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Physical Mental Ethereal Connection

by Susan Kramer


These thoughts came to me after reading the account of the microscopic particles that were in sync while separated by a great distance; that responded to each other’s movements instantaneously.


With our eyes we see physical objects standing separately, but that is not their reality. If we use a microscope with enough magnification we see that all molecules are interlocked in a woven dimensional fabric; when one portion moves all is affected, like 3-D spandex.




And how do we explain the fluid nature of thoughts conjuring up any scene or scenario in or out of the universe?


Thoughts, too, must be made up of super small atoms that are so tightly interrelated, it is as if they have no boundaries.


It is looking to me like we are part of a universe that is interlocked and intermeshed so that the consciousness in one part becomes part of the whole.


I’ve found I have control over my physical body using my thoughts. This makes sense because thoughts are smaller segments than the physical parts.


Ethereal Energy


If I think an uplifting thought I feel energized, and if feeling physically unwell the warm feeling of being energized lifts my physical cells back into harmony, flowing together more freely with a stronger force than the sluggishness I feel when sick.


Other helps that make me feel more energetic are warm drinks, a hot shower, a deep meditation that leaves my physical body at peace.


And when feeling physically well, I maintain my stamina by walking and breathing rhythmically. Hatha yoga is another harmonizing activity I practice that combines movement with rhythmic breathing.




If we are inseparable parts of each dimension: the outer physical to the inmost thoughts, and the ether (spiritual dimension), of uplifting meditation, doesn’t it figure we are truly one family in every dimension because we are ever connected, here, there, everywhere?


Part of the One

One of the parts of creation

Ever and always in charge of ourselves

Able to instill our life with happiness

Through energetic practices

For the Highest Good.



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Physical Mental Ethereal Connection  © 2019 Susan Kramer; photo of the Hard Rock Café in Amsterdam from family archive


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About the Author: A meditation and yoga practitioner since 1976, Susan Kramer writes on practical spirituality, family and social issues, and dance.

Her instructional books are listed at her web site –