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My Cat Connection - True Story

Susan Helene Kramer

What a surprise. She was sitting on the front porch handrail, leaning back against the brick wall, looking out to the street, her furry brown cat tail flicking back and forth. I was at my computer on the inside of the window next to the porch, unobserved by her. (See the setting in this picture.)


Slowly I stood up and quietly went into the hall, and peered at this furry girl through the lacy curtains covering the front door glass. I held still. Slowly she turned her head to face me and held me in her gaze, those same golden eyes looked into mine that I had last seen in my beloved cat, Katje, who passed over the rainbow bridge a year ago.


Soon, she jumped off the rail and in three bounds sprung out of the front garden and disappeared across the street.


I was left feeling that I really had communed with my dear old Katje, that this outer form may have been slightly different, but the recognition for both of us was real and true.


It was as I looked into her eyes that I felt the old connection, the presence I had been so sorely missing these past months, and I was comforted.


A realization


This was a peak experience for me, I learned that the connection of love flows through us, interlocking us in life that is everlasting, encompassing forms not just human.

My Cat Connection and photos copyright © 2016 Susan Helene Kramer.


Photo of Katje on back porch rail several years ago…



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