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Entwined with God

Lucid Dream by Susan Kramer


The scene is the beach. I am sitting in meditation pose facing the western horizon on the dry end of a thick fallen log submerged part way into the sea.


The day is brighter than usual, and just after sitting down and enjoying the view of the waves gently breaking on shore I am filled with a great love of God. My whole body feels energized and uplifted.


I feel part of God and the waves.



In the second part of the dream, an old friend walking along the beach comes over and sits facing me in meditation pose on the log about two feet away.


I tell him how joyful Im feeling at the moment, realizing I am spiritually part of God.


He said he feels the same, and for a short time we silently enjoy communion with all around us.


Part Two


Then I awoke still feeling uplifting communion with God. I felt blessed, and am recording this experience to remember it.


Sometimes as I go about my day I forget how interwoven I am with my surroundings.


This experience reminds me of my verse: All our lives are as vines, intertwined.


I feel we can inspire others by positive actions and attitude, and uplift the world into closer communion with God by living in a joyful state.


Unconditional love for others and the creation

Is the key that opens us to real happiness

To higher realization.



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Entwined with God copyright 2020 Susan Kramer


Page created December 3, 2020