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Feeding Our Growing World Population
by Susan Helene Kramer


The technology for feeding our growing world population is already in effect on a limited scale.


If you've ever taken a plane ride over the USA you have probably been amazed at how much open land lies below.


To get an idea, some of the main concentrations of night lights from cities are at the edges of the continents, the Mississippi River valley, around the great lakes, and the heavily populated East Coast.


Projects already in effect that can be expanded to make more farming land:


Snow melt and rain from mountains to the lower lands surrounding, and further on via a web of canals. Excess water stored in dams. Dams that overflow to rivers for local irrigation and fishing. Isn't this how northern California waters the central and southern parts of the state?


Windmills that power water well pumps for surface irrigation of root vegetables, field vegetables, fruits, and grains.


Solar power to heat and nurture growth in arrays of greenhouses spread out over vast areas to grow vegetables year round.


By expanding these renewable energies to currently fallow land we could already feed more people than we currently are.


These technologies are not dependent on fossil fuel; they are renewable sources for as long as our planet survives.


I am not a scientist; I'm an American that has lived in The Netherlands for twenty years, done a lot of air travel and car travel, too.  These are my observations looking at what is already happening on our planet, particularly in The Netherlands with wind power and greenhouses.


Let's expand wind and solar power to more areas and continue to feed our planet.

Article by Susan Helene Kramer, March 14, 2018

Photo of our greenhouse by Stan Schaap

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