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Finding a Radiant Garden in Deep Meditation


Susan Helene Kramer





Hidden within myself is a garden, and the way leading to it is deep meditation. The trail winds upward and circles a knoll, and as I travel inward the sky lightens from deep to soft blue. The air around me is clear, rarified. Looking out and around 360 degrees is as if being on a mountain top with endless views in all directions. But there is no horizon, and I see in all directions at once, without actually having to turn around.

The atmosphere is warm and very light. I don't feel my physical body, I'm not limited by a body. My awareness extends infinitely. When I wish a thought to stretch to the ends of the world it is there instantly.

It is in this garden within that I feel boundless joy and love. I feel connected to all, one with all. And without the limits of a physical casing I stretch myself over the abyss to encompass all in myself. I radiate joy. And here I remain for a space of time till physical feeling and consciousness of my body return me to everyday life.

Traveling to your meditation garden within

To reach and experience your radiant self, sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Cover your shoulders with a shawl if your surroundings are cool, as your physical body can either cool down or heat up during meditation. Do your usual opening prayers, any special requests, and begin even breathing. Then settle into the still portion of your meditation, where you are listening to your incoming and outgoing breaths, or listening to the Holy Spirit vibration within.

Allow yourself to slip further into this deeper place. Follow your own path and enjoy all that you see and feel along the way. If you must have a thought, make it love for everyone, or those dear to you. Then stretch the elastic cord of your lovingness outward, further and further until the band breaks, releasing you into your expansive and unlimited garden within.

Remain in your radiance for a time. Then slowly come back to your physical awareness, bringing with you a feeling of connection and peace of mind, that lets you know that you are a vibrant part of the whole. One of the parts and part of the One.



Finding a Radiant Garden in Deep Meditation 2014-2020 Susan Helene Kramer; photo - mountain ridge behind Santa Barbara, California, looking north.


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