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Beyond Lucid Dreaming with Our Cat

Experience by Susan Kramer

Ten years ago my husband and I suffered through a siege of shingles. We each had an attack with fever and sores over half our torso; mine on the right side and his on the left side. It took us at least 6 months to heal and feel our energy return to normal.


I want to mention that we had a pet cat at the time who slept between us in the bed each night. She didn’t start out there, but rather crept onto the bed and settled against my lower legs when she deemed I’d had enough time to fall asleep – 2 minutes after pulling the covers up.


Early one morning after we were feeling better, while I was starting to come back from a deep meditation while lying in bed, and my husband was still asleep, I had a lucid dream experience:


I was lying on my back in bed and I felt hubby roll toward me for a morning hug, which was just what I had been missing while we were both sick. As we were warmly hugging our cat started to walk around us in circles on the bed. She kept this up while we were hugging.


Now, this is the beyond the beyond part. I eventually opened my eyes and found that the cat was indeed circling us, but that my husband was still lying separate and asleep. He had not rolled over for a hug!


I was totally surprised as the experience seemed like it was happening physically, but in reality it was happening in another dimension, not with our physical bodies.


What do you think of that? Have any of you had what seemed a physical experience, but was really experienced in another dimension?


In retrospect I thought I must have really needed a hug, and my usual balloon of reality expanded for the time being to include a deeper view of the dimensions open to our experience.


I now think we have unlimited dimensions of being and can be wherever we wish through deep meditation. I think I got my hug because I was coming back from my morning meditation and still in that expanded reality.


But how was I aware of the cat physically walking around us on the bed while I was in another dimension?  And why was she walking around us in circles, encircling us?


That was not her usual behavior.



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Beyond Lucid Dreaming with Our Cat  © 2020 Susan Kramer; photo of Katje from family archive


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