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A 'Write' of Passage Cursive or Not


By Susan Helene Kramer


Addressing a topic of the times, here are reasons to learn how to write in cursive:

Description: Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons by Susan Kramer


1. Develop a unique signature for now and adult life.


2. Learn how to write left to right across the page in words and sentences, reinforcing reading left to right, and top to bottom of page.


3. Make single and joined clockwise and counterclockwise loops.


4. Make crosses on letters left to right, repeating the direction the words are moving.


5. Slant script from lower left corner to upper right corner of joined letters and words.


6. Join letters in a word, which is less tiring than printing separate letters in a word.


7. Transfer clockwise and counterclockwise practice into understanding the movement of hands on a clock.


8. On a far reaching level, learning cursive, fitting the letters together with connective strokes, is practice for learning that a harmonious life in society also requires connections and adjustments.




Way back when I was in second grade in elementary school in the 1950s I was looking forward to learning to write in cursive.


One day our teacher gave us a writing assignment and I used the old faded yellow paper with alternating solid and dotted blue lines, spaced about a half inch apart.


But instead of plain printing I added curving loops to the end of each printed word. I was very proud of my addition to printing. But my teacher was horrified and held up my paper for the class to see what not to do to their printing.


It did stave off my creativity for a time, I was embarrassed to be singled out in a negative way, when I thought I was improving the look of printing. I took my creative bent in to dancing from that time on.


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Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons

By Susan Kramer


Description: Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons by Susan Kramer



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