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Basking in the "Divine Son"

Susan Helene Kramer

True Experience

Description: Description: Description: North Sea, The Netherlands

I expanded into the ethereal golden light during a meditation in January, 1977, shortly after my 30th birthday.

The brilliant golden light is a bonus and a reward in meditation. It reveals a renewable and vibrant awareness of our eternal self that has no boundaries. It is like standing on top of a hill and seeing beyond the horizon in every direction at once.

My experience occurred unexpectedly. I had just begun a meditation and quite suddenly it was as if I was in the center of the sun; a sun vibrant and light with shimmering sheets of liquid-like silver flowing in my vision. The light was blinding and my breath was sucked out of me.

The brightness was incredible, unlike earthly light while standing facing the sun. I had my eyes of awareness totally open without the pain one would experience if looking into the physical sun. And I was not looking forward or out. It was as if I was in the middle of the experience. Light, bright, warm.

Though this experience lasted just a few moments the bright memory has stayed with me as a reassurance that practicing meditation is indeed a pathway to stepping into the golden light of radiance, warmth, awareness.

And because this experience happened just after beginning a meditation I can say with confidence that grabbing a minute for silent meditation is really enough to experience the eternal expanse we live in, mostly in unawareness while involved in our daily routine.

I had aftereffects from the light experience that continue into the present:

I realized I was more than flesh and blood, and as such could act from spiritual awareness in all situations.

This gave me an edge in solving problems faced in daily life.

When I need to make a decision I can wait for a few moments to silently draw a bit of wisdom from the whole expanse and depth of knowledge; perhaps not known to me before, but nevertheless, marching forth into my awareness from waiting those few moments in receptive silence.

We're living on earth as flesh and blood humans, but oh, we are so much expanded. We have no boundaries in the capacity to draw wisdom to ourselves, and the way I have found this is by meditating, being silent, allowing the answers to the need of the moment to arise in my awareness.

Update November 13, 2012: After reading Interior Castle by Saint Teresa of Avila, I feel that the sun I was in was at the center of my being. Oh how glorious this inner experience is. And as the sun radiates our earth with warmth and energy, the "Divine Son" radiates and nourishes humanity promoting our best efforts.

Enlightenment Basking in the "Divine Son"
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