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Guru a Spiritual Teacher

by Susan Kramer


Guru: A spiritual teacher who shines light on the path to our Highest Self.


The vibration does the spiritual teaching words carry the message.


The guru is a teacher who recommends practices that lead to spiritual enlightenment.


The workload is done by the student step-by-step. The guru does not do the work for the student.


The guru has walked the spiritual path and completed his course of study, and is careful to let the student know that he or she must also do their own work and practice.


As with learning to master an instrument, the teacher listens to the student's playing each week and suggests what to work on next. But it is the student's job to do the practicing. It is the same for spiritual advancement.


It is the inspiration the student receives from his teacher that spurs him on to continue practicing.


When we feel inspired by our spiritual teacher's accomplishments and living practices we naturally feel pulled toward that achievement for ourselves. We want to follow them closely, perhaps hoping that elevated state will wear off on us and we won't have to go step-by step.

But that is not the way to become what we so admire, which is the best and highest aspect of ourselves. Our job is to continue to practice and live so we come to the guru state within.


Ultimately, through living rightly, we will align with our Highest Self. The more we live each day in that way, the quicker we realize the guru within for ourselves.


In summary, to make progress on the spiritual path consistently follow the plan of one who inspires your best efforts.





Guru - a Spiritual Teacher copyright 2019 Susan Kramer; photo of ridge behind Santa Barbara from Kramer-Schaap archives


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A meditation and yoga practitioner since 1976, Susan writes on practical spirituality, family and social issues, and dance. Her instructional books are listed at her web site