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Humor's Power to Heal

       Susan Kramer

Humor lightens any situation. Humor dissolves tension. Humor gives seriousness a rest. And, when our mood and thoughts lighten, our physical body relaxes; tension draining away.

When our physical body relaxes, energy flows most freely. Blocks are smoothed over, falling aside.

Humor heals
by allowing the free flow of energy
to resume its natural course
full force

Humor lightens any situation. And when feeling light, our viewpoint enlightens. Helpful information more easily comes to the forefront in our thoughts; helpful information giving us new direction.

Humor can release us from physical pain. When a part of our body is held tense we get a cramp in that spot. An example is a tension headache. Change the mood, change the surroundings so that the source of tension is removed, and the tension headache has a chance to dissolve.

Humor can distract us from painful thoughts as well as physical pain. For the moment, the effect brought on by a humorous thought is occupying our mind with something other than the thoughts that are painful for us to dwell upon.

Humor releases us
from being stuck like glue
in a point of view
Humor opens us to the point of view
that most easily relaxes our body and mind
and in relaxation rejuvenate
Humor heals by allowing the natural flow of energy
to resume a free-flowing course
full force


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Humor’s Power to Heal © 2000-2021 Susan Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
published by Creations in Consciousness