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Glimpses Beyond


Susan Helene Kramer


non-fiction story


Glimpses beyond our everyday experiences, into the afterlife, are a blessing. They give us hope that we live beyond earthly reality.


I've had a few glimpses that sustain me, aside from the thought that because we come from somewhere, we go somewhere after we leave the physical domain.


Recently, a glimpse came from a lifelong friend who had passed on a few months before. In my thoughts I asked her what heaven was like. A vision of her face appeared in my mind and her voice said that "it is different, (pause) but I know you'll like it." That was most reassuring. I was happy for her and happy for myself.


Almost forty years ago I had another kind of glimpse that left me with peace and joy in our expansive nature beyond the physical. I was propped up in bed during the day because I had a fever. Suddenly I was in a brilliant shimmering light, brighter than the sun.


All around me were sheets of silver like undulating lights, brighter than anything earthly. I felt warm and comforted, but I asked the presence around me who would take care of my children. And, that propelled me back to laying in my bed again. That time I was healed of my fever.


Glimpses beyond are blessings that we are so much more than we usually dream of or imagine, though they are making it to us through the vehicle and interpretation of our mind and aftereffects on mind and body.


Meditate sincerely, open the deeper channels within, allow the purest knowledge to arise in your waking consciousness. Enjoy the bliss that surpasses usual experience of waking mind and body pleasures. Let this be your taste of what awaits in the Beyond.


Article by Susan Helene Kramer ~ Shuchi

Glimpses Beyond Copyright
2015-2019 Susan Helene Kramer | Photo credit of Canada Goose stretching wings by Stan Schaap 


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