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The Light of the Astral World

Experience by Susan Kramer

A few days ago I was looking at photos of my son, now over a half century old, beginning with his birth. I picked out one where he was 6 months old, sitting on a carpet at my parents’ house. I featured it in a post on FaceBook honoring his birthday.


My parents passed away many years ago and I haven’t really thought about them too deeply in a long time. But as I sat looking at this photo I started missing my mother acutely and even cried a little. I was remembering my mother in that setting and how I felt back then.


While I was still feeling weepy an extraordinary globe of bright light appeared next to the right side of my face containing the animated face of my mother. And my mother in her own voice said to me “I am always with you.”


This vision lasted a couple of seconds but has remained in my memory as being real, a comfort, an unbreakable connection.


It was a day before I related this experience to my husband. And now writing about this event several days later, I’m very grateful to see and hear that my dear mother is with me and always has been.


I realized that the astral light I saw, being much brighter than earthly light, must be of a finer substance than scientist know about at this time.


I was perceiving the experience with my mind which must be traversing the physical and astral worlds.


And how wonderful that the luminous astral world revealed itself to me in those moments. Further, I am old enough to know that sooner rather than later I will be transitioning to this bright world beyond physical barriers.


I have occasionally been in the luminous place of mind in deep meditation. It is not just bright light, but a warm, expansive, and joyful feeling of stretching out as much as I want, as far as I want without restraints.


To finish relating this experience I’d like to share that even if we can’t physically see someone, they are with us in the communion of our astral minds. Deep meditation is one way to enjoy this inseparable union.


The worlds of mind appear divided

But in fact are one.

We discover eternal unity

By relaxing into the deepest recesses

Of mind, our eternal mind in God.  





The Light of the Astral World  © 2020 Susan Kramer; photo flying over the clouds by S. Schaap


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