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God Is

by Susan Kramer

This morning I was sitting in the upstairs library in front of the picture window, facing east, the sun pouring in.


Lately Iíve been reflecting that itís been more than 30 years since my mother passed on, and that seems like the distant past.


When I sit for my evening meditation at 8pm our time, in western Europe, I begin by asking blessings for those who have requested me to keep them in my prayers. My habit is to visualize a person as I think of them, but this morning I reflected that since my mother died so long ago I often havenít kept her in this evening meditation time, with those I perceive need attention now.


Back to this morningís experience


As I looked out the sunny window I thought of my mother. And her face appeared in front of me outside the window, or as may be, in my inner vision. Hallelujah!


I then realized that it is not just God who Is. It is that everyone is still present and accounted for who has ever lived or will live upon earth, in fact everywhere in every dimension and time.


This was so comforting. I do not have to reach back in time in my mind to find my mother or anyone who has passed on. I experienced that we are all in it together, right now, and for always. And, that quiet meditation time is a way to enjoy closeness, communion with anyone and all right now, with a full feeling of connection.


So, I recommend meditation to have the uplifting experience of yourself and everyone as part of God.


Meditate and be still

Perceive your place

In God.


© 2019 Susan Kramer





God Is © 2019 Susan Kramer; Photo of our home library from Kramer-Schaap archives


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About the author: A meditation and yoga practitioner since 1976, Susan Kramer writes on practical spirituality, family and social issues, and dance. Her instructional books are listed at her web site Ė