullness of love.


By being loving

We feel energized and full of love.



Story by Susan Helene Kramer; photo of beach and lava rocks where I was stranded by Stan Schaap


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