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Our Super Charged Body of Energy


Susan Helene Kramer

Lo and behold was I surprised last night to discover a previously hidden super dimension of my body.


I found myself at the end of a dream, looking for a broom in a walk-in closet. There before me was a thin tall man all in black, sort of like a dressed skeleton, his face unseen to me as he was looking down toward his chest.


I had the choice to stay and walk into the room to fetch the broom, or leave to avoid being near the man. I stayed.


He walked over to me and looked like he wanted a hug, which I thought I could do. But instead he reached out his arms toward me with his fingers moving in repetitive grappling motions. And when he was within a few inches of me I felt an incredible radiant energy emanate from within myself, from everyplace he was grappling.


He did not touch my physical dream body, yet I felt the warm radiant energy in my real physical body. At this point I awoke and let the experience continue by laying still and keeping my eyes closed. His grappling hands moved all over me, but never touching, and at every point my radiant energy burst forth. Wow.


I was not previously aware that we have such a strong radiant energy body. I know that this energy body sustains my physical body. It is this body that powers my creative energy. This energy body which is within and a part of all creation powers everything.


Now, I feel light in step, and energized to do what is good and right each day of my life. It ties in with my recent New Year resolution to make the best of each day. This is a boon, and I'm a witness to its powerful existence within us all.


From deep in meditation

The power of God seeps forth

Ever with us in the energetic warmth

Of radiant energy.

Our Super Charged Body of Energy copyright 2016 Susan Helene Kramer. Photo of Our Loving Mother Basilica in Maastricht, The Netherlands by Stan Schaap


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