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ifted with

an Ecumenical Outlook

Susan Helene Kramer

nonfiction spiritual story

Photo: 1949 - Susan swinging near main plantation house,

Fair Oaks on the Magothy


When I was between ten and twelve years old, in the late 1950s, our family had dinner occasionally with three priests from St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Severna Park, Maryland.


This happened because by a chain of events the main house of our family plantation, Fair Oaks on the Magothy, was vacant at that time and the priests needed a temporary residence while the new rectory was being built - it was completed in 1960.


When our family was invited to dinner with the priests, I remember Father Charles K. Riepe talking about ecumenism. [The first photo is of Father Charles Riepe (1933-2009) used with permission of his niece, Anne S. Riepe.]


Father Riepe’s words inspired me and bore fruit that ripened at a turning point in my life when I was thirty years old - I then expanded my studies to world religions and experienced the deep spiritual oneness we share with all God’s creation.


Eventually I became an interfaith minister. [In the second photo from 1999 I am wearing my interfaith dress.]


As a young child my Catholic upbringing had given me a deep love for our dear Lord whom I remain devoted to through writings on meditation and prayer.


I have grown to see how humans share a deep spirituality on the unseen levels.


Every one of us on the planet espouses a slightly different philosophy, but looking below the surface at our roots we cannot deny we are all from the same source.


This is how I view life.


I thank Father Charles K. Riepe for awakening an ecumenical point of view in me during my formative preteen years.


Love of God Prayer


The love of God

Unites us all

Together as one

We are one now

Have always been one

Will ever be one

In the love of God.


Gifted with an Ecumenical Outlook - story and prayer
copyright © 2013 Susan Helene Kramer

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