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Garden 2020 followed by Garden 2019

Photos by Susan Kramer and Stan Schaap


Garden 2020


1. May 20, 2020. Fig tree planted for Mother’s Day. It has tiny pea-size figs growing. Planted just inside back gate. About 6 feet tall.




2. August 2020 – new section of alley fence, moved back 8 inches to accommodate row of 6 half-wide pavers. This was a 2 week project involving digging out the old bushes and fence posts that were previously attached on the front side of the down spout, putting in the new posts and fence, planting shrubs in front, digging out soil to lay 6 new half pavers, planting ground cover in empty spaces. This gives our neighbors more room to get into their shed, walking their bikes in. They were appreciative.




3. August 2020 – new patio and trellis for Stan’s bike and barbecue




4. August 2020 – plants hanging on new patio trellis; bird feeder at left with pole wrapped in copper pipe to deter snails.




5. August 2020 – new space for 3rd recycle bin. What I did to make the space was fold the ivy fence out to a straight line, from the point where the ivy is shorter, and Stan added a brick patio for it to stand on.





Garden 2019



1.     November 2019 – Yay, Stan built a beautiful 6 foot high fence and Susan laid the 4th row of used pavers. Photo by Stan Schaap.




2.     November 2019 – Preparing to build a wooden fence along our back alley. (View is neighbors back garden.) Going from 3 to 4 pavers wide, and going from and ivy hedge to wooden,(see following photos). Photo by Stan Schaap.



3.     November 2019 – lots of vines piled up as well as used poles from vine trellis. Hedge photo below. Photo by Stan Schaap.




4.     Way back in 2007 – Susan and Katje our cat, on narrow 3 paver wide pathway in front of old hedge that we cut down to build the above wooden fence. Photo by Stan Schaap.




Earlier in the summer 2019:


How we built the main greenhouse:

Greenhouse construction from a kit

1.  March19, 2019 - Introducing our new north-west corner garden, featuring a new 2-person teak bench sitting on 1 foot square pavers with medium size gravel surrounding. The large bush in the center is rosemary and is several years old. Photo by Susan Kramer.




2. March 19, 2019 - Here we see the inside of the glass house with a view through the side wall of the new covered cold frame. The plants directly underneath the cover are pots of Swiss chard that overwintered successfully. The pots just in front of the covered area are various herbs I just planted, except the chives which overwintered while sitting next to the Swiss chard. The tee-pee to the right will support pole beans this spring. The new bench is just visible to the left. Photo by Susan Kramer.




3. March 19, 2019 - Another view of both greenhouses and the new spice garden in front which is exposed to the weather: 2 kinds of mint; chives; rosemary; oregano. The palm tree plant is still in the glass greenhouse but will be rolled out soon. It overwintered there safely. The Buddha statue is one that is very popular in Holland. Photo by Susan Kramer.



4. March 19, 2019 – another view of our new bench nook … This photo was taken about 11:30am and just beginning to receive the southern sun. The cats and I like to sit here for short periods of time. It is sort of secluded for contemplation and meditation. It is a blessing. Photo by Susan Kramer.



Page will be updated during the summer …

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