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Interfaith Religious Symbols to Embroider

by Susan Kramer

This is my dress that I embroidered with interfaith symbols representing world religions. My philosophy is "Just Love All" and that takes in all religions, hence my statement when wearing this dress. These symbols are drawn freehand by me.


Each symbol measures 3cm or 1.25 inches in diameter as shown in the close up photos below.

1. My interfaith dress. (Click picture to see me wearing it.)



2. Looking at dress head on these are the 2nd and 3rd symbols left to right.


3. Continuing left to right, here are the 2nd set of symbols.



4. Continuing left to right, here are the 3rd set of symbols.


5. The last set of symbols looking left to right.


email and web site for Susan Kramer:


Sewing Notes: All religious symbols are embroidered by me from my free-hand drawings. I sewed the dress from a commercial pattern for a tunic. Here is a sample free tunic pattern from the internet: Lengthen the pattern to make a full-length dress.


page created November 5, 2017