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Twins Anneke and Hans Learn About Dance Meditation

By Susan Kramer

Anneke and Hans are school age twins living in a small village crisscrossed with little wooded parks and canals near the North Sea coast of North Holland.

One afternoon after an especially busy day at school, the twins decided to take their time walking home by winding their way through a nearby park of large poplar trees, yew and blackberry brambles along a shallow canal.
Description: Jasper Jay
After leaving the protection of the tall red brick houses with steeply sloping roofs on the street beyond school, they entered a small woodland. Hans and Anneke noticed the wind blowing stronger than they had thought, so they stopped alongside the path to put on their jackets.

Overhead they heard birds singing, and noticed the top branches of hundred foot poplars swaying back and forth. It seemed the birds, feathers fluffed from the wind, were huddled and tightly clutching branches to keep from losing their balance.

As kids like to play and imitate nature, Anneke had the idea that they could be like the wind in the high tree tops, by swinging their arms over their heads right side to left side, back and forth. So, for a few minutes of dancing the twins started imitating the whooshing sound of the wind by breathing in and out while bending to the right, and breathing in and out while bending to the left.

Resting a moment, the thought came to Hans which he shared with his sister that their 'wind dance' had dissolved their stress from school, and they agreed they were feeling much better!

It was then that they spied a particular jay high up on a branch that they named 'Jasper Jay'. He was sounding a rhythmic call of 'ee - ee - eek' over and over quite intent on his mission.

Anneke and Hans noticed other birds singing their rhythmic songs and tried to imitate, but it was hard to hear the sounds, exactly. They told each other they'd have to spend more time paying attention to the birds singing if they really wanted to learn their calls.

After a short time, they left the little woodland behind as they took the path leading home. But, they kept up the memory of their lesson from that day, by remembering that dancing while breathing in and out evenly dissolved their stress, and left them full of fresh energy!

And, in more adventures ahead, Anneke and Hans will be learning more about nature, and some easy meditations.


Story and photo of jay in The Netherlands by Susan Helene Kramer
Note: The characters in this story are fictional.
The author, Susan Helene Kramer, has been teaching people of all ages and abilities meditation, yoga and dance for more than 30 years.

Anneke and Hans Meditation and Spiritual Stories as a 28 page EBook

Description: Anneke and Hans Meditation Stories by Susan Kramer

Anneke and Hans went to school
But what they learned after
Was more than school rules.
The birds, grass, trees and waters flowing
Held lessons that helped them along
While growing.


Books by Susan Kramer



Anneke and Hans Dance Meditation Story Copyright 2008-2017 Susan Kramer
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