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Inner Music of Meditation

Experience by Susan Kramer


The inner music of meditation is an uplifting experience that helps us know there are more levels to humanity than physical, mental, emotional. That is what I've discovered during my meditations, and what you can find also by spending quiet time with an open and receptive heart to the experience of the Divine in any form you perceive It.

One of my most joyous and uplifting times with the inner music occurred while I was sitting quietly in a meditation pose. I suddenly found myself traveling along in a convertible car alongside a lake with my family, and as we approached a bend in the road we had a head on collision with another car coming toward us.

As the crash occurred the inner music became very loud with a melody like an alpine song; lyrical and uplifting. I knew my passengers and I had gone into another dimension, but instead of experiencing a morbid death as one might think in a fatal collision, there was not even a moment's break in consciousness. We kept traveling on our journey.

What I learned

What I learned from this vision was that meditation is like a doorway that opens wider and wider the deeper we go, the further we travel in our practice. And as we progress in meditation the experience of joy increases to the extent we allow it to expand and carry us along.

At first in meditation we may be fearful if we start to feel lighter or joyful, and consequently hold ourselves back from going further. But if we relax and enjoy this special quiet time with love in our hearts for at least one person or beloved pet, we break through the barriers set by everyday consciousness of body, mind, emotions.

We begin to hear the inner music that seems to stretch to infinity and come from everywhere. And as melodious music is uplifting in our waking life, the music in deep and pervasive meditation is so much more radiant and expansive.

I recommend giving yourself the gift of quiet time for meditation on a regular basis, where you will be undisturbed for half an hour. And, when your breathing becomes regular and your body very still, send thoughts of love and peace to the world and listen, just listen for the inner music to come and fill your consciousness with its uplifting melodies and silent messages.

The inner music of meditation
Ever living in our hearts
Carries us joyously into the Divine
Leaving us with enlightened solutions
To daily problems.



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Inner Music of Meditation copyright 2020 Susan Kramer


Page created December 27, 2020