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Where Is Heaven – What Is Heaven?

by Susan Kramer


When I was growing up we regularly went to Sunday mass. One of my favorite priests at the time was Father Riggie. I loved that he often smiled and was an easy-going person. When I was about eleven years old, one of his homilies that has stuck with me my whole life was about the afterlife.


He posed the question to the congregation and answered it himself, “Where do you think heaven is?” Then he said, “Heaven is a state of mind.” I was really surprised by this idea. It has caused me a great deal of thought over the years. Up until this time I had thought of heaven as a distant planet made of lighter than material matter, of course, but still a place.


Recently I have been listening to an audio version of lessons from A Course in Miracles. This message struck me profoundly: “Heaven is an awareness of perfect Oneness.” It filled me with joy. At that moment I felt complete oneness with God and all my family and friends from the present and past.


I took time to think on this idea and realized it was a continuation of my understanding from Father Riggie’s homily when I was a preteen. It has taken me more than 60 years to feel joined with God in Oneness.


Upon reflection, I must not have been ready for this uplifting idea to take its place in my life.


How could I not be joyful? There is nothing that gives me greater happiness than thinking that right now in this present moment and forever more I can be in awareness of Oneness with God.




Where Is Heaven What Is Heaven?  copyright © 2019 Susan Kramer; Photo looking west into California from Sedona area, from Kramer-Schaap archives


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About the author: A meditation and yoga practitioner since 1976, Susan Kramer writes on practical spirituality, family and social issues, and dance. Her instructional books are listed at her web site –