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Humans Are Human from Conception

By Susan Kramer


Humans before birth are still human, because their DNA is human at conception, just as every seed produces its unique offspring in the plant and animal kingdom.


A baby, as it is human from conception, and not just with human DNA from a viable age, has the right to be protected and taken care of before and after birth till independent as an adult.


If the birth parents are not in circumstances to care for their child, society needs to take over. In the Christmas story, St. Joseph protected and raised the Child of Bethlehem.


Mother Teresa, now Saint Teresa of Calcutta, realized every child is precious and loved all unconditionally. She did what was for the good of needy babies by opening orphanages, promoting life.


With her and St. Joseph as our models, it is the right course of action for society to give every soul arriving to our planet necessary care and protection.


No one on this planet has the moral authority to decide that an unborn child is not a member of our human family.



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