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Our Deeper Self, Our Private Self

By Susan Kramer


Our private self resides deep within our mind. It is a place we keep to ourselves and don’t share for good reasons. It is a bare canvas where we can explore our thoughts and ideas that might work for us in daily life.


For example, a painter uses a primed canvas to draw sketches, which are hidden by the final coat of paint.


Because others don’t see behind our worldly masks and covers they may be surprised by what motivates our actions.


If we didn’t have this privacy about ideas we were mulling over, we would not have important free space to work out our additions, subtractions, refinements.


We know the expression: “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” This is true for everyone. What is going on deep in our private area of mind is our personal property, probably known only to our Creator-Sustainer.


Guidance of the Holy Spirit


It is in this private area of our mind that we can relax in communion with the voice of God, the Holy Spirit, the inner vibration heard as a subtle rushing stream under the crown of our head. It is where we receive inspirations that motivate us to live for the higher good.


In communion with the Holy Spirit we can set aside problems for a while, can even turn over knotty situations to the Holy Spirit and ask for solutions.


In communion with the Holy Spirit

Our body feels rested

Our mind calm

And solutions arise in our everyday mind.


Take time to expand your thoughts and ideas in your private place in mind. Then bring out the best and apply to living. With the addition of inspiration from the Holy Spirit the best results are bound to transpire.


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Our Deeper Self, Our Private Self copyright © 2021 Susan Kramer; digital artwork by Susan Kramer


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